Light toys with amigurumi knitting needles for beginners: master class, diagrams, description, photo. Knitted toys and crafts for Easter: patterns and description

The article will tell you how to connect beautiful decorative toys and decorations for Easter using the amigurumi technique.

Light toys amigurumi knitting needles for beginners: master class

The word "amigurumi" refers to the direction in Japanese art of creating miniature toys using knitting. Such "kids" can become interior items, collectibles, gifts for loved ones. You can knit such toys, both with knitting needles and with a crochet. In any case, you should strictly follow the knitting pattern. Such knitting can be used to knit not only a toy for a child using amigurumi technique, but also a keychain, a brooch, even a miniature jewelry.

IMPORTANT: If you are a beginner amigurumi master, try to knit something simpler, for example, a children's brooch that can be attached to a clothing, hat or backpack.

Step-by-step creation of amigurumi "monkey" with a photo:

The first step: the number of loops, knitting Second step: knitting the brooch's muzzle Third step: product detailing Fourth step: product decoration

What can be knitted for Easter with knitting needles for beginners?

Amigurumi is an excellent technique for creating Easter souvenirs. With this knitting, you can create Easter symbols: eggs, rabbits, hens, to give them to your loved ones and decorate the holiday. If you are interested in such an activity, you can associate whole compositions that are usually put on the Easter table.

What can be connected for Easter, photo of works:

Eggs and chickens Easter cake and krashenka Easter composition Little chick Easter cakes and easter bunnies

How to knit Easter egg with knitting needles: schemes with a description, photo

The most popular figure for weaving for Easter is the egg. You can make it plain, patterned, with pictures or a chicken egg. Knitting such a toy is not difficult, you can fill it inside with cotton or synthetic winterizer.

For knitting, detailed schemes with the indication of columns and loops are useful to you:

Knitting amigu eggs: description of rows with the number of loops Description of the work of knitting an egg

Video: “Amigurumi Easter Egg”

How to tie Easter covers and caps for Easter eggs?

If you are not a supporter of artificial eggs for Easter, there is one interesting alternative - hats or small covers that are worn on the paint. Thus, you can decorate the festive dish and create a positive mood for Easter.

Schemes and finished products:

Riding Hood: Scheme 1 Hat “chicken”: scheme 2 Funny hats for easter eggs Hats and egg covers using amigurumi technique

How to tie a passport for Easter?

The main symbol of Easter is Easter cake. Such a dish is present at the celebration in every family. Soft Easter cakes decorated and knitted using the amigurumi technique will help create a positive mood. Such figures should be filled with some soft material: cotton wool, synthetic winterizer, scraps of fabric.

For knitting you will need a scheme with a description:

Description of the work with the number of loops and rows Finished product: Easter cake Amigurumi

Video: Crocheted Easter Cake

How to tie a chicken for Easter?

The chicken that carries Easter eggs is a sure symbol of the holiday. You can tie a chicken using the amigurumi technique to create fun holiday compositions. The chicken can be a separate toy, or it can be made in the form of a cover on an egg.

Photos of finished products and schemes with descriptions of work:

Amigurumi funny chicken: part 1 Amigurumi funny chicken: part 2 Chicken and chickens: finished products

How to tie a rabbit for Easter?

Easter bunny is often present in the symbolism of the holiday. This image is liked by adults and children. To cheer yourself up and your loved ones, you can tie the toy amigurumi for Easter.

Detailed job description: knitting an easter bunny Finished miniature products

How to tie a caterpillar for Easter?

Why can a caterpillar be knitted for Easter? Because the caterpillar is a symbol of spring and warmth, just that festive and warm time, when everyone celebrates the holiday. It’s easy to knit a caterpillar, its entire body consists of separate balls connected together.

Caterpillar: weaving with a description

How to tie soft toys for Easter?

Soft toys using the amigurumi technique will be a great addition to Easter, because they can decorate the house and table, please loved ones with pleasant gifts, and give children surprises.

Toy "chick", job description Chicken in egg Toys "chicken and cockerel"

How to tie Easter potholders?

It is not customary to give presents for Easter, no one buys special souvenirs, but those that are made with their own hands will be useful and will please relatives. For example, you can knit oven mitts using the amigurumi technique, they will come in handy during the preparation of holiday treats and will transform the room.

Frog Tack Tack "chicken" Chucks

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