National signs for the New Year, so that money is kept, get married, get pregnant, health, happiness, good luck, love, desire. Signs for the New Year: about the Christmas tree, New Year's table, toys

New Year beliefs and signs will help you learn about the upcoming changes in your life. The article talks about the most interesting and “faithful” ways to attract good luck in the new year.

Signs and superstitions about the New Year's table, champagne

New Year - a holiday that has a number of superstitions important to humans and will be accepted. They can relate to any part of the holiday: its onset, time of its holding, laid table, gifts brought and much more. For example, champagne.

There is a sign saying what you needwrite your wish on a small piece of paper pen or pencil. After this, a piece of paper should be set on fire and tossed ashes into a glass of champagne. This drink is instantly drunk with ashes so that the desire is surely fulfilled.

IMPORTANT: You must write a desire and drink a drink under the chiming clock, everything must be done in 12 knocking hours.

New Year's beliefs related to champagne

Signs and superstitions about the Christmas tree and toys for the New Year

Christmas tree - a symbol of the New Year. In order for him to be generous and happy, the tree follows decorate abundantly with Christmas toys and other popular jewelry. The brighter and more magnificent the tree - the better and richer the New Year will be. There is also a sign: on the Christmas tree should hang not only toys, but also banknotes, coins and sweets.

IMPORTANT: Such a decor will not only please the eye, but also attract success and prosperity, financial independence, a generous table and a “sweet” life next year.

Money on christmas tree

Meet the New Year with debts and without debts: omen

There is one important sign - NThe new year must be met with full pockets! This belief can be taken literally or symbolically. Some literally pocket their pockets the larger the bill, the better.

It is believed that a direct relationship with money will help a person find prosperity next year. It’s okay if you don’t have pockets in a New Year’s dress, but you have a good bank account. This is also considered. But if you are completely wasted on the New Year's table and gifts, your bills and pockets are empty - this is bad. Such a sign promises you squandering, a large number of debts and financial troubles in the new year.

IMPORTANT: One of the most loyal and “strong” will say: do not celebrate the New Year with debts. This will contribute to the fact that next year you will not be able to give them out for a whole year. That is why most people strive to repay all debts before the New Year, even the smallest.

New Year's Eve without Debt

Signs and superstitions in the New Year for money and wealth

What to look for:

  • If on New Year's Eve the left hand was combed. You do not need to scratch it, just squeeze it into a fist and put it in your pocket, where you will open it. This is for the money!
  • New year's eve put a coin under the mat. This will allow the flow of money into your home next year.
  • To make the New Year a successful and prosperous, not only should the holiday be thoroughly clean the house, but also throw out all things with negative energy: broken, glued or dirty things.
  • New Year's table must be literally "bursting with treats". This sign portends wealth to the family and a generous table all year round.
  • Before New Year don't lend money to anyone - This sign portends you financial collapse for the entire coming year.
  • If on January 1 you had the opportunity to buy any product in the store at a discount, the year promises to be money and happy for you!

IMPORTANT: One of the signs suggests that on New Year's Eve you put a coin in a glass, previously thoroughly washed, and drink the entire glass under the chiming clock. In addition, the coin should be stored in a wallet, as a talisman.

"Money" signs for the new year

Signs and superstitions for love and marriage in the New Year

There is a belief that those who have not yet met their love should definitely celebrate New Year with some kind of symbol of this feeling: a heart, a valentine, a photo of kissing silhouettes, a desire written on paper is not important. During a chime, hug as tight as possible this subject and make a wish.

The eastern belief says: “If you want to meet your love in the New Year, you should carry a cinnamon stick". It is believed that cinnamon (cinnamon bark) has strong magical properties to attract a romantic relationship to a person. Such a wand does not need to be thrown away, it must be carried with you all the time, like a talisman or if you want to get married (get married).

