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How to sew a beautiful headdress with your own hands: children's, summer, Muslim, Tatar, female, male, magpie, warrior, for church, Russian folk, wolka, for a sailor, elechek, for a cook, waitress, in the form of a scarf, from a scarf , Tuvinian, turban, from a scarf, photo, video. How to sew the hood itself on the head with the neck: from mink fur, pattern

Each woman can sew a hat with her own hands. Surprised? Look for patterns in the article, create original products and give them to your loved ones and relatives.

Many women did not even think about the fact that they can not buy a hat, but sew it on their own. Make it simple if there is a pattern. Below we offer workshops on sewing different hats. Make such a product for yourself or your loved ones for a gift - they will be happy.

To sew a beautiful headdress with your own hands - for children, in the form of a scarf: pattern

What is done by my mother’s hands is done with love. The kid will be happy to wear a hat sewn and decorated with mother's hands. You can decorate the headpiece to your liking, showing imagination: lace, embroidery, applique and other decor.

Hat with bow

DIY baby hat

Such materials will be needed:

  • Knitted fabric measuring 1.5 meters by 30 centimeters
  • Threads in tone of fabric
  • Pins
  • Decor elements or a little fabric to create a bow, as in the photo

The hat will consist of two layers. The size of the pattern is suitable for a child of 5-9 years old, for a head volume of about 48-50 cm. Here is the pattern:

DIY pattern for children's headdress

On each side, add 10 mm to the seams, and on the wedges enough to add 7 mm. Now cut the pattern out of paper and transfer it to the fabric.

  • The pattern is superimposed and drawn on the wrong side.
  • Cut to allowance for seams.
Cut and cut the part
  • Sew first the top - connect all the wedges.
  • Then roll the hat in half and pin it on the sides.
Sew a piece of headgear
  • Sew the sidewall of the resulting part.
  • Then open and sew the inside of the cap on the same principle (do not stitch the sidewall of this part).
  • The inside will be a little smaller. This is necessary so that it goes well into the outer part of the cap.
  • Do not worry that the hat will be small, as the size is determined by the internal part.
Turn to the front
  • Now insert the inside into the first part with their faces facing each other.
  • Secure the edge with pins and sew along the wrong side.
  • Turn stitched parts to the front side.
Sew the main part and lining
  • Sew the inside seam with a blind seam. The hat is ready.

Now it can be ironed and worn. But you can make an interesting decor in the form of a bow, embroidery or applications. The bow is sewn simply:

  • Cut a strip of fabric from which you sewed a hat, size 20x5 cm.
  • Sew from the inside, leaving one edge unstitched.
  • Turn to the front side. Sew the left edge with a blind hem.
  • From the same or another fabric, make a ribbon and tie a bow.
  • It remains only to sew a bow in place. Done.

Hat for the summer in the form of a scarf

In the summer, the baby can sew a hat in the form of a scarf. Its advantage is that you do not need to suffer with ties, it sits well on your head and is comfortable.

Hat for the summer in the form of a scarf

Pattern of such a scarf. To sew it, you need a little chintz, a small piece of linen gum.

Pattern for a hat for the summer in the form of a scarf

Stages of the work:

  • Overlay all parts with an overlock or other seam.
  • Sew 2 cut rectangles from the inside out along the long edges. Turn to the front side and iron.
  • Make 2 compartments for the elastic in the middle: step back from the edge of 1 cm at the beginning and do not finish to the end of 1 cm. Bend 1 cm inwards along the narrow edges and iron it.
  • Sew in elastic bands 2 pieces of 4 cm. To make it convenient to attach the elastic bands, pin them to the edges with a pin.
  • Sew the elastic bands first from one edge, then pull the pins, the material will be gathered, and sew from the second edge. It should be a assembled part.
  • Sew the main parts of the scarf around the edges. You can simply tuck the edge, or you can use a decorative stitch with contrasting threads.
  • Now assemble the edges of the base and insert into the assembled parts with elastic bands. Bast and sew on a typewriter.
Sew on a typewriter

The scarf is ready. You can sew some more decor or do without it.

