How to dress a baby for discharge from the hospital? Important rules for dressing your baby at home and for a walk

Recommendations on how to optimally dress a newborn baby at different times of the year, read below.

Young mothers are always afraid to freeze their newborn baby. But you can’t overheat the baby either. Every mother should find a middle ground for her child.

How to wear a baby?

A properly dressed baby is a baby who is not hot, not cold, and comfortable in clothing.

To achieve this result, you need to wear a child, depending on the weather and air temperature at home.

Some universal rules for dressing a child:

  • Clothing should not be too tight or tight.
  • All tags from clothes need to be removed
  • Do not put the child in many layers of clothing, otherwise the skin of the child will not breathe. The result is prickly heat and the occurrence of atopic dermatitis (read more about dermatitis atopic dermatitis in a child)
  • Better to wear 2 layers of warm clothing than 4 layers of light
  • If you collect a child in winter in cold weather, first dress yourself, and then collect the child. It is unacceptable to overheat a child in front of the street
  • All clothing should be made from natural materials.
  • Clasps should not be too coarse for the skin
  • Elastic bands on pants or socks should not pinch

IMPORTANT: For more details on the types of clothes and the rules for choosing them, see the article How to choose clothes for a newborn? What is included in the kit for discharge from the hospital?

How not to overheat a child?

In order not to overheat the child, follow the general rules for dressing the child, described in the article below.

During the walk (if clothing allows) and after the walk, touch the back of the neck under the hair: if the skin is hot or wet, you overheated the child. So next time in the same weather, put a little lighter.

IMPORTANT: After such checks, you will understand in what cases and how to wear exactly your baby. After all, the rules are general. Each child is individual.

Do I need to swaddle a baby?

There is no one true answer to this question. There are both ardent supporters of swaddling, and opponents.

Watch your baby:

  • If the child sleeps well and does not wake himself with a jerking of legs and arms, then you can not swaddle
  • If the baby is afraid of himself and cries, then you can make free swaddling (about the swaddling technique and all the pros and cons of 7 ways to swaddle the baby. Swaddling the newborn for and against)

How to dress a newborn at home at a temperature of 20 degrees?

  • Cotton tight slip with closed arms and legs. If your legs and arms are open in your slips, put on socks and mittens. Instead of a slip, you can wear a sweater / body + pants / sliders
  • Flannel cap

IMPORTANT: 20 C is the best air temperature for a child’s room. But he can freeze at this temperature, so dress accordingly

How to dress a newborn at home at a temperature of 22 degrees?

  • Cotton thin bodysuit with long sleeves, thin panties or creepers. If panties - then thin socks
  • Or a thin cotton slip
  • Thin cap

How to dress a newborn at home at a temperature of 24 degrees?

  • Slim body with short sleeves
  • You can wear thin socks without socks

IMPORTANT: 24 C is the maximum allowable temperature in the room of the newborn. Do not overheat under such conditions.

How to dress a newborn at home at a temperature of 25 degrees?

  • It is allowed to wear a thin body with short sleeves or without sleeves

IMPORTANT: This temperature should not be in the room. This is not a comfortable temperature for a child. You can keep the child at this temperature in one diaper, or you can do without it at all

How to put a newborn in a stroller in winter?

Winter is different, therefore, recommendations for dressing will depend on the temperature of the air outside.

- 10 C and below.

With newborns, it is not recommended to go outside at an air temperature below 10 C.

0 С - - 10 С.

Overalls can be replaced with an envelope.

IMPORTANT: Recommended kits may seem too cool to you. If you are afraid to bring a child in such clothes, then just in case, take a fleece blanket with you. If you understand that the child is cold, you can always warm him.

How to dress a newborn in the winter on the street?

We dress the child on the street, following all the recommendations from the previous paragraph with only one addition:

  • Since without a stroller the child will not be protected from wind and snow, it is better to bring a blanket with which you can cover the baby

How to dress a newborn in winter at home?

We dress children’s homes depending on the air temperature in the child’s room. And this rule does not depend on whether it is winter or summer. The rules for dressing a child at home are described in this article just above.

IMPORTANT: The only retreat, perhaps, is the process of airing the room. During ventilation, the child is best taken out of the room. If it doesn’t work, then cover it with a blanket and put on a bonnet.

How to dress a newborn in a winter clinic?

We dress the child in the clinic, as if on the street, but with some features:

  • Waiting in line, blanket, envelope / jumpsuit and warm hat
  • Underwear should be comfortable for quick dressing and undressing so as not to delay the doctor

How to dress a newborn in the cold

It is not recommended to go with the child to the street in a frost more - 10 C.

See clothing recommendations above. How to put a newborn in a stroller in winter.

How to dress a newborn in 0 degrees

  • Thin slip
  • Fleece slip
  • The overalls warmed
  • Thin hat
  • Warm hat
  • Gauntlets

How to dress a newborn in March

In March, the weather can be changeable from winter to spring. Therefore, at temperatures below 2 ° C, see the recommendations above.

