How to grow eyelashes? Thick and long eyelashes at home. How to care for eyelashes

You will learn how to help your eyelashes gain length and density without expensive medications and extensions.

Long and thick eyelashes - the dream of any woman. But not everyone will decide on eyelash extensions. So is it possible to get beautiful eyelashes without this procedure?

How to grow eyelashes at home?

You must understand that growing long eyelashes at home using folk methods is a long and painstaking process. You should be prepared for daily procedures, you should not be lazy.

Eyelashes can be grown in 4 weeks, as this is the lifespan of one eyelash. Do not expect that any of the funds will grow your eyelashes in a week. Undoubtedly, in a week you can already see the result, but the proper effect will appear later.

The problem of short eyelashes must be approached comprehensively:

  • Nervous condition
  • Cosmetics selection
  • Makeup remover
  • Sun exposure
  • Care
  • Masks, oils, compresses for eyelashes
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IMPORTANT: Read more about each item below.

What should be done to make the eyelashes thicker and longer?


Nutrition must be proper and balanced. Be sure to eat foods rich in vitamins A, E and carotene.

Productscontaining vitamin BUT: liver, wild garlic, broccoli, viburnum, garlic, eel, butter, cream cheese, sour cream, feta cheese, seaweed, seaweed, oysters, cottage cheese. Foods range from the most saturated to the less saturated respectively. There is also vitamin A in carrots, red pepper, fish oil, and apricots.

Natural Vitamin A Sources

Productscontaining vitamin E: wheat germ oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts), dried apricots, sea buckthorn, eel, dogrose, wheat, walnuts, spinach, squid, viburnum, sorrel, salmon, zander, prunes oatmeal. Foods range from the most saturated to the less saturated respectively.

Natural sources of vitamin E

Productscontaining carotene: fresh carrots, stewed carrots, parsley, dill, wild rose, onions, red peppers, green peppers, lettuce, apricots, sea buckthorn, tomatoes, green peas, potatoes, apples, cabbage, citruses, butter. Foods range from the most saturated to the less saturated respectively.

The best source of carotene

The choice of cosmetics.

Eye makeup should be of high quality. If you do everything to improve the condition of your eyelashes, but you use bad mascara, makeup remover milk, your actions will be meaningless.

When choosing mascara, pay attention not only to the brush, but also to quality.Mascara Requirements:

  • No strong odor
  • Has a light sweet aroma
  • It does not pour during the day
  • It has a homogeneous creamy consistency
  • Liquid or thick consistency indicates violation of storage conditions
  • After opening, use within 3 months

Makeup Remover.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to remove makeup before bedtime.

To remove makeup, choose high-quality cosmetics in the form that is more convenient for you: milk, lotion, foam.

rules eye makeup remover:

  • Use not cotton, but a cotton pad
  • Apply makeup remover to a cotton pad
  • Put the disc on the lower eyelid and close your eye
  • Eyelashes will lie on the disk
  • From above, gently press the second cotton pad with a special tool to the eyelashes
  • Instead of the third, fourth and fifth points, you can attach a moistened cotton pad to the eyelashes for 20 seconds, and only then move on to the next point
  • Gently move from the roots of the eyelashes to the tips with a cotton pad
  • Replace a dirty disc with a clean one.
  • Do the same with the second eye.

IMPORTANT: Let the eyelashes rest from makeup at least once a week

Eye make-up remover

Being in the sun.

If you are forced to be in the open sun, then be sure to hide your eyelashes from ultraviolet rays under sunglasses.


Read more about leaving in another subsection of this article.

Masks, oils, compresses for eyelashes.

Compresses can be made from strong decoctions of herbs: chamomile, aloe, cornflower, black tea:

  • Make a cool decoction
  • Let it brew for 20 minutes
  • Dip a cotton pad into the infusion
  • Lie on the bed, relax
  • Put cotton on your eyes and lie down calmly for 20 minutes
Eye compress

IMPORTANT: Compresses are good not only as a therapeutic agent, but also as a preventive

Read more about masks, oils in another subsection of this article.

What to do if there are no eyelashes?

If you have eyelashes, you need to hiccup the reason:

  • Frequent stress
  • Health Problems: More Hormonal Failures and Thyroid Problems
  • Poor nutrition
  • Bad makeup
  • Poor hygiene

The first step is to remove the cause. After proceed with proper care. Start with massages, masks and oils for eyelash growth (read more below).


  • It is important to wash every morning
  • Do not touch your eyes with your hands. Even washed hands in 10 minutes already become dirty again
  • Don't rub your eyes
  • Any bacteria can cause infection and, as a result, eyelash loss
Daily wash


Massage is done along the eyelash growth line with light taps of the fingertips for 5 minutes in both eyes. This improves blood circulation and stimulates the growth of eyelashes and has a beneficial effect on vision.

Eyelash massage

Homemade recipes against hair loss.