Headgear quickly - no patterns

It is worth noting that you can quickly sew a hat for the baby and without a pattern. To do this, you only need material, for example, even an old blouse or t-shirt may fit, and a hat that the baby already wears. Here are the steps for creating a header:

  • Fold the fabric or product in half and attach the old crumb hat.
  • Cut parts with seam allowance.
Headdress without a pattern
  • Also cut out the back door too.
Cut out the details
  • Fold the resulting gate detail in half.
  • Then insert it inside the cap and sew the sidewalls.
Insert one part inside another
  • The new thing is ready, you can try on your baby.
The hat is ready

Look at the video below, how else you can sew a hat and a snood for a child. The craftswoman does it in 10 minutes - quickly and simply.

Video: How to sew a hat and snood in 10 minutes?

We sew a summer beautiful hat with our own hands - female: pattern

On the streets in the summer you can meet many women who wear a headdress that came from the last century. Now different hats are in fashion and it is in the summer that you will have a great opportunity to put on a beautiful hat created by yourself.

DIY beautiful summer hat

Surely you have an old denim thing at home. Cut it at the seams to make several canvases. We will use them for a hat pattern.

DIY summer headgear pattern

This hat is sewn in style crezy-quilt - patchwork. When creating a product in this style, you can use small flaps of fabric with different patterns and textures to create large cuts, from which the pattern is made. If you do not have different pieces of denim, you can use a different fabric in the same color scheme. But you can use the usual cut, which you got after cutting the old thing. So, the fabric is prepared. Now follow these steps:

  • Draw a pattern on paper, cut it out.
  • Cut out all the details on the fabric according to the pattern, taking into account the allowances for the seams.
  • Start stitching the lining first. Any fabric is suitable for this: cotton, synthetics and so on.
  • First sew the details of the tulle, and then the margins.
  • Connect the main part to the lining.
  • Turn to the front side and make a hidden seam.

Iron your hat and sew any decorative element: flower, bow or something else.

Men's headdress - we sew with our own hands: pattern, video

DIY headdress

For men, we offer to sew a warm fleece hat. This material is designed to create warm things, and the hat from it will turn out simple, but it will warm well in the cold. It is worth noting that you can sew a hat even from an old sweater or turtleneck, which was knitted from not too thick threads and a front or back fabric, for example, machine knitted. You will spend no more than half an hour of your time sewing.

DIY headdress
  • First, draw a pattern on a piece of paper, and then transfer it to the fabric.
  • Before making a pattern, measure the circumference of the head, as shown in the figure below.
  • The obtained parameters are needed for cutting individual parts of the header.
DIY pattern for men's headdress
  • Divide the head circumference by 4, the size of one blade is obtained.
  • Divide another parameter by 2 - this is the height of the wedge.
  • You should get a wedge in the form of a triangle with round side edges.
  • Do not forget to add 1 cm to the seams.
  • To create a lapel, draw a rectangular part: 1 side = OG + 1 cm for the seam.

Tip: In order not to draw and not to cut each part separately, you can fold the fabric 4 times and cutting the part, cut 4 wedges at once. Be sure to fasten the fabric with pins so that the folded parts do not move.

Stages of creating a male headdress with your own hands
  • Fasten all parts with pins and sew on the typewriter from the wrong side.
  • Then turn the cap to the front side.
  • Now cut the lapel and sew it to the main part.

It is worth remembering: Do not forget that the fleece, like any other fabric, has a wrong side and a front side. To make the hat look beautiful, carefully sew all the details.

If you want to make the hat warmer, you can cut the inside out from another or the same fabric. Then the outer main part should be made a little more - by 1-1.5 cm. The inner and outer parts must be sewn facing each other, from the wrong side, as shown above (when sewing a children's hat).

Video: Sew a warm men's hat.

We sew a Muslim headdress: master class, pattern

Do-it-yourself muslim headdress

You can sew such a hat and give it to someone from your family before prayer. When sewing a Muslim hijab, there are subtleties. All of them will be consecrated in this master class. You will need such materials:

  • Elastic knit in restrained colors - 20 cm
  • Threads in tone of fabric
  • Elastic band for linen - 10 cm
  • Sewing Machine Needles
Prepare the fabric and tools

Sewing work is carried out in the following stages:

  • You can not draw a pattern on paper, but immediately make details on the fabric.
  • To create the first part, the fabric needs to be bent. The second detail is the circle. All calculations are given already with allowances for seams.
Cut out the headgear details
  • Bend the part tails from the inside as shown in the figure below. Round the corners.
  • Sew on the machine in the places where you fastened with pins. These will be the ties of the future headgear.
Cut and round the edges
  • Now unfold the upper part of the scarf with ties, and from the inside, fasten it to the circle part. To do this, find the middle of these parts and fix with pins.
  • Sew on the machine with an overlock. If a little short, pull the fabric slightly.
Connect the middle of the two parts
  • It should already be something like a hat.
Almost finished product
  • Then sew 3 cm at the back where the arrow in the image below shows.
Sew 3 cm at the back of the headgear
  • Bend a couple of cm inward along the bottom of the product.
  • Sew on the bottom, not reaching the strings.
  • Usually a flat seam is used for flashing such parts. If your machine doesn’t have this function, then sew it with a zigzag or overlock and sew it through without sewing it to the ties.
Bend and stitch
  • At the back of the scarf, fold the fabric 3 cm inward.
  • Sew. It should turn out, as in the figure.
Fold back
  • Now insert the elastic into the hem seam at the back of the scarf.
  • Tighten the elastic to make no more than 6 cm in the back of the head.
  • Secure with pins and sew the elastic to the headpiece on both sides.
Insert the elastic and sew

The scarf is ready. But it remains to sew the decor. To do this, do the following:

  • Twist the tourniquet from the rest of the fabric measuring 20x47 cm.
  • Sew the ends and manually sew the tourniquet to the base of the headgear.
Make a tow of fabric and sew

Everything - a Muslim headdress is ready. The result was a comfortable and beautiful hijab that meets all the rules, namely, closes the hair.

Tatar headdress - how to sew with your own hands: pattern, master class, photo

Tatar headdress

Each Tatar has a Tatar skullcap. But you can make such a hat with your own hands and give it to a loved one for a national holiday. The pattern is simple and consists of two parts, since the Tatar skullcap is round and does not have wedges, like the Uzbek one. Therefore, you will sew a hat quickly. Here is the pattern:

Pattern of a Tatar headdress

Dimensions are given without allowances for seams. Therefore, add 1 cm on each side of each part. Velvet is used to sew the skullcap. Decor can also be done with your own hands, for example, embroider a national pattern or sew beads. Use a cotton lining for the rim to make the skullcap rigid at the base, but pleasing to the scalp. We sew the Tatar headdress at the following stages:

  • Start sewing with the rim. Make a pattern of velvet and lining fabric.
  • Sew a strip of velvet and pad, with the front side folded inward. In order not to see the lining, after flashing, turn the product so that the velvet is 1-2 mm on the inside, and make a neat seam at the bottom of the product.
  • From this seam, back up 3 mm and make another seam.
  • Now sew the upper part of the skullcap from the back side.
  • The headgear is ready. It remains only to make the decor.

When the work is finished, slightly moisten the product and put it on some special form. Leave it until completely dry. After that, the skullcap can be worn.

Video: How to sew a Tatar skullcap with your own hands? Master Class

The headdress "forty" - Russian folk: do it yourself, pattern

In ancient times, head jewelry was the most expensive wardrobe item. Rich men wore gold magpies, adorned with precious stones and gold, and simple peasant women sewed such a headdress from rags of simple fabrics.

Magpie Headpiece

This headpiece was often worn on top of another - a scarf, cap and so on. But it could be worn as an independent product. Modern needlewomen also sew this headdress and use it as a national costume in theatrical productions, dances and other stage performances.

For sewing magpies, velvet, silk fabrics, and kumach are used. Such a headdress is decorated with embroidery, beads, gold embroidery. The sewing steps will be as follows:

