A comic table horoscope for a corporate party, anniversary, birthday, for the New 2019-2020 year according to the zodiac signs in verses and prose. Cheerful comic horoscope for the company, colleagues, guests, friends for the year 2020 Rat

A comic horoscope for the year of the White Metal Rat will help to find out your future and hold any event with humor.

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Aries man and woman for the new 2019-2020 year

Aries men should prepare for great happiness. The rat will bring this zodiac sign many good changes, favorable events and profitable enterprises. Let the Rat drive Aries into a place where there is a lot of hay and curly lambs.

Prose to a woman:

New Year 2020 will bring Aries women personal changes, get ready for small changes and major events. Therefore, carefully twist curls on your forehead, color your eyelashes and polish your hooves - only pleasant moments and a great future are ahead!

Predictions for Aries


For Aries, big changes are coming again,
Good luck is coming to you next year.
Let all the problems run away from you
And you will catch the lucky star by the tail!

Happy New Year, Aries are expensive!This year will bring you good luck.
Let evil problems run from you
And it will be the best this year!

Horoscope predicts AriesGrace, good luck and love.
Let your home be happy, complete.
Let feelings play again and again in the soul!

Year of the Rat will be very goodFor active Aries and lambs,
May the straw be sweet to you
Let life be kind and careless!

Happy New Year, Aries, with new happiness!This year will bring you good luck.
Let it be beautiful for you
And give you love in addition!

What should Aries wait?

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for the Taurus of a man and a woman for 2020


It’s time for Taurus to “pull himself together” to be able to arrange your life the way you dreamed. Your happiness and your future are in your hands, be easy to rise, may there be less short temper in your soul and more joy! The horoscope wishes every "hot" Taurus to have a faithful and large little girl that will decorate his life!

Prose to a woman:

The Year of the Rat should bring calm to all the violent women of Taurus, and all pacified “heifers” have a large supply of strength for new achievements. The horoscope warns Taurus that the moment will come when you will need to stop "flying in the clouds" and "go down to earth".

What to expect in Taurus in 2020 Rats?


Taurus good luck and luckPredicts a horoscope.
Let it bring inspiration
And only the joy of the New Year!

You are registered in the horoscope of happinessAnd this fate will befall Taurus,
May you not be sweeter and more beautiful
Sparkle with joy your face!

Health wish you star predictions,So that you live better than anyone else in the world!
To Taurus did not touch the grief of tears,
Great success has been in your business!

Not only joy will come to TaurusThe New Year will give them grace!
May the year of the Rat take away your fatigue,
And give you what you can give!

In the year of the Rat in secretI wrote you a horoscope.
You Taurus good wind
Good bring trouble!

Zodiacal predictions for Taurus for the year of the Rat

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Gemini man and woman for 2020

Prose to a man:

The Year of the Rat is literally created for you, Gemini. Men of this sign It will not be boring and lonely, they will be able to find true friends, soulmate and favorite pastime. Year will allow you to get rid of problems in communicating with others. Moreover, people will see you as a leader and a wise intelligent person!

Prose to a woman:

Female Gemini in the year of the Rat should "watch their tongue", as the horoscope warns: excessive talkativeness and self-confidence will ruin your reputation. In any situation, be calm and smile better where you want to tell the next "truth."

What to expect for Gemini in the year of the Rat?


The twins are dancing todayNew Year has come to everyone!
The horoscope will say loudly to you:
"Everything will be ok!"

The zodiac is such a thing
Here both truth and fate.
Boldly wishes to Gemini
Horoscope of love and kindness!

The New Year will be wonderfulThere will be much good in him!
Horoscope wishes happiness
To all active Gemini!

Wishing you a stellar forecastGreat luck, great happiness
Gifts, a million roses
And let bad weather circumvent you!

The twins are lucky todayIn the New Year, and indeed!
In the year of the Rat, all of you have peace of mind,
Joy and personal victories to you!

Beautiful Gemini predictions for the year of the Rat

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Cancer man and woman for 2020

Prose to a man:

The horoscope in the year of the Rat is so favorable to men in Cancer that they will be able to translate into reality all their secret fantasies, even the most "bold". Be confident in yourself and your affairs, and then you will surely find at the bottom of the sea a precious pearl that can decorate your boring existence.

Prose to a woman:

Women Cancers in 2020 Rats should finally be distracted from "bytovuhi" and take care of yourself. Take time to paint your nails or finally dye your hair, because in 2020 you will finally have a real chance to meet the man of your dreams. It is only important to be self-confident and not “backtrack” if you find small difficulties on your way.

What Cancer Expect in the Year of the Rat?