Another sign advises in the battle of chimes tightly squeeze the hand of a loved one or spouse. This will allow us to avoid a couple of quarrels and scandals next year, together “go hand in hand” all year and not part. On the other hand, if you broke up and in order not to bear the burden of breaking in the new year, you need to symbolically burn last year’s calendar and get rid of all the gifts from the person.

"Love" belief on New Year's Eve

Signs in the New Year for pregnancy and childbirth

New Year's Eve is not in vain considered magical. At this time, it is customary not only to charm, but also make a wish so that they come true next year. You can think of anything, even the appearance in the family of such joy as a child.

What beliefs exist:

  • A good omen is to invite a couple who is already expecting the baby to appear in the family home for the celebration.
  • A sure sign - to try a woman who wants to become pregnant, something from the hands of a woman already in position. A particularly effective way is to feed something from a spoon.
  • It is believed that a couple who wants to get pregnant and have a baby in the new year should buy something for their child: a pacifier, booties or a suit. This will bring the “baby” to your home.
  • A good omen is to buy and put ficus in the house for the New Year. Ficus will attract all the negative energy that did not allow the couple to still have a baby.
  • Gifts made from agate or pearls are considered the "harbingers" of an imminent pregnancy.
Signs for pregnancy in the new year

Meet New Year alone, alone: ​​omen

One of the most unfavorable signs for the New Year is celebrate the holiday in "proud solitude". This will be conducive to the fact that next year you will be lonely: you will not meet the “soul mate” or part with your loved one, you will experience many difficulties in communicating with friends, relatives and colleagues.

IMPORTANT: To save yourself from the negative consequences of omens, you should definitely invite guests to yourself, or agree to come to the one who managed to invite you. A stormy New Year's meeting with a large number of people portends a year filled with pleasant meetings, events, dates and the readiness of comrades to always come to your aid in a difficult situation.

Do not celebrate the new year alone

Signs for the New Year to fulfill wishes

The most "faithful" signs:

  • Make a wish and hang on the Christmas tree toy with the image of the symbol of the year. It can be any pattern or pattern with a rooster (2017), for example, or a dog (2018). A tribute to the symbol of the year will contribute to the fact that next year your desires will certainly become real.
  • Speaking of Christmas tree decorations, it should be noted that all toys are very symbolic: a toy in the form of a house will help to acquire the desired property in the new year, an airplane - to fly on a long-awaited trip or to a resort, a machine - to buy a desired car, sweetie - to find a luxurious and "sweet" life.
  • If with a Christmas tree in any situation the toy fell and crashed to the floor - This is a good sign. It is necessary to immediately make a wish, collect and throw the fragments into the street (not in the bin).
  • If your desire is about financial well-being, immediately after the chimes in the first minutes of the new year, you should wash in large banknotes or foreign currency. This will help to fulfill your desires, always get what you want and not have a lack of funds.
  • There is one good sign - for good luck and luck in the coming year, as well as in order to fulfill all your wishes, you should Be sure to celebrate the New Year in new clothes. This will bring you well-being and luck.
What to do for a happy new year?

New Year omens and superstition for luck and happiness

Good luck signs:

  • Required cook meat dishes on the New Year's table. This will help ensure that the whole year is "full", generous and in abundance.
  • In addition, to have a successful year, throwing food from the New Year's table is not worth it in no case. If there are leftovers, feed them to the dog, but do not send them to the bin!
  • In order to have good luck with you next year, you should respect the symbol of the year and its color. If you choose an outfit in the color of the symbol for the celebration, you will be lucky all year.
  • It is believed that it’s bad to celebrate the New Year with old grievances in the heart. Forgive all your offenders and be sure to apologize. This will allow you to easily celebrate the new year and spend it on a positive note.
  • That your house was abundant all year, on New Year's Eve should "appease the brownie". To do this, leave a glass of champagne and a plate of delicious treats in the kitchen.
  • Only cover the table white tablecloth. It symbolizes a new page in your life, well-being and goodness, which should come to you next year.
  • If under the New Year's tablecloth on the table you put coins - it will attract wealth and money to your home in the new year.
  • Arrange on the festive table seven candles in a circle and light them. It is believed that they will serve as a kind of amulet, scaring away evil spirits from you and a symbol of the family hearth for protection in the new year.
How to make the new year happy?

