New Year's crafts from ceiling tiles: schemes, description, patterns for cutting, photo. How to make a fabulous house of ceiling tiles, snowflakes, Christmas tree, plane, Christmas tree toys, decorations, flowers, a snowman, Santa Claus, a tank?

From the usual foam ceiling tiles, you can make unique decorations and crafts for the New Year. The article has examples of such and a description of how to make them.

Often there is a desire to decorate your home with holiday crafts. This ritual is especially important on the eve of the New Year. After all, it is on this celebration that people expect some kind of miracle. First of all, children expect magic, so they try the most.

Crafts can be made from various materials, and there is a lot of information about this on online spaces. Very original Christmas tree toys are made from ordinary foam tiles that are glued to the ceiling. Next, we consider examples of Christmas decorations made of foam in detail.

How to make a white fairy-tale house from ceiling tiles: schemes, description, photo

To get started, first of all, stock up on free time. This process will require patience, skill, desire. And the kids will be delighted with such work.

Prepare materials, tools in advance:

  • scissors, marker, glue
  • tile, sharp knife
  • felt-tip pens, gouache, colored paper, foil
Cozy New Year's house made of polystyrene foam

The house can be made in one plane, or rather, just cut the patterns of the roof, the front panel with a window and a pipe on the roof from polystyrene. And you can build a whole 3-D model of this fabulous gingerbread house or the hut of Baba Yaga.

For the second option, do the following:

  1. Cut four walls of the house from polystyrene
  2. Two identical roof parts
  3. Two isosceles triangles for the front and rear of the attic part of the structure
  4. Then carefully make openings where there will be windows, doors
  5. In the future, they can be decorated with colored paper, make curtains inside.
  6. Glue all the finished parts of the product
  7. Cut the pipe and glue it to the roof
  8. To make the house more fun you can still make a whole courtyard
  9. There you can make a Christmas tree in the yard (again, from polystyrene foam)
  10. Felt pens, paint it and paint it on the branches of the toy.

How to make snowflakes from ceiling tiles: patterns for cutting, photo

What a New Year's holiday without beautiful white snowflakes of different shapes. They are cut out not only from paper, but from ceiling tiles. Just keep in mind that polystyrene cannot be folded like paper so that the snowflake is strictly symmetrical.

To create neat products, you will need patterns (patterns that you can make out of cardboard). Subsequently, such patterns are not difficult to transfer to the material using a conventional felt-tip pen; you just need to outline the contours.

A number of such examples of patterns you will see below in the image.

Snowflake patterns

They can be printed on a printer, and then carefully cut, glued to stronger paper. Again, cut out, after which you can safely transfer them to the foam tile.

Now cut out the intricate patterns of snowflakes with a sharp knife on polystyrene foam. Hang finished products on a Christmas tree or decorate with them garlands, chandeliers in the house.

Foam snowflakes

IMPORTANT: When you cut the figures of snowflakes from the ceiling tiles, note that the material is brittle and perform the process carefully, with maximum accuracy.

How to make a Christmas tree from ceiling tiles?

If the tree is already in the house, then the children know that for the New Year, gifts will surely appear under it. But there are unexpected situations when adults do not have time to buy the most important symbol of the New Year. In this case, do not be upset, a pretty tree will turn out from different sizes of ceiling tiles.

True, for the product you need thicker tiles. In addition, the number of squares must be collected more, then the artificial beauty will be large.

Fold the squares in the form of a pyramid, as in the picture below. Glue a small top at the top.

Christmas tree - do it yourself

IMPORTANT: Christmas tree decoration is suitable for anyone. Silver rain, garlands, beads will be very handy.

How to make Christmas tree toys from ceiling tiles?

As Christmas tree decorations, you can use a variety of figures on a suitable New Year theme.

Next, see the stencils on which you can cut unusual Christmas tree decorations from ceiling tiles.

Santa Claus with presents Do-it-yourself deer Christmas tree figurines

How to make decorations from ceiling tiles?

From one ceiling tile you can cut dozens of small decorations that are hung on the front door or in other places on the eve of New Year's celebrations.

Who knows how to draw well, without much effort, he will beautifully decorate products with the help of felt-tip pens, gouache and other auxiliary materials. To keep them on garlands, Christmas tree, tie the threads to the stars, bells, snowflakes.

Beautiful decorations for the New Year

IMPORTANT: Observe safety precautions. After all, the foam melts, easily ignites when exposed to high temperatures, fire. Therefore, it will not hurt you to explain to your child that you should not indulge in fire so that a fire does not happen.

How to make flowers from ceiling tiles?

Flowers, like snowflakes, need to be cut after you transfer the pattern from the template to the foam. To make them of different colors, decorate them with gouache. A diverse ornament will turn out on the surface of the flowers, as there are interesting patterns on the ceiling tiles.

DIY flowers

How to make a snowman out of ceiling tiles?

Using the applique technique, make a snowman out of ceiling tiles. Then place it under the Christmas tree on a small stand made of another tile so that it does not fall. A cheerful snowman will delight you and your children, charge you with positive throughout all winter holidays.

Snowman on New Year's holidays from a ceiling tile

How to make Santa Claus from ceiling tiles?

Cute Santa Claus on a Christmas tree in the form of a toy will turn out if you cut it according to the pattern from the ceiling tiles. In addition, for a beautiful design, you can put it in a hat, a coat of red fabric. And paint your face with paints. Make a beard, mustache, edge of the white plush.

Santa Claus - do it yourself

How to make a tank of ceiling tiles?

A tank is best made from combined materials. To do this, prepare:

  • several plates of ceiling tiles
  • cardboard, knife, glue
  • paint, felt-tip pens, scissors

First, make a tank pattern, as on pattern below on plain paper.

Scheme for a tank of foam ceiling tiles

Working process:

  1. Cut foam parts
  2. Get started by collecting the bottom of the tank
  3. Glue all the other details of the craft
  4. Carefully paint it with felt-tip pens and paint.
Do-it-yourself tank

Polyfoam is an excellent material for this type of crafts. If you have imagination, you will come up with various toys for the New Year yourself. In this way, please yourself and the little family members by co-manufacturing them.