Prepare the fabric for cutting
  • Cut a piece of red fabric measuring 54 cm by 20 cm.
  • At half width, wash a different decor. From the bottom, leave a couple of centimeters in order to hem the hem.
Decorate with ribbons and decorative braid
  • Now fold in half in length and sew along the fold of the edge. It turned out fun.
It turned out fun
  • Now take another piece of fabric with a size of 50x70 cm. You will get a headdress that will cover not only the back of the head, but also the back.
  • In the middle of this cut, round the upper part and cut. From below, wash a different decor.
  • Sew the braid along the bottom or process the hem differently as you wish. Do not touch the rounded top yet.
  • Now, sew around the round edge with a wide step so that you can tighten the thread and make the assembly.
Sew and pull into assembly
  • Then sew this assembly with the gown. Need to sew in the place where we left a couple of see. But sew only on one side.
  • Turn the product over to the wrong side and attach a piece of cardboard or thick paper measuring 30x7 cm.
  • Make ties (any size is convenient for you) - sew these fabric sections with ribbon or simple stitching. It all depends on your imagination.
  • Insert the ties into the gown (on the fabric where we attached the cardboard).Be sure to fold the fabric.
Insert the stitches and sew
  • From the wrong side, also bend everything so that the fabric does not come out with threads.
  • In the place where the cardboard is located, mark it with pins and then sew it so that this "seal" of the gown is always in place.
  • Sew all the stitches you have sewn.
  • Everything - "magpie" is ready. You can make the part that is sewn to the gown out of a fabric of any color. It does not have to be red.
Headpiece "magpie" from fabrics of different colors

It is worth noting that the ties and gown can be made whole-cut. The ties can be both short and very long. In general, fantasize and create your own original hat. The upper part is a scarf, you can leave it free, or you can tuck it under the eyeballs. If you don’t understand something, watch the video. In it, the craftswoman tells and shows all the stages of sewing.

Video: A workshop on creating an old magpie headdress

To sew a beautiful headdress with your own hands - a warrior in the form of a scarf: pattern, instruction, master class

The Traveler is an old hat that was previously worn by peasant women and merchants. Accordingly, commoners sewed it from ordinary chintz, and merchant ladies from silk, decorating it with different decor. Now similar hats are in fashion, which can also be called a warrior. Modern beauties make such a headdress, combining fabrics of different colors and textures.

Head scarf

Sewing it is simple - like a magpie. In fact, it’s just a cap with long ties that are twisted into a bundle and wrapped around the head, and tied in a beautiful knot. Stages of tailoring a modern warrior:

  • The fun - This is a piece of tissue in size equal to the volume of the head (for example, 54 cm). The width can be any - 5-10 cm. You can make a gown out of a piece of fabric folded in half. Sew and stitch the edges, leaving the sides sewn open to insert the stitches.
  • Handkerchief - a piece of fabric measuring 50x60 cm. Also, process the edges in any way that you like: overlock, beautiful stitching or slanting inlay.
  • Ties should be 100-150 cm long on each side so that you can twist them and tie them nicely.
  • Now sew all the details and you can put on a warrior.
Technology for tying a warrior

Here is another workshop on sewing a chintz warbler, which can be worn in the summer, for example, in the woods, if you gathered for mushrooms or while working in the garden. It is convenient and comfortable.


So, here is a workshop on sewing this product:

  • Make a pattern first. On it, all sizes are given in kind, for a head size of about 52-54 cm.
Pattern of the warrior
  • To make the warrior look beautiful, you must also cut a lining. It can be made from any fabric of white or other color.
  • The dimensions of the parts for the pad are the same as for the main part.
  • Do not allow seam allowances. This is what you should get after transferring the pattern to the fabric.
Cut on the fabric Cut the lining
  • Notches were made at the bottom of the pad. Fold the main circle and the lining with the sides facing inward, and sew along the edge to these notches.
Make a notch
  • Turn to the front side and iron the place of stitching.
  • Now sew the rest of the circle with a double stitch so that you can make a beautiful assembly.
  • When you do the assembly, try this “cap” on your head. If necessary, then pick it up or, conversely, relax the assembly a little.
Build and try on a cap
  • Now sew the gown. Smooth the seams in different directions with an iron.
Sew the gown
  • Now fold these parts with their faces inward and sew from the bottom.
  • Turn to the front side. Iron with an iron.
  • Find the middle and mark.
  • Fold the bottom and the ochele strictly in the middle where the marks are made.
Fold the bottom and the overshot and pan over
  • Scroll manually from the middle - first one way, then the other, to the end of the ties.
  • Now sew on a typewriter and turn the product to the front side.
  • Iron with an iron.
  • Now all the manipulations are performed on the front side: take the ghost to the bottom.
Sew now on the front side
  • Pull to the place where the ties begin. Iron the ties.
  • Then bast and sew on a typewriter.
Sew stitches on a typewriter
  • Everything - the warrior is ready. Iron it all over again and put on a hat.