Signs on health in the New Year

  • It is believed that in order to have well-being, beauty and health next year, you should take a bath or just shower. This will wash away the whole “last year's” negative from you and allow you to “enter the new year” without any health problems.
  • Women are encouraged to do such a ritual for health: put a scarf on your shoulders under the first blow of the chimes and before the last, remove it. This should be done very quickly and promptly. Such a ritual will protect the beauty and health of women in the coming year.
  • It is believed that in order to enter the coming year without disease, it is necessary give out all debts, ask everyone who borrowed from you to return them. This will restore your energy field and attract health.
Health in the new year

Sign: sick on New Year's Eve

It is believed that getting sick on New Year's Eve is one of the worst signs. Belief says that the coming year will not only be difficult financially, but will also attract a lot of diseases: colds, infections, chronic diseases. If you feel the slightest ailment, try to make the maximum amount of effort in order to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Sneeze on New Year's Eve: omen

Sneezing on New Year's night just like that (and not because a person has a cold or is sick) - This is a good sign. Moreover, such a sign promises a happy life not only to those who sneezed, but to everyone sitting at the table. If someone unexpectedly sneezed at your feast, congratulate him on a happy new year and be sure to drink it!

Cry on New Year's Eve: omen

Crying on New Year's Eve is a bad omen. She says that you will spend the whole coming year in sadness, sadness, separation, or problems that will constantly spoil your mood and bring you to tears. Try to protect yourself from this on a festive evening, even if there is a significant reason.

Meet the New Year on the road, on the train: omen

Meet New Year on the road - not the best sign. An exception it can be only for that person who is very lonely. In another case, the belief warns that next year literally "will not give rest", will not allow to be at home and will be "taken away from the family."

Oversleep New Year, sleep on New Year's Eve: omens

If you are not a small child, not a sick person, then a New Year's Eve dream - Bad sign. It is about the most magical time of the holiday - midnight. As the saying goes: "oversleep New Year - oversleep your happiness!". That is why make the most effort to be alert and active, have fun and drink champagne. To do everything so that the coming year will be joyful for you and not upset you.

Sign: fell asleep on New Year's Eve

Monthly New Year's Eve: omen

Such a sign has a dual meaning. For example, if a woman wants to get pregnant and on New Year's Eve her periods begin, this tells her that "get a baby" next year, she will not succeed. If you are not planning a baby and you have your period, this is a good sign. The process itself is aimed at cleansing the body of "bad blood", which means it will cleanse you so that You met and spent the new year healthy and clean.

Sign with a new broom in the New Year

For happiness in the house in the coming year, you should definitely buy a new broom! It is believed that the new broom will certainly begin revenge in a new way and removes old problems from home, troubles and quarrels. Tie a red ribbon to the broom and place the broom in a conspicuous place.

Meet the New Year in red shorts, socks, new underwear: a sign

It is believed that no matter what year comes, the red color attracts prosperity and prosperity to the house and family. That is why, even if you do not wear a red dress, for example, or a shirt, you can wear red panties or socks. These little wardrobe items are a must "attracted to you" luck and money.

Signs bringing good luck and luck in the new year

Meet New Year in a new apartment: omen

To celebrate the New Year in your new apartment, of course, fortunately, if this housing is lawfully yours and you do not owe anyone money for it. Dress the house, “present” the symbol of the year to the apartment, be sure to put a holiday tree. This will attract luck to the apartment and contribute to a peaceful, happy life for the whole family.

IMPORTANT: If you have the opportunity, be sure to invite to a new apartment to celebrate family and friends. This will help ensure that people always come to your aid in difficult times and support you in any situation.