How to draw a rocket? Drawing - rocket pencil for children

Children are very attracted and attracted by everything new and interesting. Almost all contents like space, whether it be stars, planets or spaceships. In this article you will find schemes for drawing rockets of varying complexity, some images can be drawn even by a small child.

Remember how many boys wanted to become astronauts and explore the depths of space. One has only to imagine how many secrets and mysteries are hidden among the stars and inevitably you think about how to get there, look with one eye. Such trips, even for fun, are impossible without a rocket. I suggest you draw this space transport with your child.

How to draw a rocket for children: children's drawing

You will need paper, pencils and paints, an eraser. Before you start drawing or in the process of creativity, you can at the same time tell the child some cognitive information. So the baby will be interested in the process and will remember interesting facts well.

Of course, with young children it is better to choose a simple option for drawing, where simple geometric shapes predominate, and the picture does not contain a large number of small details.

Rocket drawing for kids

If you have already mastered the basics of drawing, you can start drawing with smooth lines.

How to draw a rocket in smooth lines

If you draw a porthole in a rocket, then you can then finish the astronaut or paste some picture.

Rocket with a porthole drawing for children

Or you can use the simpler algorithm.

Rocket pattern

How to draw a rocket, video

How to draw a rocket with a pencil in stages for beginners?

  • Draw 2 parallel lines that are pointing up
  • Connect below with a straight line.
  • At the top of the rocket, close the hull lines with a triangle
  • Below draw 3 cones - steps. Their bases should protrude beyond the lines of the hull
  • In the center draw a circle - porthole
  • Wipe off excess lines and colorize
How to draw a rocket in stages

You can also depict a rocket with smoother lines - then it will look more toy, cartoonish.

  • Draw the base. To make it easier to depict the rocket body, imagine the shape of a carrot or bullet
  • Separate the nose of the rocket with 2 semicircular lines.
How to start drawing a rocket
  • Draw additional elements below the sides
  • Complete the rocket with the frontal part
  • Draw a porthole
How to draw a rocket in stages

How to draw a rocket with a pencil in stages in space?

Drawing space against a rocket is pretty simple. You can give free rein to the imagination of a little artist and he himself will draw the sun, stars, planets, and maybe even funny aliens.

For example, you can depict a meteorite or a comet. To do this, draw a star and draw its tail with an arc.

How to draw space

And you can draw Saturn, which in the picture stands out for its rings.

Saturn drawing Rocket pattern in space

Unlike the previous “toy” examples, you can draw a real space rocket. It is somewhat more complicated due to the presence of small parts and their abundance, however, if you follow the instructions, you will succeed. To facilitate the task, you can use the templates below.

  • Draw a curved body - the base
  • Front wing express as a curved triangle
  • Draw a wedge-shaped figure in place of the second wing
Rocket. Step 1
  • Draw a high wedge-shaped figure at the end of the rocket - this is how you express the tail wing
  • Make extra lines to add depth and realism.
Rocket. Step 2 - Draw Extra Lines
  • On the nose, body and wing, draw curved rectangles to reflect the hatches
Rocket. Step 3
  • Now draw an engine at the bottom of the rocket. It is expressed in 4 different round shapes.
Rocket engine. Step 4
  • In the place of the cabin and along the body, draw rectangular windows, add ovals on the nose
Rocket. Step 5
  • Draw a flame. You just have to finish the stars and planets, decorate the picture
How to draw a rocket in space

Watch the video: How to Draw a Rocket. Easy Rocket Step by Step Drawing for kids. Cartoon Rocket Drawing (November 2019).