DIY Christmas toys: master class, photo. How to make Christmas tree toys for a kindergarten, for a contest, for a street and a big Christmas tree?

The most beautiful Christmas toys are those made by yourself. Such creativity will help you realize any fantasy and make New Year's decor as original, unusual and very attractive as possible.

DIY Christmas toys from cotton wool: master class

In modern stores in the New Year season, a person can find a huge assortment of Christmas toys from a variety of materials: glass, plastic, wood, textiles, paper. But, just over half a century ago, finding a beautiful Christmas tree decoration was difficult enough, and people I had to do them with my own hands.

It is worth noting that manual work is very often distinguished by her skill and equated to works of art. Many needlewomen still prefer to bring something original to the decor of the room and the Christmas tree, made from the heart and with your own hands.

Following modern master classes, you can learn how to create toys of incredible beauty.

For example, jewelry made of cotton - budget needlework. For work you will come in handy:

  • Roll of pharmaceutical cotton wool
  • Paste
  • Newspaper
  • Wire
  • Paints (acrylic)
  • Salty dough

Cotton need pre-painted in multi-colored colors. This is done with the help of textile dyes, which can be purchased at a household chemistry store. The painting process is very simple: dye in a saucepan with water, put cotton wool, bring to a boil. Vata is infused for several minutes, after which it is wrung out and dried.

Welding a paste is also very simple. It is more convenient to use than regular PVA glue, as it is more transparent and its texture is more watery. To weld a paste, you must boil a glass of water and dissolve in it two full tablespoons of starch with a slide. The cooled solution will become very sticky.

Salty dough will be necessary in order to create realistic faces and faces for toys, as they imitate figures of people and animals. Kneading such a dough is simple: mix two parts of flour with one part of salt and add water by eye so that the texture reminds you of plasticine.

The dough is formed into the necessary recessed stick figure and baked in the oven for half an hour at a temperature 110-120 degrees. After this, the dough must be painted with acrylic paints, paint all the details: eyes, lips, cheeks and cover with colorless nail polish.

Wire needed make the foundation. All other elements will be attached to this base. The basis should repeat the preferred figure, for example, of a person. For volume the base is wrapped in newspaper layers soaked in a paste. The ends of the wire (pens and nights) should be wrapped first with cotton, moistening it with paste. After that, the newspaper also covered with a cotton layer.

The top of the wire should attach a face molded from salt dough (make a notch in advance). All details should be done very carefully, hands should be washed often, since paints will remain on them and spoil light shades. You can form pigtails, hats and other little things with the help of thin wooden sticks, which should always help you in your work.

Master class with photo:

The formation of the basis of the wire, wrapping the ends of cotton wool and the trunk of the newspaper Wrapping a figure with colored cotton, shaping a face Small parts for toys made of cotton

Beautiful Christmas toys made of cotton on the Christmas tree:

"Girls" - Christmas tree toys Cotton balls, varnished Colorful Christmas balls made of cotton DIY cotton toys Homemade Christmas tree wool toys

Do-it-yourself beautiful Christmas toys from colored paper

Colored paper - the easiest and budget material for creativity. Modern stores can offer a large selection of thin color sheets, color cardboard, kraft paper, paper with drawings and patterns, color foil, gold and silver paper.

The simplest decoration you can make is multi-colored chain. She looks quite festive and elegant, she can decorate not only the Christmas tree, but the whole room: walls, curtains, curtain rods, furniture. For product you will come in handy:

  • A lot of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Stripes of the same width and length should be cut from the sheets, depending on which links you want to get in the chain: big or small. A strip of paper folds into a ring, its the tips stick together. After that, the next strip is threaded through the already formed paper ring and glued in the same way. The chain can be made of any length.

Colored paper chain for New Year's decor

But, the chain is far from the only paper decoration. From old postcards or color cardboard you can make Christmas tree ball. You will need exactly eight identical circles that you should cut one pattern. To do this, you can use the bottom of the cup, because it is convenient to circle.

Thereafter each ball folds in half and half again. After that, four folded cut out mugs should be glued to one small one, which serves as the basis. The remaining four are also glued to the same base. Wait until the glue has completely dried and start unfold the edges of the glued halves.

Bonding the edges together will help stapler, it can also be done super glue or with hot gun. You can leave the resulting ball as it turned out, or you can paint with acrylic paints to taste or draw patterns. To the ball on one side should stick a loop so that it is easily attached to the tree.

How to make a ball on a Christmas tree with your own hands?

