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How to achieve an easy and beautiful gait? What does gait depend on?

What does a person’s gait say and what does it depend on? How to make a walk easy and relaxed?

In addition to the fact that each person’s gait is individual, and it can easily be distinguished from the crowd, it can also tell a lot about its owner. Such information will carry information not only about his physical, but also about his psycho-emotional state.

In addition, a look at how a person walks creates a first impression of him. Particularly disturbing are the problems with the ugly gait of women. This article will help to find answers to the most urgent questions of lovely ladies about their walking and will tell you methods for correcting your gait.

What determines a person’s gait?

Of course, in the movements, steps and manner of staying in public, many sides of the disposition, temperament and self-esteem of a person are mirrored. Everyone is interested in the question: "How to determine the character of a person by gait?" Here are a few examples that characterize the connection between the gait and the inner world of a woman.

Does a woman's gait depend on her temperament?

  1. If a person shuffles his legs, his head and shoulders are lowered, most likely he suffers from severe depression. In addition, such people can be called quite lazy, uninitiated and slow.
  2. Jumping, as if on hinges, a gait and numerous gestures during a conversation (even if the conversation is conducted in a calm manner) indicate the presence of a woman's nervousness, and possibly psychopathic disorders. At the same time, such behavior can also characterize her as an overly busy and enthusiastic person.
  3. Slow rare movements and stiffness in the hands indicate the likelihood of a serious psychological illness, possibly even schizophrenia.
  4. A wide step can characterize a woman as a persistent, self-disciplined and active person.
  5. Small steps expose prudence, thoughtfulness, caution, and speed thinking in a person.
  6. The person moves with slow, wide steps, trying with all her appearance to show her significance and greatness. However, sometimes it’s all just a bluff and pretentious pathos.
  7. If a woman (most often men) has pronounced relaxed movements when walking, this is most likely a sign of irresponsibility, apathy and aversion to the execution of any commands or orders. Also, this type of gait is inherent in young, immature women with an yet unformed personality.
  8. Minced steps without a perceptible rhythm may indicate fear, feelings or phobias of its owner. Such a person on his way will let everyone pass in order to avoid a collision with any obstacle.
  9. Strong rhythmic movements and slight swaying back and forth speak of the woman’s self-confidence and naive instinctiveness. Such ladies often actively work with hips when walking.
  10. Arrogant, selfish and selfish ladies possess a proud, heavy gait with elements of simplicity.
  11. Angular movements, steps, as on stilts, may indicate the stiffness and lack of communication of their owner.

Does gait depend on posture?

Naturally, the posture of a person directly affects the beauty and ease of gait. If a woman is hunched over or slouched, no matter how beautiful she is, her movement along the street will go unnoticed by men or, on the contrary, will cause ridicule or disgust.

From such curvature of the spine, the center of gravity shifts, which radically changes the gait. It becomes more difficult for the legs to maintain the balance of a cramped torso, and sometimes they can act uncontrollably. At the same time, long walks become unbearable for a woman, since her whole body gets tired much faster than with a correct even posture.
The second mistake of women is that in order to keep their back straight, they begin to protrude the pelvis forward. This position dramatically changes the center of gravity of the body and shifts the entire load to the heels. The steps at the same time become heavy and heavy.

How to achieve an easy and beautiful walk: tips and reviews

In order to change your gait for the better, you need to find out the nature of its defects. Here are the main reasons for women to walk hard:

  • immobility;
  • incorrect posture;
  • flat feet;
  • legs have different lengths;
  • uncomfortable shoes and high heels;
  • overweight;
  • toxins;

The first and second points can be easily fixed by revising your daily routine and incorporating more movement and sport into it. If there is no way to constantly actively move and go to the gym, you can perform a series of exercises for a beautiful gait and posture. Such charging will be described in more detail below.

If pathologies such as flat feet and different lengths of legs are detected, it is necessary not to start the disease, but immediately contact experienced specialists for help.

Comfortable shoes and a beautiful walk are inseparable from each other. Scientists have long made a high heel in the list of pests of the right gait. The more a woman spends time in heels, the more her legs are injured. According to experts, ladies' shoes should have a small regular heel or wedge with a height of not more than 2-4 cm. However, the absence of a heel or the presence of a platform is also considered incorrect.

If a woman thinks about how to make a walk beautiful and easy, she must first balance her diet and try to avoid harmful foods. Improper nutrition, abuse of bad habits often leads to obesity and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Overweight provokes the appearance of heaviness and fatigue in the legs. Toxins, in turn, lead to disorders in the joints and muscles of the body.

How to change a heavy gait at 55?

  • You can fight with the wrong gait at any age. It just takes time, patience and self-effort. According to statistics, women at 55 years old, at least, have free time. Everything else will follow. So, let's begin
  • As mentioned above, ladies at a great age will first have to reconsider their diet: it is advisable to exclude harmful foods and saturate your diet with cereals, vegetables, fruits and protein foods (fermented milk products and meat). Reaching the 55-year milestone can very often mark a period of calcium deficiency in the female body or its digestibility.
  • And as everyone knows, this chemical element is responsible for all bone formations. Therefore, for women over 50, it is advisable to consult with their doctor on this subject and, if necessary, take vitamin complexes with a high content of calcium
  • Often women at age 55 no longer wear high heels, and try to choose only comfortable and comfortable shoes. And this is true! Do not just forget about the mandatory presence of a small and stable heel
  • At any age, for a beautiful walk, sports are welcome. Women at 55 years old do not have to receive large power loads. They will have enough stretching exercises for all muscles. Today, this trend in fitness is called stretching.

How to make a walk beautiful and easy? Exercises for a beautiful walk and posture

For those who have problems with posture, there is a special gymnastics consisting of the following complex:

  1. We become even, stretches his arms along the torso. On exhalation we take our shoulders back, on inspiration - forward, rounding our back. Repeat exercise 15 times
  2. In the same position on the exhale, raise the shoulders and leave them like that for 5 seconds. Then we breathe in, lowering them down, and again we exhale as we exhale. Number of executions - 14 times
  3. 20 times in a row, we raise our shoulders up and down.
  4. We get up close to the wall with his back to it. The body should have four points of contact with the wall: head, shoulder blades, feet and buttocks. In this state, you need to stand for a couple of minutes
  5. We put our hands on the belt, align the posture and walk two meters on the toes. Then do the same thing on the heels
  6. In everyday movement, we monitor the posture and stride width (it should not exceed the length of the foot). The toe of the foot is a little laid aside

Summing up, it is worth noting that, following all the listed rules and tips, every woman at any age can easily become a happy owner of a flying, easy and laid-back gait.

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