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What is a love spell and why is it so dangerous? Love spell on love: types, on what is carried out, consequences for the bewitched and bewitching. How to remove a love spell from yourself, how to protect yourself from a love spell: instructions

In this article we will talk about what a love spell is and why it is so dangerous.

Modern reality is such that today not everyone is ready to fight for their love in the usual ways. Some try to buy it for money, others get tricked, and still others resort to magic. However, few people come up with the idea that a lie is revealed sooner or later, money can end, and magic will leave traces. In particular, the consequences of a love spell are seriously manifested, which not everyone thinks about.

What is a love spell and why is it so dangerous?

What is a love spell?

When a girl conducts a rite of love, trying to tie her beloved, she thinks little of what he is. In fact, this is a very powerful magic that affects a certain person and changes his feelings.

As a rule, love spells are used to make a person fall in love. It's about conspiracies that everyone knows. They can be made into things, alcohol, photos or personal items. At the same time, love spells are not always done only for men.

In rare cases, people think about the ritual itself and its consequences. After all, bewitching implies that the will of the other will be suppressed, and even magic itself does not apply to light. That is why a serious reckoning awaits her. So it’s worth it many times to think before you even start something.

If there is no other way, then do not be too lazy to study the features of the rituals, as well as their possible consequences. And it’s better to turn to a professional who knows better what and how to do. If you decide to take a chance and do everything yourself, then clearly follow all instructions and rules. Only a competent approach will help you achieve your goals and protect yourself from the consequences.

What are the love spells of love: types

Types of love spells

Before you understand directly the consequences of a love spell, you need to understand which category it can be assigned to. There are only two types of love spells:

  • The weak. Provoke strong interest from the victim. She begins to get bored, languish, think about her supposedly true love. Usually in such a situation, the consequences are not very serious, because magic is called upon so that a person makes a decision, and does not bind it.
  • Strong. They cause an uncontrolled attraction to the reader of the plot. The consequences can be extremely unexpected and you can never say for sure how things turn out. Often passion turns out to be very strong and the victim does not even find the strength to resist it. Basically, such love spells are done by tough people who are used to achieving their goals by any means.

Each one decides for himself what particular spell to make. But you must always remember that love does not tolerate violence, although it may need help. It’s better to try to draw attention to yourself in natural ways, and if the relationship is long, then you should become more attentive and caring.

What a love spell is on: introduction

The introduction of a love spell

Each love spell involves a specific implementation program. Enchanted conveys his desire to be near. More precisely, even imposes it.

Often, a personal thing, a pet, jewelry, photos, food and so on is used as a transmitter. The most powerful conspiracies are made on personal things in which there is the necessary energy. They allow you to make a ceremony to get a quick result.

By the way, sleepy and drunk people are the most defenseless before magic.

Why do love spells: reasons

Despite the fact that love spell is dangerous magic, it is done very often. And sometimes resorting to the help of higher forces is even useful. If everything is done correctly, then the consequences can be avoided. These situations include:

  • The desire to always be near the object of adoration. Often free people simply do not see anyone around them and may not even notice that someone loved them. Such a situation can last forever, and therefore it is quite realistic to use a weak love spell to just turn your attention to your side.
  • The presence of a competitor. If you have competitors and someone is trying to take your beloved away, you can also resort to a not too strong love spell to help a person make a choice.
  • Husband or wife left. Here, a love spell can help regain the relationship, but provided that the feelings have not yet completely cooled down in both. Husband and wife get used to each other for many years and stop seeing the object of adoration. Thus, a love spell can also bring back passion.
  • Long loneliness. People cannot always live alone and therefore can resort to a love spell. It’s just not worth the big deal, because the consequences, again, can be very bad.

In each of the situations described, there is a reason for a love spell and it is quite reasonable. Therefore, the reckoning will not be too serious, or maybe it will not be at all. Moreover, a rite of good intentions is performed.

When you can not do a love spell: reasons

Why not do a love spell?

Before conducting the ritual, it is important to understand the reasons for when it is definitely not worth doing. There are many good reasons that can serve as a reason for refusing such actions:

  • A love spell does not give true love. Yes, magic will help to get a person against his will, but this does not mean that he will truly love you. It is not for nothing that they say that “you will not be forcibly sweet,” and here the situation is the same. As long as the love spell is in effect, the person will show you love, but only somewhere inside he will clearly hate you.
  • The result of a love spell can never be predicted. It happens that he does not even work, because a person loves another very much. At the same time, terrible things can happen to a person - troubles, illnesses and so on.
  • You can’t carry out rituals just out of interest and thoughtlessly. Often this leads to disastrous consequences, moreover, for the person who is very enchanted.
  • You still can not put a love spell just to take revenge. According to the laws of magic, all this will return to you. You can not even doubt it.

