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Clerical work

How to knit a fashionable stylish hat for a girl with knitting needles? How to knit a cat hat with knitting needles for a girl, snood, beanie?

How to tie a stylish women's hat on your own, even if you are new to this business? The article provides some simple knitting patterns for spring, winter and autumn hats, which you will surely like. For several seasons, the trend for a beanie hat, a snood, a hat-cat has not let us go. These hats look stylish and very youthful, which is why girls give such hats an explicit preference.
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Signs in front of the road: the best time, we go on the road in Feng Shui, spells on a good and safe road

In order for the road to be successful, it is important to pay attention to signs. We will talk more about them in the article. What signs should be observed when you are going on the road? In our time and in the distant past, every journey or long road hid many pitfalls. In order to protect yourself from failures and get to your destination easily, without problems, and without exposing yourself to danger, you should know about important signs.
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All about the wedding

Do-it-yourself savings book for newlyweds for a wedding: ideas, a master class. What congratulations and rhymes to decorate a savings book for the newlyweds as a gift?

A savings book can be a great gift for honeymooners. It is easy to make it with your own hands. This will require a simple set of materials for creativity and imagination, as well as a desire to please and surprise a couple in love. DIY wedding gift scrapbook do-it-yourself scrapbook Wedding is a solemn event that lays the foundation for long family relationships.
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Fortune telling on the lunar calendar for 2019: auspicious days. The best days for fortune telling on playing cards, tarot cards, monthly, lunar calendar in 2019: table

Lunar fortune-telling calendar will help you choose the best day for divination and fortune-telling. All girls like to guess. Someone charms on holidays, for example, at Christmas, while others wonder almost every day. Some girls want to know their future for fun, but many hope for something serious and believe all the predictions.
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How to change on Aliexpress, edit email address: instruction

If you don’t know how to change your email address on Aliexpress, read the article. It often happens that you need to change your email to Aliexpress. This may be due to various reasons: the old mail is blocked or the user has opened a new electronic mail box. At Aliexpress, you can simply and quickly change your email address and also quickly add a new one, if necessary.
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How to beautifully decorate a bottle of cognac with your own hands as a gift for a man in a military uniform, a policeman, a hussar, a tuxedo, a photograph, ribbons, sweets, a bouquet of sweets: ideas, design, photo. How to decorate a bottle of brandy with your own hands for a woman?

Beautiful decor of bottles with cognac. High-quality and expensive cognac can be a great present for a birthday, New Year, February 23 and even an anniversary. True, in order for such a gift not to look corny, you need to try to beautifully decorate it. Our article will tell you how to quickly and originally decorate a bottle of cognac.
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