Mushroom omens: folk conspiracies of mushroom pickers, mushroom omens according to folk and church holidays

Each mushroom picker knows a lot of signs that will help him in collecting a pleasant harvest. Let us and we learn these signs.

With the onset of golden autumn, the mushroom picking season begins. In order to make out small hats in the thickness of fallen autumn leaves, you need to be very careful. According to the saying: "If a person constantly bows to the earth, then he will never be left without mushrooms" - the mushroom picker needs to work hard.

The mushroom picker is very easy to damage, so every forest find must be carefully cut with a knife. A forest walk does not hasten, the slower you go, the more mushrooms you collect. The most important rule when collecting mushroom crops is to be able to distinguish edible mushrooms from grebes.

Mushroom omens

Each mushroom picker has mushroom signs that help to use his time and collect a good harvest. If this is your first trip to pick mushrooms and is tuned to the result, then it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with folk signs:

  • With the advent of the summer season, the first fog is of particular importance. This phenomenon signals the beginning of the fungal pore.
  • Rainy July portends a good mushroom crop in the coming months. Following large direct rain, the active growth of mycelium begins.
  • In hot and windy weather mushrooms grow more abundantly under trees. In wet weather, even in the presence of wind, they feel comfortable in the meadow.
  • With a waning moon, mushrooms slow down their growth, so the probability of picking a lot of mushrooms is small. It is better to go for mushrooms during the period of lunar growth.
  • Among mushroom pickers, it is believed that after the human gaze, small mushrooms will no longer grow. Therefore, leaving them does not make sense. Believe it or not, everyone makes their own decisions.
  • If at the very beginning of the mushroom season the russula is the first to grow plentifully, then the yield will be low. A large number of ceps in early autumn promises a good harvest.
  • If in the process of searching for mushrooms you often come across red fly agarics, then you should count on an abundant crop of ceps.
  • A large number of pink lilac flowers the herbaceous plant, Ivan Tea, portends a good harvest of boletus and cap boletus.
  • In places of accumulation of boletus, thickets of fern plants are often observed.
  • The rainy spring-summer period creates favorable conditions for a good harvest of breasts. The growth of these mushrooms begins after the harvest of the first waves.
  • Abundant mold on last year's foliage signals a good harvest of camelina. Such spots can be seen after the last snow melts. Mushrooms grow in the summer.
  • In late spring, fluff begins to fly from aspen. During this period, you can find not only boletus, but also more than a dozen species of other mushrooms.
  • As soon as yellow pollen begins to pour from pine cones, you can safely go to search for oil.
  • The morning dew of the first cool days promotes the growth of strong fragrant mushrooms. On hot days, loose or rotten mushrooms are often found.
  • It is noticed that when rye is earning in the fields, you can collect a good mushroom crop. In this case, there is an opposite belief: "If it’s mushroom - it’s grain-like."
Mushroom omens
  • The beginning of November is the deadline for picking mushroom crops. With late mushroom growth, the first snow will not fall soon.
  • Autumn rains significantly increase productivity. It is especially worth noting the so-called "blind" rains occurring in sunny weather.
  • With frequent summer rains with thunderstorms, a mushroom crop can not be expected.
  • With the beginning of leaf fall, you can safely go to the third autumn crop of mushrooms.
  • Ripening time wild strawberries and blueberries coincides with the ripening period of the second layer of ceps.
  • Steam fog over the forest both in summer and in autumn contributes to the beginning of mushroom growth.
About mushrooms
  • Abundant snow caps on the roofs - to a good mushroom crop.
  • A week after the flowering of mountain ash, it is worth looking for boletus.

Mushroom pickers conspiracies

There are many legends and legends about mushrooms in the mushroom forests of Russia. They helped some people survive, others destroyed and scared. From here came such phrases as “witch’s mushroom” and “forest mushroom”. Among the Russian folk beliefs, the forest kingdom occupies a special place. In order not to disturb this atmosphere and collect the treasured harvest, many mushroom pickers utter treasured words, which can be called a forest prayer.

  • “I’ll start reading about mushrooms, I’ll start reading this conspiracy. To prevent poisoning from mushrooms, I’ll come back with a full basket. So be it. Amen!”
  • Such rituals are especially popular among children. Going into the forest, the guys toss a basket, while saying: "Give, Lord, a full basket with the top."
  • If a basket, falling to the ground, remains at the bottom, then there is a chance of a good harvest. If the basket is tipped upside down, then failure will follow.
  • Many mushroom pickers consider it necessary to feed the forest owner. For this purpose, any treat is left in the forest, most often something sweet. In this case, you need to say the appeal.
Mushroom omen
  • Ask to indicate the right path and take away from adversity: "The owner is the forest one, the hostess is the forest one, from where they got them, bring them there, help the mushrooms and berries. " 
  • Popular is the belief that mushrooms are specially hidden from the human eye. To get them to you, you need to talk "Mushroom, fungus, show pubis." In order not to disturb the silence of the forest, it is not advisable to sing loudly. Noisy sounds can scare away your mushroom crop.
  • Not the most pleasant sign is associated with a large yield of mushrooms. Based on past events, it has been observed that many mushrooms precede military events. Older people believe in such a prediction. Mushroom pickers often make fun of such a belief.
  • You should go on a mushroom trip only in a good mood. According to the saying, "Happy - to go for mushrooms, wander the unfortunate forest."
  • If you managed to find good mushroom places and collect a good harvest, then do not blow everyone right and left about their discoveries and achievements. Another's envy will frighten away your luck.
Mushroom folk observations
  • A good omen is a meeting along the way for the mushrooms of a lame person. Such a sign promises you a full basket of mushrooms.
  • In the forest, do not swear loudly and throw garbage. If you behave appropriately, the forest will reciprocate and satisfy your expectations.

Mushroom signs according to national and church holidays

  • An abundant amount of midges at the beginning of summer is a signal for the mushroom picker to go mushroom picking. This omen has been traced since the beginning of the national holiday - Mosquito-bogs, attributable to 26 of May.
  • Feast of sv. Mammoth attributable to September 15th considered the most mushroom day.
  • A large number of stars on New Year's and Christmas Eve portends a good summer crop of berries and mushrooms.
  • Rainy weather on Trinity religious festival promises a rich harvest of mushrooms.
  • Pay attention to the weather. March 14th - on the Orthodox holiday of St. Evdokia. If the day is red, then you should expect a good harvest of mushrooms.
Collection by date
  • If on the night of Ivan Kupala there will be a starry sky, then in the near future we expect a good harvest of mushrooms.
  • The boundary date for the collection of breasts and mushrooms is considered October 14 - Veil. Other fungi can tolerate small frosts. For example, honey mushrooms, even if you freeze at night, then during the day they will warm up under the sun's rays.
  • Until October 22 - Before the Orthodox holiday, Jacob collect russules. Weather conditions in late autumn do not contribute to their further reproduction.

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