Crunch in the joints - causes, treatment: medication, folk, prevention

Crunch in the joints brings a lot of inconvenience and can be a harbinger of disease. Let's deal with this symptom in more detail.

Perhaps there is no person who would not hear a crunch in his joints. We do not pay attention to this, but this harmless, at first glance, phenomenon can develop into a serious disease. Crunching joints warn us of their destruction. A crunch in itself is not dangerous, but it can signal different diseases.

What does a crunch in joints indicate?

As long as the joints are not in order, we hear how they move, this happens silently. A structural feature of the joints can cause this sound. If the ligaments are not positioned correctly, this can lead to a cartilage defect and cause a crunch. But if the click is not accompanied by pain, then no one even pays attention to it and does not think about danger. But you shouldn’t be so indifferent to your health.

The appearance of pain suggests that a conflict arises in the joints of the joints. As a rule, the load on the hands is less, but axial loads act on the legs, which exacerbates the problem. There are actually several reasons for this crunch. There are not very dangerous, but there are caused by various diseases.

Consider each of them:

  • The crunch caused by the movement of the ligaments is not dangerous. It occurs as a result of displacement of tendons in the joint, with a change in body position. Returning to the initial position, the joints emit a click.
  • Another harmless crunch in joints is when gas bubbles burst.. In joint lubrication, substances are collected that, under unnatural load, collect in bubbles. When they burst, they make cotton.
  • Joint changes can cause liver and kidney disease. The liver produces collagen necessary for joints, which ensures their elasticity. The kidneys supply the joints with synovial fluid, which serves as a lubricant. Diseases of these organs can lead to a change in the state of the joints, and a crunch will warn that some substance is not enough in them.
Crunch reasons
  • With arthrosis, when in the joints not enough lubricant a crunch also occurs. Due to the lack of lubrication in the joints, the cartilage is erased and becomes thin. This disease is widespread among the elderly, but can sometimes occur in young people.
  • Osteochondrosis - a disease that occurs as a result of metabolic disorders. It occurs most often in overweight people, when the load on the joints is quite large. With this disease, a crunch may be accompanied by pain.
  • Another cause of crunching may be the formation of pathological growths called osteophytes on bone tissue. These growths prevent the joints from moving, causing pain.
  • Inflammation caused by various infections. In inflammatory processes, the surfaces of the joints may not coincide, as a result of which a crunch occurs, accompanied by pain

Joint crunch treatment and prevention

As a rule, crunch treatment is carried out by two methods: medication and folk. Each of them brings positive results, it all depends on the nature of the occurrence of crunching. If it is not accompanied by pain, then you can simply carry out the prevention of joint diseases. What does each of the methods include?

  • Medication method consists in the use of drugs that help strengthen cartilage and joint tissues. There are drugs for internal use, such as chondroitin and glucosamine. Both of them contribute strengthening ligaments and tendons. In addition to these two drugs, various ointments and gels are also used, which relieve inflammatory processes, remove pain syndromes. The most popular of them are Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Ortofen, Dolgit.
Drug treatment
  • Folk method includes treatment in non-traditional ways. One such method is the use of salt baths. Sea water and tincture of sage, needles or chamomile are added to hot water. If there is no sea salt, you can use the usual, adding dumb iodine to it.
Salt baths
  • Non-drug method consists in using auxiliary materials such as canes, crutches, bandages and knee pads. The whole point of this method is that the patient is not prescribed medication, but helps to reduce the load on the joints with the help of the above materials.
Using a cane

In those cases when none of the methods already helps, surgical therapy is used. In order to bring a person back to normal life, artificial joints are implanted to him.

To ensure that your joints do not hurt and stay healthy for as long as possible, monitor your health. Go in for sports, visit the gym, move more. But don't overdo it. Know that professional sport leads to various injuries that, on the contrary, can destroy the cartilage in the joints.

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