Balls from paper, ideas for creativity:

Christmas ball from old postcards Newspaper ball on the Christmas tree Paper ball on Christmas tree made of cardboard for creativity Do-it-yourself bright paper balls on the christmas tree

DIY Christmas toys from improvised materials

In fact, in the presence of imagination and a large number decorative elements (ribbons, beads, rhinestones, sequins, sparkles, threads and much more), any material can be turned into an original, and most importantly - a beautiful Christmas tree toy.

Around November of each year, most shops for creativity offer customers many ideas for New Year's decor: snowflakes, snow, silver, artificial berries and branches of a Christmas tree, miniature gifts, figurines and other little things.

Other ideas for creating Christmas toys from improvised materials:

An interesting material for creating Christmas toys can serve as corks from wine bottles. They can be collected during the year, and then make a stylish snowflake or figure that will be held on a wire or with the help of superglue.

Wine cork Christmas tree figurines Figurine "soldier" on a Christmas tree from corks of champagne Simple Christmas tree figurines from corks Bright Christmas toys from wine corks "Christmas tree" Christmas tree toys made from wine corks

One of the symbols of the New Year is a snowflake. She will be able to decorate not only your holiday tree, but also the walls of the house. You can make it from anything: paper, cardboard, plywood, buttons and even pasta!

Ideas for Christmas toys from improvised materials:

Blue and white snowflake on a Christmas tree from buttons on a wire basis White snowflake on a Christmas tree made from buttons on a metal base Unusual snowflake on a Christmas tree made of pasta painted with gold paint An unusual idea for creating Christmas toys - iron bottle caps

DIY Christmas toys from felt: patterns

Felt - one of the most beloved and comfortable materials for creativity, including for making christmas toys. With felt convenient to workstore provide it in large color quantity. You can always choose a thin or thick (felt) felt for work.

SECRET: If you could not find felt in stores, but want to create a beautiful Christmas tree toy, you can use modern rags for washing dishes. As a rule, they are sold in packages of three things and their material is very similar to felt: it is also dense and soft, it keeps the given shape.

From this material you can make a completely variety of toys. It can be flat or volumetric figureswhich, if desired, are decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, beads or sparkles. From a felt, you can sew any figure, any fabulous christmas character. The filler in such toys is plain cotton or felt trimmings.

Christmas toys for the Christmas tree, ideas for creativity:

Bright Christmas balls made of felt Felt bears - Christmas toys "Fir-trees" - New Year decorations Stylish Christmas tree decorations made of felt Flat decorations for Christmas tree made of felt with embroidery Stylish red and white decorations on felt Christmas tree

To make a neat and proportional toy patterns will help:

Patterns of animals and children's toys Patterns for creating Christmas felt toys New Year's patterns for creating felt toys Simple patterns for felt toys

How to decorate felt Christmas toys:

  • Small details of toys: eyes, mouths, mittens, horns and so on, are also cut out of felt. They can be sewn to patterns with thread or glued with hot glue.
  • To add sparkle and flicker to toys, sparkles, sequins and beads will help, which you can also sew on your own with threads in tone.
  • Sheathing along the edges of the toy and stitching of the pattern elements can be done in two ways: with a seam and a buttonhole (the latter looks more aesthetically pleasing).
  • Consider in advance the place of fastening the loop on the toy and sew it on the inside.
Joint seam Buttonhole stitch

DIY Christmas toy cockerel: pattern, photo

DIY Christmas toy cockerel: pattern, photo

Christmas tree festive toy deserves special attention in the shape of a rooster. Rooster - symbol of 2017 and therefore his image must be present on New Year's Eve in every house, so that bring happiness and prosperity to the family.

You can make a toy from wood, cut from plywood or cardboard, but best of all work with felt.

This material allows use many colors in the craft, it’s beautiful to process them with embroideries and sparkles. In addition, felt allows ask any shape to the toy: make the bird realistic or imaginative.

You can cut the figure of a rooster out of felt at random, or use a pattern.

Pattern of a New Year's toy "cock" from felt

Ideas for creativity in the creation of Christmas toys:

The original "cock" of felt on a Christmas tree Beautiful Christmas toy "rooster" Christmas felt cocks Red Rooster - Christmas tree toy Felt chicken and cock on a Christmas tree The original toy from felt on the Christmas tree - "Rooster"

DIY Christmas tree toys: for kindergarten

Often children in kindergarten are asked to bring handmade decorationfrom home to to decorate a Christmas tree on a matinee. Modern parents are very inventive and come up with simple but original Toys for decorating Christmas trees and premises for the New Year.

Ideas for creating Christmas toys in the kindergarten:

Paper flashlight - A classic Christmas tree decoration. Give it more festive look it is possible with the help of gold or silver paint, sparkles, brushes and many other decorative elements.

How to make a Christmas tree flashlight?