At temperatures above 2 ° C, as follows

IMPORTANT: The first option is warmer, so choose according to the weather

How to dress a newborn in April?

The weather in April is difficult with the temperature in March.

Therefore, in order not to repeat, see the previous paragraph.

How to dress a newborn in May?

How to dress a newborn in the summer for a walk? a photo

In summer, the child should not be exposed to the bright sun. The best time for walking is from 9 to 11 in the morning and after 6 in the evening. If you still have to take to the streets at another time, then try to look for shady places to walk.

In the summer, the baby can be dressed in different ways:

  • At temperatures up to 20 degrees, put on a thin slip / body + sliders / sweater + pants + socks. Put on your fleece jumpsuit. Cotton slightly insulated hat / bonnet + thin hat

  • From 20 to 24 degrees - tight cotton slip / tight bodysuit with long sleeves and pants / sliders, socks, thin cap
  • From 25 degrees - thin cotton slip / thin bodysuit with long sleeves and pants / sliders with thin socks, thin cap

IMPORTANT: A child under 2 months is better not to expose parts of the body, even in the heat. After 2 months, it is permissible to wear a body with a short sleeve and shorts, without a hat, at temperatures above 25 degrees

How to dress a newborn in autumn

In the autumn, wear the child according to the same principle as in the spring (see in this article above), but given the more frequent rains and strong winds:

  • Try to go for a walk with the stroller, as it will reliably protect the child from bad weather
  • If you go without a stroller, then wrap the child in an extra blanket for additional protection from the cool wind
  • Do not forget to carry a raincoat from the stroller

How to dress a newborn in spring for discharge?

IMPORTANT: Before choosing clothes, except for an envelope, blankets and hats, check with your maternity hospital whether they allow their baby to wear their clothes. If not, the baby will be swaddled in warm diapers, and a warm envelope upstairs

  • Long sleeve bodysuit
  • Panties with socks or sliders
  • Fleece or lined jumpsuit (weather dependent)
  • The envelope
  • Cotton Cap
  • Knitted hat

IMPORTANT: In spring, weather can change dramatically. Think of a warmer and lighter outfit

How to dress a newborn in winter for discharge

  • Long sleeve bodysuit
  • Panties with socks warm or crawlers
  • Instead of 1 and 2 points, you can choose a loose slip
  • Fleece jumpsuit
  • Jumpsuit winter or warm envelope
  • Cotton Cap
  • Winter warm hat (woolen or fur)

How to dress a newborn for discharge in the cold?

  • Add a warm blanket to the previous paragraph.

How to dress a newborn in the summer for discharge?

In summer, in very hot weather:

  • Cotton thin bodysuit with long sleeves and light pants with light toes (or crawlers)
  • Light envelope
  • Light cap or hat

In summer in cool weather:

  • Cotton bodysuit with long sleeves and panties with socks (or crawlers)
  • Slip light
  • Light envelope
  • Cap or hat (flannel or cotton)
  • Or instead of 2 and 3 points, the envelope is warmer

How to dress a newborn in the fall for discharge?

  • Act on the same principle as in spring

How to dress a newborn baby boy?

We dress the boy, first of all, according to the weather and air temperature at home (read above).

The colors are mainly blue and blue, but neutral ones can also be used: yellow, green, purple, gray, red.

It is still not convenient for a newborn baby to wear fashionable clothes, but for receiving guests or a photo shoot you can try:

  • Fashion t-shirt
  • Fashion shirt
  • Booties-sneakers
  • Pants or jeans

IMPORTANT: But all these clothes are very uncomfortable for the child. It is only suitable for dressing for a short time.

How to dress a newborn girl?

We dress the girl according to the same principle as the boy.

Neutral colors are the same. The main ones are shades of pink.

Clothing for a photo shoot or reception:

  • Skirt
  • Beautiful t-shirt
  • The dress
  • Headband

How to wear a newborn before bed?

Before going to bed, the child needs to be dressed in the same way as just being at home depending on the temperature (see above).

But at night, the child should be covered with a thin diaper, flannel or blanket.

IMPORTANT: The blanket should not be heavy. It should not be very dense, because the skin of the child must breathe. Buy modern crib blankets

How to dress a newborn after bathing

After bathing, the baby should be worn as usual at home. But put on a bonnet or hat for 15-20 minutes. This must be done in order to protect the ears of the child. The water that remains in the ears is absorbed into the cap. Then you take it off.

IMPORTANT: But if we are talking about very hot weather, when your baby is naked at home, then after bathing he should still be dressed in a light slip with socks

How to warm a newborn?

It is necessary to dress the child warmly so that the child does not overheat. All detailed recommendations are outlined in the article (read from the beginning)

What to put on a newborn under a fur envelope?

The fur envelope is very warm and it passes little air.

Therefore, do not wear many layers of clothing under a fur envelope, otherwise the child is overheated. Better put on fewer layers, but let everyone be warmer when it comes to frost.

for example: a thin slip with socks, fleece slip and a fur envelope

In any case, the selection of clothes is an individual matter. Find the best option for you and your child.

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