If you need a warrior for a national costume, then you can sew it from silk or other fabric in brighter colors. You can decorate such a hat with embroidery, beads and any other decor.

Headdress for the church - we sew with our own hands: pattern, master class

Church hat

A truly church-bound woman knows what clothes she should go to serve in the church, what color and style she should wear. Be sure to cover your shoulders, legs to the ankles. Nothing should be distracting during the service. The same applies to the scarf: it should not fall or untie.

The most convenient model for this case is a don scarf with a drawstring. He lies well on his shoulders and does not fall off his head. Here is a universal pattern for sewing such a scarf:

Church headdress pattern

The dotted line marks the line where the drawstring will pass. First make a pattern on a piece of paper, and then transfer it to the fabric. It is necessary to cut on a fabric folded in half. For such a scarf, white airy guipure, scalloped lace fabric, silk, organza and other similar materials are suitable. It will take 1 meter of fabric with a width of 140-150 cm. Also prepare the following materials:

  • 2 meters oblique inlay
  • 3.5 meters lace
  • 1.5 satin ribbon or decorative lace
  • 2 trailer

All materials should be in tone with your shawl material. When everything is ready, start sewing:

  • Cut off the edge of the fabric first. Then make the cut symmetrical.
  • To do this, fold it in half diagonally, at a right angle.
  • If an extra strip is formed on one side, cut it off.
  • Now fold the cut in half inside out.
  • Iron the fabric at the fold so that the pattern is smooth and not beveled.

Important: Remember the rules for ironing delicate fabrics. The soleplate, hands and cloth should be clean. Otherwise, you can spoil the material without sewing the product.

Children's hat for the church

Now start to cut:

  • Attach a pattern of paper to the fabric: the upper left corner of the pattern is applied to the upper left corner of the double-folded fabric. All fold lines must match.
  • Chip the paper and fabric with pins and cut strictly according to the pattern. Be sure to outline the line of the drawstring.

Getting to sewing:

  • Attach the drawstring to the intended line on the fabric, fix the slanting inlay.
  • Continue to overlay in a circular line. Fix with pins, make sure that you work with the wrong side!
  • Turn the fabric over to the other side, continue to lay the tape. All strips should match.
  • Sew the drawstring on the machine, bending its edges so that a strip of fabric of 2-3 mm remains. This is necessary for further finishing the edge.

The scarf is ready. It remains only to finish:

  • Sew lace on the front side. Do not sew in tie holes.
  • Put on a drawstring tape or lace with limit switches. Instead of limit switches, you can use an elastic band or a beautiful button, which should be sewn at the bottom of the hood.

Now you can put on a scarf. If it is correctly sewn and worn, then it will be convenient to lie on your shoulders and not fall off your head. Coming out of the temple, you can simply remove the upper part and place it on your shoulders like a hood.

To sew a beautiful hat with your own hands - Wolka: pattern, video, photo

Do-it-yourself beautiful headdress - Wolka

Wolka is a new brand of headwear created by actress Ekaterina Volkova. In fact, it’s just a hood that fastens in front. Such a hat can be made of fabrics of different textures and colors. You can even combine wool with lace or knitted knitwear with silk. The main thing is that such a hat will turn out to be warm and comfortable.

Here is the cap pattern:

DIY sewing pattern for headgear - Wolka

You need to carve two side and one back part. This pattern is suitable for all sizes of the head. In addition, you can adjust the size using the clasp, which is located in front. It can be easily changed to the right place. You will need such materials to work:

  • The fabric is 1 mx 1 m. If the fabric is supposed to be of different texture, then you need to take a cut of 50 cm x 50 cm.
  • Threads in tone of fabric.
  • One beautiful button.

Sewing work is performed as follows:

  • First, sew the tucks from the inside out.
  • Then connect the two parts of the hood from the wrong side, leaving the bottom unbroken.
  • Now turn out the hood. Attach a strip and sew the faces to each other.
  • Turn out again, process edges and seams.
  • Sew a buttonhole and button or other fastener. Everything - the hat is ready.

You can sew several of these hats and change your look daily.