You can make a three-dimensional star on a Christmas tree from two flat parts of cardboard. You need to decorate such an adornment to your liking: glue rhinestones, sparkles or pebbles. You can also glue the star with gum and sprinkle it with plenty of golden sand. Golden sand is also successfully replaced by small broken glass from old Christmas tree decorations.

How to make a surround star on a Christmas tree?

A paper heart made of colored paper can be easily made from colored cardboard using the quilling technique. It can be of any color and size, decorated with ribbons, sparkles or snowflakes.

Quilling Christmas tree decoration

Christmas decorations made from buttons will help to surprise everyone. To do this, you will need to have buttons not only in different colors, but also in sizes. So you can form figures from them.

Christmas button decorations

A simple but elegant decoration for the Christmas tree will be bows. They can be made large or small, using thematic, bright or shiny ribbons.

Bows - Christmas tree decorations

DIY Christmas toys from light bulbs

Needlework so captivates people that they able to turn almost any improvised material into a beautiful Christmas tree toy. The most unusual things are used, for example, glass bulbs. You need to use those that have already burned down and are no longer able to shine.

They can be very skillfully paint with acrylic paintsby turning in funny snowmen. Also, with the help of glue, it is very easy to attach decorative elements from textiles, buttons, loops and much more.

In order to quickly paint the bulbs, you can use spray paint or car paint in a spray can.

Christmas toys from old glass bulbs, ideas for creativity:

Bulbs decorated with colored sequins Bulbs "penguins" - Christmas balls Toy from the old bulb "Bear in a hat" Christmas toys from small bulbs Colorful Christmas toys from light bulbs Simple and spectacular Christmas toys from old light bulbs Fancy snowmen on the Christmas tree from old light bulbs

DIY street toys

Christmas tree toys, first of all, distinguished by their large size. Another feature of such jewelry is their simplicitythat is, they should be enough cheapand but at the same time beautiful. Often people make street toys with their own hands.

What can I make a street Christmas tree toy:

  • From the box. You can use absolutely any box: from shoes, from sweets, cookies, packaging from juice. She should wrap in any pretty paperto simulate a gift. At the end of the decoration tie the box with ribbon and tie a bow. You can also try to create an original design and make a pig, a nutcracker, a doll and so on out of the box.
  • Plastic spoonsor rather, their rounded part can serve as the basis for creating Christmas tree decorations. For example, they will make a snowflake, Christmas tree, Santa Claus and other holiday symbols.
  • If you can make buboes from yarn, you will also need this skill in creating New Year decorations. With a large number of buboes, you can decorate any ball or box so that you get a Christmas toy.
  • If you have accumulated a huge amount of packages from kinder surprise, they can also serve as an idea for creating a Christmas tree toy. They can be glued together and get a snowflake, which is then easily decorated with foil or paint with gilding.

Toys on the street tree:

Original box decoration Santa Claus made of plastic spoons New Year's toy from fluffy pompons Snowflake from packages from Kinder surprise

DIY Christmas toys from plastic bottles

Decorations made from plastic bottles can decorate a street Christmas tree or Christmas tree on a matinee in school, kindergarten.

Ideas for decorating bottles as Christmas toys:

Christmas bells from two cups Christmas bells from two large bottles from Cola New Year's bottle decoration Original Christmas toy from the bottom of plastic bottles

DIY Christmas toys from fabric

Textile toys look very original. They are beautiful and always create a festive mood. The main thing is not to be too lazy and to decorate each product as lace as possible, with sequins, inserts from other fabrics, beads, ribbons.

Sewing toys from fabric will help patterns:

Patterns for textile Christmas tree toys

Ideas for creativity, fabric toys:

Colorful Christmas tree toys Do-it-yourself very delicate and beautiful fabric toys DIY textile toys DIY Christmas tree toys Original fabric toys

DIY Christmas toys from cardboard

Cardboard is an affordable and durable material. From it you can make beautiful New Year decorations, which are suitable for decorating both the Christmas tree and the entire room.

New Year's toys from cardboard:

Cardboard herringbone (folding two flat parts) Bright Christmas toys from cardboard with decor Christmas tree decorations made of cardboard with decor

DIY Christmas balls balls

From the threads can be very beautiful Christmas balls. You will need:

  • Balloon
  • Thread
  • PVA glue

To make such a toy is very simple:

  • Inflate the ball. The ball should be the size you want to see a Christmas tree toy.
  • Tie the ball so that it does not bleed air
  • Dip yarn into glue and start wrapping the ball
  • If it seems to you that there is not enough glue, you can once again moisten the wrapped ball with glue.
  • Leave the ball to dry completely.
  • When the ball dries with a needle, burst the ball
  • The ball will burst, but the frame of threads will remain
  • Make a ball a loop
  • If desired, decorate it with sequins or rhinestones
How to make a ball of thread? Christmas tree balls

DIY Christmas toys on a big Christmas tree

Decorating a large Christmas tree can be very difficult just because the small toys on it are simply not visible. Such a Christmas tree may be present at a matinee in the garden or at school, in the yard or in the square.