  • Pour castor and burdock oil in equal proportions into an empty carcass bottle, add vitamin E in an oil solution and aloe juice. Keep in the refrigerator. Every day, apply the product for 1 hour. Then rinse with water. Treatment - 1 month
  • Balm: 5 g of castor oil, 8 g of petroleum jelly, 0.2 g of Peruvian balm or Shostakovsky balm. Mix. Apply to eyelashes twice a day. Avoid contact with eyes.

IMPORTANT: You can choose any method of growing eyelashes from those specified in the article and apply it. Having tried a few, you will see the most suitable for you

Homemade recipe in a carcass tube

Masks for eyelashes at home

The most popular were masks based on burdock oil and castor oil. For masks with castor oil, see the article The benefits of castor oil for eyelashes. Masks for eyelashes

Mask number 1.

  • Heat peach or almond oil in a water bath
  • Dip a cotton pad in it
  • Apply to eyelids for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse with water

The mask will make your eyelashes long, thick and shiny.

Mask number 2.

  • Add a few drops of aloe juice and oily vitamin E to burdock oil.
  • Make a mask 2.5 hours before bedtime
  • Rinse with water before bedtime

Mask number 3.

  • Mix petroleum jelly and burdock oil
  • Apply the resulting composition twice a day (you can at night 1 time)
  • In the morning, remove residue from eyelashes

IMPORTANT: Avoid using cosmetics while treating eyelashes with masks.

A lot of makeup

Homemade eyelash oil

The most popular for eyelash growth are castor and burdock oil. Read more about them below.

You can also use peach, almond, grape seed oil.

All oils are applied to the eyelashes for a while, previously heated a little in a water bath, and then washed off. Can be applied before bedtime.

The selection of the application method and composition is very individual, so try different options and choose the best.

Eyelash oils

Castor Oil for Eyelashes: Application

You can read more about the use of castor oil in the article The Benefits of Castor Oil for Eyelashes. Masks for eyelashes

Castor Oil for Eyelashes: Before and After

Regular use of castor oil for eyelashes will certainly show the result.

Timing depends on individual characteristics.

Result after 3 months

Castor Oil and Vitamin E for Eyelashes

On the benefits of combining castor oil with vitamin E, as well as on the application, read the article The benefits of castor oil for eyelashes. Masks for eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelashes: reviews

“Castor oil was applied 2-3 times a week with a cotton bud on eyelashes. First, at the roots, then along the entire length. I saw the result in a month. There are much more eyelashes. Two months later, they completely became lush and black. The result is very crazy. Photos before and after 2 months of use "

IMPORTANT: This kind of reviews can be found much more than negative.

Burdock oil for eyelash growth

Burdock oil has established itself very well as a strengthener for eyelashes, and for growth it is better to combine it with other components:

  • Mix equal proportions of castor and burdock oil. Drop a few drops of vitamin A. Pour the mixture into ceramic or glassware. Apply on eyelashes several times a week for 1 hour. Rinse off with water
  • Instead of vitamin A, you can add vitamin E. This activates the bulbs to grow

Burdock oil has no contraindications, except for individual allergic reactions.

Thick eyelashes at home

  • To achieve thick eyelashes, you need, as in the case of length, to comprehensively work on them (read about this above)
  • The lotions compresses described in the paragraph “What should I do to make my eyelashes thicker and longer?” Are very good for the density of hair.
  • You also need to do various masks to strengthen and tighten eyelashes, as well as daily massage before bedtime

Mask for thick eyelashes

  • Peach oil is a good remedy. Apply to a cotton pad and apply for 15 minutes forever. Wash off excess. Do the procedure daily
  • After a week, you will see the result from the following recipe: 1 tsp. castor oil and 2-3 drops of vitamin A, bought in a pharmacy. Need to lubricate at night. If you see sore eyelids in the morning, lubricate them with a solution of water-based calendula or eucalyptus
  • Any masks for the growth or strengthening of eyelashes will entail their density
Mask for eyelashes

Eyelash Strengthening at Home

Strengthening is again in the use of masks, oils, compresses and basic rules of care. Additional recipes for strengthening eyelashes:

  • Mix the parsley passed through the meat grinder with sea buckthorn or olive oil. Get a homogeneous gruel. Apply it forever for 20 minutes, then rinse with water
  • Put the pulp of a young aloe leaf on your eyelids for 25-30 minutes. After rinse off. It will also help in smoothing wrinkles around the eyes.
  • For 10 minutes put lotions of strong green tea on your eyelids. After rinse and, to prevent draining of the skin and eyelashes, grease with vegetable oil

IMPORTANT: Castor oil is the most common homemade eyelash care product due to positive results. See recipes in this article and in the article Benefit of castor oil for eyelashes. Masks for eyelashes

Home eyelash care

If you want to get healthy and beautiful eyelashes, you need to take care of them daily:

  • Do massage along the line of eyelash growth. Read more at the beginning of the article.
  • Comb your eyelashes with a clean brush from used mascara
  • Make masks
  • Make lotions
  • Rinse off your makeup before bedtime. Do it right. Read above
Masks for eyelashes

If your eyelashes become sparse, short and weakened, you can fix this situation. Just follow the recommendations and don't be lazy.

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