A stuffy nose, drops do not help: what to do? How to get rid of nasal congestion without drops during pregnancy, in a newborn, how to make your nose breathe without medication? Folk remedies for runny nose and nasal congestion: recipes

The article offers you several effective ways to get rid of rhinitis without the help of vasoconstrictive drops.

A stuffy nose, drops do not help: what to do?

A stuffy nose is a common problem during colds and in the season of exacerbation of allergies. A clogged nose only seems like a small problem, in fact, this nuisance can significantly degrade the quality of life:

  • A person cannot breathe fully
  • Does not distinguish between the variety of aromas
  • Enjoy food
  • Breathe through the mouth, leading to dry larynx and lips
  • To experience headaches and general malaise due to defective breathing.
  • Bad sleep at night

The easiest way to get rid of it is to drip drops into your nose. But, few people know that in order for the drops to really help your problem, you should choose them correctly. It often happens that a runny nose does not go away for a very long time, despite the fact that you use drops regularly. The wrong choice of drug is to blame.

It is important to understand what caused the common cold: a virus, a cold, or an allergy. That is why it is always recommended to go for this consultation to a specialist, and not to a pharmacy.

A runny nose can appear in a person for such reasons:

  • the reaction of the human body to any of the allergens
  • hypothermia, cold
  • viral disease
  • adenoid growth
  • neoplasm in the sinuses, nasal passages, nasal septum.
  • nasal septum deformity

Any process can provoke inflammation of the mucosa. As a result, there is swelling of the mucosa and the nasal passages are reduced in diameter. Swollen sinuses do not pass the mucus and therefore they become blocked. If you have used drops for a long time, but do not observe an improvement in your condition and your nose is blocked most of the time, you should use alternative methods of treatment.

Such methods will help you get rid of a runny nose:

  • Flushing the nose. Such washing is done using saline saline (per 1 liter of purified water, only 5 g of sea salt). This procedure is done several times a day, always before bedtime and after sleep. Washing will help eliminate mucous blockage and wash excess mucus, opening the airways. Washing is done with a special cuckoo device.
  • Compliance with the drinking regime. This feature will allow you not only to improve your condition, but also to thin the mucus in the nose. That is why she quickly and easily departs, and you recover. A day should drink at least 2 liters of water (if an adult is sick). If the nature of your common cold is cold, you should not drink water, but drink hot water (teas, herbal infusions, hot lemonade, raspberries, broths with mustard and horseradish).
  • Warming up. If a runny nose has a cold, you can get rid of it by warming the body and sinuses. Useful mustard plasters, hot baths and showers, steaming feet (preferably with mustard powder). Warming up should be done before bedtime.
  • Inhalation. They are necessary in order to expand the sinuses and make the mucus more fluid. Warming up and inhalation are accomplished by inhaling vapors from hot water, or potatoes, for example. It is good to add a couple of drops of essential oil to the water.
How to get rid of a stuffy nose?

Pills for runny nose and nasal congestion: a list

Before choosing a pill for the common cold, you should find out the cause of its appearance. You can determine it by examining the salt, because the mucus from the nose can be different: yellow, green, transparent. Perhaps your runny nose is just the consequences of an allergen or dust getting into the body, a consequence of a viral or infectious disease.

IMPORTANT: In any case, fully consider all the symptoms (sore throat and pain, fever and other symptoms).

If the cause of the common cold is allergic (besides sneezing, you observe fluid snot):

  • Erius - safe time for the safe treatment of seasonal rhinitis.
  • Telfast - safe antihistamine
  • Claritin - neutralizes the effect of the allergen in the blood, dilutes the mucus in the nose.
  • Suprastin - acts on an allergen and eliminates swelling of the sinuses.

