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The longest and shortest female and male name in the world

Choosing names for young parents is a crucial step. Let's look at the longest and shortest names in the world.

Many believe that the fate of a person is directly related to the chosen name. Sometimes, this is confirmed by facts from life. Often a name is what forms the first impression about us when we get to know each other. Unusual names make their owners unique and special.

As a rule, such people are gaining widespread popularity with others, quickly “overgrow” with new useful connections. This desire to attract as much attention as possible is usually inherent in the female sex, and it is for this purpose that parents give girls non-standard long names.

The longest male and female name in the world

By the way, the longest name in history was called a newborn from Texas, in 1984. Parents were unpleasantly struck by the fact that the name of their child, invented, clearly in a deep emotional outburst, did not fit in the column of the metric. "Roshandiatellinieshyunneveshenk Koyaanfskvatsiuti Williams" - that part of the baby’s name that was able to be entered in the registration documents. However, this was not enough for his father, and by submitting a statement, he managed to ensure that the name of the baby was increased to 1019 letters, and the second to 36.

Longest names

As for the names given to the boys, then the parents simply "surpassed" everyone. The next record belongs to a resident of India, whose name refers not only to the largest known male, but also to the "longest" in the world. At the same time, the surname of the Indian is the most standard - Brahmatra. But here that is preceded by a surname, it is difficult even to name a name, in it already 1,478 letters! It will take at least ten minutes to pronounce this “word”, consisting of the names on the map, the names of politicians and professors. In fact, this is a piece of the encyclopedia, which so far no one dared to voice.

Records in Russia

The longest Russian names, although they are not particularly common in the present, are considered Apollinaria and Panteleimon (11 letters). As for the size of the names given to the girl, the most elongated of them appeared after the October Revolution.

Name selection

It sounded: Oyushmalnda and was composed of fragments of the phrase: "O.Yu. Schmidt on the ice." This was not the only case of the child’s complaints so unusual. It seemed that the parents of the era of the 20s decided to compete with each other in patriotism, reflected in the name of the baby.

The shortest names in the world

The smallest names were recorded in Mongolia: Az (means happiness, luck) Och (spark), Od (star) and in Russia: Yang and Oia.

Translated from ancient Hebrew, name Yang means "bestowed by God." Leadership qualities are inherent in a man named with a similar name; he prefers communication to loneliness and activity to “sitting” in one place.

Although Yan cannot be called lucky, but his stubbornness, hard work, faith in himself and his destiny always pushes him forward and helps to gain more and more victories. Character traits such as foresight and practicality, clear and logical thinking, insight, help him to understand people well, and good nature and openness attract faithful friends to him.

Shortest names

Woman's name And I, translated from Greek, means "violet." The name is very rare; since there are no consonants in it, the nature of his "mistress" hides strong energy. A girl named Iya is very emotional and is not inclined to restrain her feelings. Outbreaks of irritability are inherent in her, and sometimes her pride knows no bounds. But gradually, she learns to manifest her negativity in the form of cute witticisms - a mixture of humor with sarcasm. Over the course of life, emotions are increasingly beginning to take over the mind, which is not the best way to affect relationships with others.

The name of a person not only forms the perception of others, but also affects his attitude to himself. Unfortunately, many of us depend on the opinion of society, so that a child can exist peacefully in it, not being afraid of the ridicule and oblique glances of his environment, do not call him a complex, incomprehensible or fashionable, in your opinion, name. It is better to choose one of the names characteristic of your region of residence, cultural and national traditions. Subsequently, if an adult child wants to change the name in the passport to a more sonorous or elongated one, it is better to support his informed decision than to impose his own in advance.

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