Video: WOLKA - A new brand of hats from Ekaterina Volkova

We sew a hat for the sailor with our own hands: a pattern

The boy may need a peakless cap to school, for example, on the holiday of February 23. If you have a sailor suit, but no headgear, then you can sew it yourself. It's simple, here is the pattern:

Pattern for sewing a headdress for a sailor with his own hands

To sew such a headgear, you need only one measure - the girth of the head. Such materials will be needed:

  • White fabric
  • Blue fabric for stripe
  • Doublerin for compaction
  • Threads in tone of material, scissors

Sewing work do this:

  • On a piece of blue fabric, measure a piece equal to the circumference of the head. Make 11 cm wide.
  • Seal this cut with doubler. This is a band that will hold a hat on his head.
  • Fold this cut in half along the long side. It should be a strip of 5.5 cm wide.
  • From the white cut, cut two circles, as shown in the pattern: one is solid, and the second with a cut circle inside. Circle radius = head circumference / 2Pi. This will be the radius of the small circle, which must then be cut. Pegs will be sewn in its place. Radius of a large circle = radius of a small circle +9 cm.
  • Cut a small circle.
  • Now fold two large circles face to face and sew along the edge.
  • Stitch (a strip sealed with doubler) sew to a small circle. Be sure to make notches before stitching, so that ugly assemblies do not turn out.
Do-it-yourself headdress for a sailor

Now you need to sew the decor. To hide the notches, glue the blue satin ribbon around the circumference of the circle. From it, make two ribbons to the shoulders, which should develop in the wind, like a real sailor. Sew the anchor on the front of the front. Everything - the peak is ready.

A beautiful headdress with your own hands - Elechek, turban: how to sew, pattern

Do-it-yourself beautiful headdress - Elechek, turban

Elechek is a Kyrgyz headdress, like a turban among Kazakhs or a skullcap among Tajiks. In its full form, it consists of 3 parts: a cap with a mowing cap, a rectangular piece of small fabric is put on top of it (it should cover the neck, sewn under the chin) and a turban of white fabric is put on top of all this.

If you need to make a Kyrgyz headdress, then you don’t need to wear a hat with a mowing cap. You can confine yourself to a rectangular cut and a turban. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric (50 cm x 100 cm) and sew along the edges so that the threads do not come out. A turban is also done simply. Here is the pattern:

Pattern for sewing a headdress with your own hands - Elechek, turban

Stages of sewing work:

  • Draw a pattern on paper and cut.
  • Now put on the fabric every detail and draw with chalk. Do it from the inside out.
  • Process the slices, grind the edges side and top. Leave the bottom edge free.
  • Front assembly. This can be done with a screed or specially laid folds.
  • The turban is ready. You can decorate it with decorative braid or attach a brooch.

So, first put a rectangular piece of fabric on your head, then a turban. Kyrgyz headdress - elechek is ready.

To sew a hat with your own hands - for a cook, a waitress: patterns

DIY headdress - cooks, waitresses

Professional clothing is important when working in catering. Cooks, waiters, in addition to a special uniform, must wear a hat. These are simple products that you can sew on your own. The fabric is used in white cotton, but it can also be of a different kind and color. Here is the pattern of the cook hat:

DIY headdress pattern - cooks

First cut the pattern on paper, and then transfer it to the fabric. The radius of the circle may be larger. Moreover, the larger this parameter, the more magnificent the cap will be. Work Stages:

  • First sew a tulle that will cover your head and hold the cap. Fold in half the length of the strip. On one of its parts, attach a non-woven tape with an iron. It is better to do this on the part that will cover the head.
  • Sew the gown from the inside and turn it on the front side. Then sew the ends.
  • Sew the top of the cap with a double stitch along the edge or make small folds.
  • Sew the top to the ozhel. The cap is ready.

The waitress’s headdress is also easy to sew. Here is the pattern and stages of work:

DIY pattern for a hat - waitresses

In order for such a “kokoshnik” to be dense, non-woven or other similar tissue should be inserted inside. You can not do a bow, but replace it with another decor, made, for example, from lace or satin ribbon in the form of an assembly.