"This year is created for love" -
Says horoscope to all signs
But especially lucky
Good-natured and sweet Cancers.

In the year of the Rat, you should "live",Feel free to scream and cry.
And today you need to drink
For love, dear Cancers!

In the New Year came up with a horoscopePredictions to the humble Cancers,
In the year of the Rat, he erects them
With positive zodiacs!

Happy New Year, Cancer!Here is the prediction for you:
You than backing away
Make love confessions!

Cancers are lucky - not otherwiseYear of the Rat is like a fairy tale for them.
They are not difficult to shine tasks
But only joy, joy and affection!

Horoscope for Cancer for the year of the Rat

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Leo men and women for 2020

Prose to a man:

Men Lions should be a little "strenuous" in 2020, to gain trust and respect. The owner of the year, Rat, looks a little aggressively at the "predatory cat", but, nevertheless, is very friendly so that the year passes successfully and fruitfully.

Prose to a woman:

In 2020, each Lioness should relax a bit and instead to "pull everything on yourself" to give the situation a chance to resolve itself. Aggressive cats have always evoked negative emotions in the Rat, but the mistress of the year is ready to give in to her principles and make a “sweet friendship” with Lions, giving them pleasant events and achievements in 2020.

What to expect Leo in the year of the Rat?


Lions and Lionesses are more careful
Year of the Rat ahead.
But, with her, of course, you can also
Mark personal angles!

The prediction of the Lions is simple:Need to move, not rest
And then there will be great happiness,
Less reason to lose heart.

Wish the horoscope to youIn this fabulous year,
That there was a reason for happiness
And a cute house on the pond!

Play fluffy maneDear Leo, you have to go
To enter the New Year beautifully,
Happiness is a new time!

The stars are so entrancedSo that Lions and Lionesses live peacefully,
So that everything was: both home and bread,
So that there were not enough serious troubles!

Predictions of stars for the sign of Leo

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for the Virgin of man and woman for 2020

Men Virgos in 2020 should take time to self-development if this is not done, you run the risk of finally “getting” your loved ones through tedium and self-flagellation. Express yourself in art and do not engage in quarrels with loved ones!

In 2020, the Rat promised the Virgo to women the long-awaited changes. You should be more in motion, take part in all crowds and holidays that you can find. Such a discharge will allow you to find spiritual harmony and self-love.

What to expect in the year of the Rat Virgo?


Virgos need to develop in the 18th year,Not to be sad, but to smile and “score” for nonsense!
Near you such passions, you only need to want
And you can fly into any neighboring space!

In the year of the Rat, Virgo needsLook around
Remember what friendship is
And trust your dreams!

It will be fun and sadVirgins in the new year
Do not lose your feelings
And do not sleep on the go!

Happy New Year to you!
The horoscope now tells Virgo
Be happy and have luck
Every moment filled you!

In the year of the Rat, Virgo needsFind your calling
To strive forward boldly
"In one breath"!

Zodiac horoscope for the sign of Virgo for the year of the Rat

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Libra man and woman for 2020

Finally, you get a chance to somehow change your life for the better, for this, the stars in the sky will create the most favorable picture. Men should strain a little, but after that they will surely gain success and a huge number of gifts from fate.

Libra women need to stop finally being indecisive in 2020 doubtful, balanced and educated. Unleash your hidden feelings, dissolve in emotions and live the year of the Rat as you only dreamed about!

What should Libra prepare for in 2020?


The time has come for Libra to walk
Wrap, dance, wash the soles,
In the sky the sun shine
And wait only for the good!

Horoscope tells LibraBe more active and bold
Trust your friends
More fun with them!

In the year of the Rat, Libra will find outWhat is a "good life".
In your sky a star flashes
You need to catch it on the net!

Calm and measured LibraWill be replaced by playfulness and the sea of ​​entertainments.
The sun will joyfully shine from the clouds
Have more adventures in your life!

What changes await scales in 2020?

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Scorpio men and women for 2020

Scorpio men need to carefully plan each of their business: work rest, entertainment and even house cleaning. In addition, you should not look aggressively at others, waiting for danger. Nobody can harm you, because you are already a “terrible” zodiac sign!

In the Year of the Rat, women Scorpions should consider in which they could prove themselves most vividly. Engage in creativity or needlework, surprise others, prove that you are not only a master "play on the nerves."

What changes will befall the Zodiac sign of Scorpio in 2020?

Scorpions, you should know
The year will come interesting and difficult.
You should not be discouraged
And grieve the heart with sorrows!

Enchanted the stars in the New Year,The stars predicted a lot.
Scorpions are waiting for the positive
Colorful, bright, pleasant!

