Is it possible to put a candle in the church for health or for the repose of the unbaptized: church rules

This topic will focus on church rules regarding unbaptized ones.

Traditions concerning church rites are rooted in the past. But, unfortunately, many of us are not serious about this act, which is why when we attend church, a lot of questions arise. And one of them, which sometimes raises doubts even among proper visitors to the temple of God, is whether it is possible to place a candle for the unbaptized, in particular for health or for peace. Therefore, in this material we will give an explanation of this provision.

Is it possible to put a candle for the unbaptized: for health and repose according to the rules of the church

A bit of a controversial and controversial issue that you should carefully understand. And in order not to guess about whether it is possible to put a candle for an unbaptized person, let us first things first.

It is important to understand that the process of baptism is a sacrament of initiation into a particular faith. That is, this is an official confirmation of their involvement in it, the adoption of its laws and regulations. Epiphany - This is one of the seven sacraments of the church, which is considered a fundamental rite.

No strict prohibition
  • Hence, some ministers of the church and believers believe that for an unbaptized person you should not pray or light a candle. But this is not a correct judgment.
  • The fact is that the candle is the alms that we give to the unbaptized. therefore read a prayer to myself during the requiem is not forbidden. Same goes for funeral candles or for health.
    • That is, you can come to church to light a candle and pray for a person, but only mentally, to yourself. And only on condition that there is faith in your soul. You must be sincere and truly desire it. It should be the urge of your believing soul. After all, we have heard repeatedly that each of us must have faith inside.
    • But to give the name of the unbaptized for notes that are read is impossible.
  • But keep in mind - during the offering of the bloodless Eucharistic Sacrifice, i.e. during the Liturgy, such prayers are forbidden because it is offered only for members of the Church.
  • Sometimes a person who is dear to us could not come to God. We will not delve into the reasons for this situation. After all, hard times are remembered when baptism and even faith in God were punished. It’s hard to realize that we cannot ask the Lord for the repose of his soul. Again, due to the fact that you need to submit notes on his repose.
    • But do not be discouraged. First of all, we can pray at home in front of our home iconostasis, light a candle, read an akathist for the deceased. And secondly, God's providence is also about those people who did not have time to know it.

Important: There are exceptions. For example, if we are talking about a newborn who, due to his age, did not have time to go through the sacrament of baptism. But at the same time, both of his parents must be baptized. In this case, the rite is possible.

But you can’t write notes

But I would also like to touch on a little psychological aspect, why can’t you directly pray and put candles for the unbaptized

  • Unbaptized people do not attribute or did not attribute themselves (if they have already left this world) to the Church of Christ. And according to all church laws, only a person can decide - Is it important for him to communicate with God and conduct any rites. Therefore, praying for an unbaptized person or putting a candle for his health or repose, we violate his will.
  • It is believed that prayer for a person who consciously avoids baptism is useless. Baptism involves faith in the Lord's salvation. Although no one can say for sure that the Lord does not save those who are not baptized. Do not forget that "God loves everyone."
  • And yet, it is precisely in this absence of human faith that lies the reason that for an unbaptized person you can’t put a candle, order a prayer service and conduct any church rites.

Although there are times in life when it is necessary to seek the help of the Lord, even in the case of unbaptized people. Remember only these simple rules and keep faith in your heart!

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