Christmas tree toy ideas:

In the store for creativity, you can buy a foam base in the form of a ball. It can be decorated in any way, for example, with bright buttons.

Large Christmas ball of buttons

The same foam base can be pasted over with newsprint and after complete drying open with nail polish with sparkles.

Christmas ball from a newspaper with sparkles

From the fabric you can sew a large mittens, which, if desired, can easily be decorated with New Year's symbols.

Mittens - decoration on a large Christmas tree

From cardboard or thin plywood sheets you can make a cuckoo clock, which will symbolize the New Year time.

Christmas tree toy

The easiest way to decorate a large Christmas tree is to make candy from any box by wrapping it in colored foil or kraft paper.

Candy - decor for a large Christmas tree

Beautiful and original do-it-yourself Christmas toys for the contest

In the New Year's Eve, children often participate in various competitions at which they present their crafts. Original ideas for creating Christmas toys will help to win the contest:

  • Toys from a broken mirror (glass). Such material can decorate glass balls or other figures made of cardboard, plywood, paper.
  • Volumetric Christmas tree toy made of felt (woolen fabric). To do this, the fabric is folded in several ways so that a fold pattern is obtained.
  • Toys made from fabric. Such decorative elements must be done very carefully, choosing the right textiles and decorations.
  • Toys from beads. Such an ornament can be completely woven from beads, or decorated with it.
  • Toys made of plywood. You can buy the basis for such jewelry in the store for creativity. They can be painted to your liking.
Toys with a painting for the New Year Decoration of toys with a broken mirror Volumetric toys from felt or draped fabric Beautiful textile toys Christmas tree bead toys

DIY Christmas toys from threads

Threads can become an original decor for Christmas toys. you can use figures on any basis, for example, cardboard. Cut your preferred shape and using yarn or canvas tightly wrap the decoration.

Lubricate the base with PVA glue to keep the thread tight and confident.

Christmas toy made of cardboard and canvas thread Christmas star made of cardboard, canvas and felt

DIY Christmas toys from foam

Handicraft and craft stores often sell foam bases of various shapes: balls, cones, cubes. Such figures can be decorated to your liking with any material: ribbons, lace, paper, beads to get beautiful Christmas toys.

Ideas for creativity. Styrofoam toys:

Decorating a foam ball with needles and solders sticking sparkles on a foam ball Ready product

DIY Christmas toys from disks

Make decorations for the Christmas tree mono from material such as CDs. Most likely, there are a lot of them in the house of a modern person, and most of them are either inoperative or not in demand.

Small fish - decoration from disks Flat jewelry from discs decorated with threads Christmas tree decoration

DIY Christmas toys from salt dough

Children often work with salt dough. it classic way to make a stick figureincluding New Year's: Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, deer, snowman and much more. The finished figure can be painted, decorated with sparkles and varnished.

The recipe for kneading salt dough is very simple: two parts of flour, one part of salt and a little water in the eye to make the mass look like plasticine. Dough is baked for half an hour at a temperature of 120 degrees.

Salt Dough Stars Coloring Salt Dough Figures Beautiful Christmas decorations from puff pastry

DIY Christmas toys from cones

Natural bumps can be wonderful basis for creating beautiful christmas decorations. In addition, cones are easy to find in the forest, in the park, on the street - they are free and always look natural.

You can convert any bump with paints with gilding, sparkles, ribbons and rhinestones. The larger the bump, the better and more spectacular your craft will look.

In the store for creativity, you can find a huge number of ideas for needlework: snowflakes, artificial snow, silver.

Pine cone decorated with beads and beads Cone decorated with ribbon A cone painted and sprinkled with sparkles

DIY Christmas pasta toys

Christmas tree decorations flocks have long been very popular. This is a flour product. keeps its shape perfectly and with it you can make any figure.

In addition, the variety of pasta allows you to find the perfect form for creativity: bows, straws, horns, shells and much more.

Christmas pasta Pasta angel Pasta Snowflakes

DIY Christmas toys from satin ribbons

Satin ribbon - a very beautiful material with which you can make a Christmas toy. As a basis you need to use foam ball. Its necessary cut from four sides, as if into slices.

Wide ribbon cut into four pieces. Then using a clerical or ordinary knife the tape is inserted into the cuts made from all sides is very tight. Decorate seams You can use rhinestones, chains or other contrasting thin ribbons glued with superglue.

Notching the ball and pointing inside the satin ribbon Ready product

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