If the cause of the common cold is the ingestion of a pathogenic bacterium (mucus is yellow or greenish, and there may also be a high temperature):

  • Augmentin - the drug has a detrimental effect on pathogenic microorganisms and infections.
  • Sumamed - broad-spectrum antibiotic
  • Ciprofloxacin - bactericidal antibiotic
  • Zinnat - inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria

If the cause of the common cold was a virus (during epidemics):

  • Ingavirin - modern antiviral drug
  • Arbidol - a broad-spectrum antiviral drug.
  • Tamiflu - powerful antiviral drug
  • Cycloferon - immunomodulatory and antiviral drug.
What drugs can eliminate the common cold: tablets

How to get rid of nasal congestion without drops and drugs during pregnancy?

Medical statistics show that almost 30% of all women suffer from nasal congestion during pregnancy. The body of women in a position is arranged in such a way that he spends all his strength mainly on the development and formation of the fetus. That is why a pathogenic bacterium, virus or infection that causes rhinitis and the inflammatory process of the mucosa is easily “grabbed”.

Pregnant women should not take a number of medications for the common cold, presented in the pharmacy assortment. The reason for this is contraindications, because of which there may be not only poor health, but also abnormalities in the development of the fetus. However, there is a way out, you can get rid of rhinitis in the “position” using several safe and proven methods.


  • Inhalations with essential oils - inhalation of vapors with essential oil.
  • Warming of the sinuses - to liquefy the mucus, so that it is easier to move away.
  • Traditional medicine - allowed to use in the absence of allergic reactions.

Authorized medications during pregnancy:

  • Galazolin - possesses a vasoconstrictor property and eliminates swelling of the sinuses. It is used to treat acute rhinitis, but be careful: drops can not be used more than three times a day.
  • Sanorin - constricts blood vessels and eliminates the inflammatory process, has a wide spectrum of action and is often used for viral and infectious diseases.
  • For - used to treat a runny nose that occurs due to colds.
  • Naphthyzin - A popular remedy that quickly relieves swelling of the sinuses and makes breathing easier almost instantly.
How to get rid of rhinitis?

A stuffy nose in a newborn: how to make your nose breathe without medication?

A newborn baby should not be dripped into the nose with drops for adults. This can affect not only the course of the disease, but also the development of the child. A newborn should choose a drug, focusing on his age. A number of modern drugs have a vasoconstrictor property, but a weak one.

It is important to know what to use a vasoconstrictor along with salt washings. At the pharmacy you can buy drops such as Aquamaris based on seawater. Such drops do not overdry the mucous membrane and contribute to thinning the mucus, its easy withdrawal, and recovery.

Together with the traditional treatment, it is recommended to regularly pump out the snot manually from the child's sinuses. For this, a special rubber bulb with a plastic nozzle is used (the child cannot blow his nose, and removing excess mucus is important for recovery).

IMPORTANT: During the common cold, be sure to let the child drink the liquid so that the mucus is thinner and does not provoke the formation of sinus obstruction.

How to save a child from a cold?

Folk remedies for runny nose and nasal congestion: recipes

Old and time-tested traditional medicine has long been helping humanity get rid of many health problems, in particular, a runny nose. In the case when vasoconstrictors do not help you or if you have become addicted to them, you should use several effective recipes.


  • Saline Wash - salt has a disinfecting property, along with water, it dilutes the mucus and helps it to go out easily.
  • Onion Juice - It has a powerful bactericidal effect, easily relieves swelling and has a vasoconstrictor property. The onion gruel should be placed in cheesecloth and squeezed a few drops into the sinuses.
  • A decoction of herbs - instillation of the decoction in the sinuses several times a day helps the mucus to easily and quickly recede. Also, the product has a powerful antiseptic property. You can brew chamomile, string, calendula, juniper, bay leaf.
  • Egg or potato warming - boiled and hot eggs (or potatoes) should be rolled along the sinus obstruction sites (on both sides of the nome and on the bridge of the nose). Warming up eliminates the inflammatory process and improves the outflow of mucus.
  • Menthol Oil - it should be mixed with camphor or any other oil and instilled a few drops in each sinus. The tool will eliminate the pathogenic bacterium and the inflammatory process.
  • Aloe juice - It has a moisturizing property, helps to reduce the inflammatory process and improve the outflow of mucus.

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