Remember another very important rule.: Do not change the fate of people. When you try to bewitch someone, you change his fate. In the end, he will be with you, but completely change. Someone becomes evil, someone loses interest in life, drinks, becomes limp, and so on. As a result, you will be disappointed, and getting rid of magic will be extremely difficult. Ultimately, your fate and that of another person will be changed, and even relatives and children will have to pay for the mistakes.

What can be the consequences of a love spell for a spellbound - are they dangerous?

The consequences of a love spell

The action of any love spell involves a violation of the human energy field. That is why very unpleasant consequences arise. They always appear after exposure to strong magic. As a rule, they are visible to everyone, even relatives, because human behavior varies greatly:

  • Enchanted, he constantly reaches out to the one who performed the rite. And although he understands with his head that everything is not in order, he cannot do anything.
  • A person is only sexually attracted to a person who has sex. That is, to the current partner, he cools completely. This consequence is noticed almost immediately.
  • Interest in life is lost. Often the attitude to life in general or to relatives changes. A person becomes apathetic, he is not interested in anything around and is easy to manage.
  • The character changes a lot. When a person’s will is suppressed, he tries to fight it. Therefore, often fascinated shows aggression, quick-tempered and can even commit violence.
  • The ability to love disappears. If before he was caring, kind and gentle, then all this passes. After all, all feelings are concentrated on the object of desire.
  • Often love spell affects health. At the same time, this does not necessarily appear only in diseases, spleen, and so on, the threads can even lead to death. By the way, the same can apply to the one who made the love spell.

What are the consequences of a love spell for a spellbinder - are they dangerous?

What is the danger of a love spell?

As a rule, when the ceremony has already been held, then suddenly there is a realization that the result is not at all the one that you wanted to get. And now this is the price paid for their actions.

Undoubtedly, when a person is enchanted, he dreams that his love will be pure and sublime. But only in the end he gets a zombie person who is completely dependent on his desires. And since a person is no longer what he was, then feelings quickly pass away.

It must be remembered that changing the fate of others, the one who carries out the rite has a very great responsibility. So, avoiding the consequences will not work, even if energy protection has been imposed.

Energy kickback often harms the performer. And this concerns not only the physical plane, but also the moral one.

When a person forcibly binds another to himself, then aggression may also appear in him, moreover, with respect to relatives, and not just to his partner. Moreover, it is difficult to call the relationship ideal, when people love each other only externally, and inside everything boils with hatred.

Love spell - consequences

This state provokes endless conflicts and quarrels. Partners are not inferior to each other in anything and therefore can not find compromises. And this, too, is a retribution.

Moreover, there are other consequences for the spellbinder:

  • Health problems. Moreover, no examinations show problems
  • Great financial difficulties and constant bad luck
  • Insomnia and Nightmares

Despite everything, the worst outcome for everyone is unpredictability. As we have said, you can never say exactly how the love spell will behave. Moreover, the reckoning may also not overtake immediately. And this is very bad, because this can make the next generations pay the bills.

It is also important to note that the ritual obscures the true fate and those who have been enchanted will never meet their own person. That is, the performer can never escape from the victim, because he will have to pay for it.

To understand what the consequences of a love spell can be for you, if you want to leave, you will have to try and find a good magician who will help you in this matter, as well as tell you how to get rid of the love spell. Although, you can do it yourself.

How to remove a love spell on your own: instruction

How to remove a love spell?

When a charmed person changes a lot, it is better to get rid of magic and remove it. After all, this can lead to extremely undesirable consequences.

In general, of course, it is better to entrust this matter to an experienced magician, but if there is no time to search, and the situation is getting worse, then you can try to cope on your own. To do this, you will need a church candle and fine salt:

  • Light a candle and sprinkle a little salt in a large spoon
  • Bring the spoon to the flame and see above it
  • Repeat this:
How to remove a love spell?
  • After that, pour salt on a small plate, and on top put a photo of the bewitched
  • Do not look away from the photo and imagine how he returns home
  • Read the plot three times and put out the candle
  • Keep the picture under the pillow until you get the desired result

How to protect yourself from a love spell?

Women know more about love spells than men, and therefore they are always one step ahead. Many try to protect their men. They are well aware of the danger of love spells, and therefore put protection. This can be done by men to protect his wife. For protection:

  • Go outside and find a deserted place
  • Draw a circle on the ground and stand in the center
  • Close your eyes and say:
Love spell protection
  • Repeat words three times
  • After that, bow in every direction and leave

Remember that you need to behave kindly with your beloved. Because of love, people often lose their heads and therefore go to different follies. This also applies to magical activities. Only a few think about the real consequences, if suddenly the ritual is carried out incorrectly, and indeed done.

Often, innocent people have to suffer. After all, even the weakest and brightest magic is subtle matter. In the hands of an inexperienced person, she is able to do a lot of harm, and she will also have to pay for it. So magic should only be used in exceptional situations, when there is simply no other option.

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