Sew a beautiful headdress with your own hands from a scarf: master class

If you have an old Pavloposad shawl in your house, then you can sew a hat from it. Moreover, Old Slavic drawings on clothes are in fashion now. They can be found both on the catwalks of fashion houses, and on the streets of our cities. The following is a workshop on sewing fashionable, warm and beautiful hats from a scarf. Here's what you need to work:

  • Pavloposadsky shawl or patches from it
  • Doublerin for strengthening
  • Fleece fabric for insulation
  • Threads in tone shawl
  • Scissors, chalk

Pattern of the cap that we will sew from the scarf:

DIY pattern for a headdress from a scarf

This scheme does not need to be increased, since all sizes are in pure form. You can print and cut from the fabric, but do not forget to add 1-1.5 cm from the edges to the seams. So, here are the steps for tailoring:

  • To make it easier for you to cut a scarf, strengthen the fabric with doubler. Glue it on the wrong side.
  • Now lay the shawl on the table and transfer the pattern. Cut out.
  • Then fold the first part in half and attach it to that place of the scarf so that the pattern completely matches.
Hide one part and attach to the canvas to cut another part
  • Cut out the similar second part of the cap.
  • Also cut the details of the cap on the lining - from fleece. Please note that the lining details need to be done 2-2.5 times less.
Cut the lining
  • Sew tucks on the main details of the cap.
  • Now grind the parts together, leaving a few centimeters so that the product can be turned on the front side.
Stack details together
  • Smooth the resulting seams on all parts with an iron, straightening in different directions.
  • Attach the main part and the lining facing each other and sew them together.
Place the parts to be ground with each other facing together.
  • Now through the hole that was left, lay a stitch no more than 1 mm wide from the edge. This should be done in the face, turning the allowance also towards the front side of the product.
  • Turn out a product. Sew in the hole.
The scarf hat is ready
  • The hat is ready. As you can see inside the lining is small, so you can experiment and put on such a cap in different ways.
You can wear a hat from a scarf in the usual way. Other ways to put on a headscarf

Tuvan headdress: we sew on our own

Tuvan headdress

Tuvans used to sew their hats from felt and animal skin. Now there are a lot of modern materials that allow you to create exactly the same headdress, which is called "board" for this people. Dressmakers of that time did not even use a needle and thread for sewing suits and beads, they simply glued the edges with special glue.

In fact, such a hat is a fun and 5 wedges. All of these parts must be sealed so that the cap keeps its shape well. You can sew it on the principle of a skullcap and make a wedge on the top - the Tuvan hat is ready. How to sew skullcap, see above in the text.

Tuvinian fur hat

Tuvan headdress can also be sewn from fur. But the main feature of such a flight attendant is the pointed tip, bearing a sacred meaning for such a nomadic people.

We sew a headdress from a scarf: instruction, photo

Scarf Headpiece

If you have a knitted scarf at home that you no longer wear, then you can sew a baby hat out of it. Here is an instruction on how to do this:

  • First, inspect the scarf for a different decor: sequins, tassels, beads and so on. If the product has any such elements, remove them.
  • Now measure the child’s head and transfer the measurement to the scarf. You should get a rectangle. Leave seam allowances.
  • Sew a rectangular cut from the scarf on both sides from the wrong side. The seams will be on the sides of the future cap. The top will be a fold.
  • Turn the product to the front side. Sew the corners on top to make ears. You can simply tie them with decorative tape to the tone of the cap or thread from a scarf.
Option for sewing a hat from a scarf
  • If the hat is plain, then you can embroider on the front part the muzzle of some animal (bear, cat). You can also sew on a different decor.

The hat is ready, it remains to sew ribbons for ties, if necessary. You can put the product on the baby - it turned out original and beautiful.

How to sew the hood on the head with a neck: from mink fur, pattern, video

Cap on the head with a neck

A few years ago, only little girls wore a hood. Such winter hats did not go out of children's fashion. Now women wear a hood. This hat can be of different styles and made of different materials: wool, fur, knitwear and so on. The hood can be sewn according to the principle of the Wolka cap, the process of creating which was described above in the text. The only difference between the hood and the “wolf” is the presence of a scarf, a collar that should lie on your shoulders.

Hood on the head with a mink neck

This pattern is suitable for creating a hood:

Hood pattern on the head with a mink fur neck

Make the hood more elongated, sew the edges, insert the lace along the line of the head and neck - the hood is ready. Detailed instructions for creating a hood in the video below.