New Year's horoscope is magic,
He gives a forecast for the whole year.
He wishes for scorpions meetings sincere,
To increase your joyful efforts!

The sign is serious, the sign is "prickly",
Aggressive and biting,
Smile, horoscope
Good year wishes you!

How to find out the future of Scorpio by the stars in 2020?

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Sagittarius man and woman for 2020

You should think about rest and useful entertainment. Enough to engage in the development and search for the beautiful, all that is vital - you already have it! Take away all the sharp arrows in the case behind your back and just open to the world so that it accepts you!

Sagittarius women will have a huge amount of opportunities in 2020 to become better, more beautiful, smarter, and indeed irresistible! The stars tell you to do more in your health and appearance, because big changes are not far off and they should be met "in full combat readiness"!

How to find out what awaits this zodiac sign?

Sagittarius desirable nowFind yourself an emotional occupation.
Open to the world like a door
And life will become more pleasant!

Sagittarius time to fall in love
It's time to dissolve in worries
To be happy day and night
To longing run away!

Horoscope forecasts tell you:
You have been sad for many years in a row.
Now, Sagittarius, you need to shake it all
And plunge into the whirlpool of adventure!

Good changes are coming for Sagittarius,It's time to fall in love, believe and dream!
It's time to scream with happiness so that all the walls are shaking,
So that in old age you had something to remember about life!

Smile Pensive Sagittarius,
You have reasons for happiness!
You are a great and glorious fellow,
Let all the bad weather bypass you!

Star wishes to Sagittarius for the future

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Capricorn man and woman for 2020

Capricorn men want stars to find the same muse, the very string of inspiration and interest that can make life more vibrant and happy. It’s time to stop being mean and push against any criticism, it’s time to smile with all your problems and give others only joy!

For Capricorn women, 2020 will be a landmark: some will find their love, others will find the strength to "move on" towards interesting adventures. In any case, the stars predict very romantic events, which means you must always be happy, confident and bright personality!

The future "from the stars" for Capricorn for 2020

Capricorns, dear,You are like tender flowers
You step forward boldly
And put an end to the past!

In the year of the Rat, the wise CapricornJoy and luck will smile
Choose the right road
To become happy - not otherwise!

Zodiac forecastsTold playful capricorn
Give loved ones laughter and roses
Do not talk about life strictly!

In the year of the Rat, this signCan frolic fun
Can show a fist
To everyone who is afraid of the soul!

How to find out the future of Capricorn for 2020?

Comic horoscope in verses and prose for Aquarius man and woman for 2020

Aquarians need to "push" to their any business "flowed in the right direction" brought good luck and profit. Minor failures "let it drift", the most important thing for you now is peace of mind, balance and the help of loved ones!

It is time for the Aquarius women to do at least one stupid act in 2020: fall in love with a passerby, buy a motorcycle or go on a trip without a penny of money. This will give you crazy experience and memories for life!

Zodiac future of Aquarius

Calm, modest AquariusThe horoscope wants to be a little bolder,
Looking forward and seeing only luck
Solve simple and complex tasks!

In the year of the Rat, it will not be difficult for you,Aquarius, because happiness is possible!
Smile and boldly forward
Interesting love awaits you!

Stars of heaven true recognitionAquarius sends such a prediction:
Do not be sad, do not cry, dream and believe
You will be lucky and happy now!

Lucky is the signs of Aquarius,They will be happy in the year of the Rat!
The stars are not timid about it,
Shouting from heaven all overnight!

How to know the future?

Comic horoscope in poems and prose for Pisces man and woman for 2020

Horoscope advises men-fish to change their work, occupation or professional activity. Your monotonous daily activities, like spoiled water in an aquarium, do not benefit tired hungry fish. Feel free to open yourself up to new hobbies and the year of the Rat will “favor you”!

Horoscope tells women to do housework: "warm the hearth" or "spawn." It is very useful for lonely and sad Pisces to acquire offspring in order to brighten up their existence and give love to their neighbor.

How to find out what awaits Pisces in 2020?

So that Rybka would not be boredTo live this year of the Rat,
They need to give smiles
To all loved ones, loved ones and children!

Women Pisces should thinkStop spinning, work, not sleep.
The stars tell you if possible
You need a family to grow like a moss!

Horoscope ordered all PiscesChange dramatically!
To find strength for change,
Grow up and settle down!

The sky and the stars have decided for youWhat you need to change your boring life!
Hurry, get in love now
You should change something for yourself!

Love will give you strengthCreate and love inspiration!
And in the year of the Rat all Pisces
Find adventure for yourself!

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