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Happy bills, money on Feng Shui: what should be the numbers? The value of numbers and letters on lucky banknotes to attract money

Review of happy bills on Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a Chinese teaching, according to which with the help of certain objects, as well as money, one can attract wealth, success, love and financial well-being. Of great importance in feng shui is paid to money, more precisely, the notes and the numbers indicated on them. In this article we will tell you which bills are considered lucky.

What a happy bill?

In general, almost all esotericists, regardless of the current they represent, are inclined to believe that money brings money. That is, in order to get rich it is necessary to find a happy bill.

What a happy bill:

  • To do this, you need to find a banknote on which certain numbers or symbols are indicated. It is believed that such money should always be in a place that attracts wealth, and in which large bills often lie. That is, this is a wallet.
  • However, at the same time, they should never be spent, it is best if they are the guards of your wallet and multipliers of wealth. In order to find your lucky banknote, you need to carefully look at the existing bills.
  • Please note that they are written on them, in particular on the series and numerical values. The best option is those in which at the beginning in the letter of the series there are your initials, or the first characters of the name. If you find such a banknote, in no case do not spend it, hide it in a secluded place of your wallet. Usually, such money is hidden in a wallet with a zipper.
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How to find lucky numbers on bills?

Next, you need to look at the numerical values. Each figure has a specific meaning that can attract and repel wealth.

Lucky numbers on bills:

  • The most favorable effect on the state of your financial assets is the figure 8.
  • If you find a banknote that has this number in the serial number, be sure to save it.
  • The figure 7 affects the material component quite well. However, in order for it to work, it needs three repetitions. That is, this is a triple repetition of the numbers 7.
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Happy bills 128

  • However, this is not the only figure that will help raise funds and improve the financial situation. There are certain combinations with which you can raise funds.
  • Combination 128 - brings strong energy. It is these numbers in a series, arranged in a row, one after another, that are considered a good sign, and will help you improve the material component.
  • Oddly enough, but bank cards work similar to banknotes and banknotes. Therefore, you can ask the bank employees to pick up a card that matches the lucky numbers.

What are the happy banknote numbers?

Feng Shui experts believe that each name and person corresponds to certain numbers. Performing calculations is quite simple. To do this, you need to write a number that corresponds to a certain letter over each digit of your name, patronymic, last name.

What are the happy banknote numbers:

  • For example, the letter A corresponds to the number 1, and the letter B to the number 3. Thus, the serial number and position of the letter with respect to numbers will correspond to its number.
  • Therefore, first write down on a piece of paper your name, surname, patronymic, and above each letter indicate the number corresponding to the serial number according to the alphabet. Now you need to add all the received digits of the number to obtain one digit.
  • As a result, you will receive three specific numbers that correspond to your first name, middle name and last name. Now you need to find a banknote that contains these three digits. They can be arranged both in order and in scatter.
  • It is believed that the numbers that are arranged in order are the most effective. In no case do they spend such a banknote, but store it in a wallet. Some experts in the field of Feng Shui believe that it is necessary to hang such a banknote directly above the desktop.
  • It is believed that this is a financially successful position that attracts money. Therefore, a happy bill will be there by the way, and will attract money, improving your financial situation.
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Happy banknotes 777, 888, 999

Great importance should be given and repeating numbers. Best of all, if the repeat is sevens, eights and nines.

Happy banknotes 777, 888, 999:

  • The combination of numbers 7, 8 and 9 is magical. It is best if they are arranged in order on a card or banknote. Eights have shown themselves well. This is a symbol of infinity, respectively, money will flow to you like a river.
  • Best of all, if on a banknote, on a serial number, there are a huge number of eights. Nines showed themselves in the same way. But besides these recurring figures, the financial situation and other combinations work quite well.
  • It is believed that if you saw three triples at the end, then that kind of money is talked about for sale. If you work in a business, and some product is stale, you can speak up such a bill. Soon you will sell a product that you could not sell for a long time. Other numbers act very well on success.

How to find a lucky bill?

However, such repetitions are not always, and not only they can attract money. It is believed that banknotes that you have forgotten in your pockets since last season are very successful.

How to find a lucky bill:

  • Try to save that kind of money, even if it's not some big bills, a few rubles. The money and coins that you brought from your vacation also worked well. It is also advisable to keep them in your wallet or in some secret place that attracts money. For example, it may be a safe or at the desk at which you work.
  • But in addition, the bills that you received when issuing the first salary can be considered lucky. Be sure to look through all the bills and find those that have several sevens, eights, or nines in a row. Such money, if desired, can be additionally discussed, or simply stored in a wallet, as a symbol of the first salary and unexpected profit.
  • Usually the first salary is associated with new emotions, quite pleasant. Therefore, such bills will also attract money. Be sure to save the funds that you received in the course of random earnings. It could be a lottery, or some lucky ticket.
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Banknotes with numbers 222, 555 - happy or not?

Please note that repeated numbers in the serial number do not always have a good effect on the financial situation.

Banknotes with numbers 222, 555, happy or not:

  • We should also pay attention to the repetition of numbers, in particular twos, as well as fives and sixes. That is, if on the bill you saw several deuces, fives and sixes, then good luck in financial matters is not worth the wait.
  • Try to get rid of such bills as soon as possible. They promise instability, as well as monetary losses. Three units in a row attract money, but all funds will not come to you stably, but in certain periods.
  • So you are looking for banknotes on which there is a repetition of sevens, eights and nines. The repetition of other figures is either unsuccessful or one that promises only temporary earnings, and not constant financial well-being.
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It is imperative that you keep in your wallet the bill you received from a rich person. This may be a payment for the services provided with best wishes. Best of all, if it will be the payment of what you are doing in business or at the beginning of what your own business. Money from the hands of a very rich person carries the positive energy of material values. Therefore, with their help you can attract good luck and improve your financial situation.

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