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Dream Interpretation - to see the boss in a dream. What is the dream of a conversation, dance, hugs, kisses, quarrel, feast with the old, new, sick, pregnant, naked, angry, funny, crying, former, drunken boss: interpretation of sleep

The dream in which the boss appeared may have both positive and negative meanings. It is important to recall all the little things and details of sleep and try to give them an accurate interpretation.

It is believed that at work a person spends about 70% of his life, however, when the boss begins to dream, this may mean that professional activity takes up too much space in the dreamer's mind.

In the interpretation of such plots, the main role is played by the emotions that a person experiences in relation to his boss: respect for pride or panic fear.

What does the boss dream about in a dream?

Why is the boss dreaming?

  • If in a dream which the chief, there was fear, the dreamer should try to find an approach to this leader, enter into trust and disposition.
  • If a there was no fearwho saw such a dream has every chance to realize ideas, show oneself from the best side and achieve success.
  • Conversation with the boss in a dreamAs a rule, it carries a certain tension, even if in reality the boss is very liberal with respect to his subordinates. This indicates accumulated irritation from work. In this case, rest and some relaxation is necessary. Perhaps the dreamer faced a problem for which his competence is not enough.
  • Sleep in which boss naked, mirrors the dreamer's feelings at work and in relations with the administration, namely the feeling of awkwardness.
  • Appearance in a dream old boss calls for a return to the unfinished task, once left for later and forgotten in the bustle.
  • Indecision and the desire to shift part of their duties to another reflects new boss. It is he, in the subconscious desire of the sleeping person, who must fulfill the important and responsible task assigned to the dreamer in reality. According to other interpretations, a dream foreshadows a business trip.
  • Dreamed hands of the chief talk about the best prospects and success in the professional field, which favors not only the bosses, but also fate.
  • To the one who saw in a dream head office, patience should be shown in the performance of even monotonous, but hard work. In this case, you can achieve excellent results. The shown interest in work, responsibility will help ensure a prosperous future. A similar plot also speaks of the dreamer's desire to occupy this office, and let these dreams not come true in the near future, however, you can count on a salary increase.
  • Crying boss opens up very joyful prospects for the dreamer, to whom such a dream prophesies to take his place.
  • Chef's anger in a dream predicts problems and troubles, but not at work, but in personal life. It is necessary to pay attention to family members, this will help to avoid misunderstandings and even breakups. Disappointment in a relationship can cause problems in the workplace.
  • Cheerful boss in a daydream prophesying a condescending attitude toward the dreamer. It is likely that he will soon leave his place, but not necessarily because of his dismissal, we can talk about increasing, retirement.
  • Sleeping and see themselves as boss people striving for leadership, they feel enough strength, knowledge and skills in themselves, they are full of ideas. In this case, there is also dissatisfaction with the actions of the boss, the dreamer feels the desire to change certain points, and feels right. With a favorable combination of circumstances, the plan can be implemented. However, a turn in the completely opposite direction is possible, fraught with misunderstandings with colleagues or family members.
  • At quarreling with the boss in a dream there is a risk of problems in reality. If the dream did not cause negative emotions, you can, on the contrary, expect profits and wage increases.
  • Dance with the boss in a dream can turn into a conflict with him and reprimand in reality.
  • The dream in which it happened beat the boss, portends a reshuffle at work, which will be the consequences of a scandal. If the dreamer is careful and vigilant, determines the source of danger, negative results can be avoided. Under certain conditions, you can count on profit.
  • The boss was away in a dream? In the near future there will be an opportunity for additional earnings, which is better for the higher ones not to know.
  • If a male boss was pregnant in a dreamvery soon, the dreamer will have to feel the anger of his superiors. Ahead is not the best period, personnel changes are likely.
  • Pregnant boss woman on the contrary, promises career growth and profit. Favorable changes can also affect family life, the lonely will have a meeting with the future soulmate.
Even a positive conversation with the boss in a dream indicates accumulated stress.

What does the former boss dream of?

Perhaps the time has come when you need to think about rest. Work with the head engulfing the dreamer threatens to turn into impotence and professional burnout.

Problems and troubles both at work and in the family can cause a similar plot in a dream. The dreamer needs help and patronage, it is worth taking a closer look at others, among the acquaintances there is a person who is ready to help.

It is in order to warn a former subordinate about the onset of a crisis period in life, a leader may appear in his dream.

The modern dream book advises those in a dream received recommendations and instructions from the former boss, in reality, to be more confident in your abilities and stop belittling your own dignity. Otherwise, relationships with colleagues, friends, and loved ones may deteriorate.

Depression, neurosis or other unhealthy condition threatens a person who in his the dream was at work with the former boss.

The former boss, accidentally appearing in a dream, should be regarded as a warning about an impending crisis.

What does the boss dream about?

You will have to compete with a stronger personality, but if you call on all the professionalism and ability to overcome obstacles, you will be able to achieve good results. So they interpret the dream in which they happened to see male bossmost dream books.

However, you can get a more accurate decoding, if you recall the details and small details of sleep:

  • male boss dreamed of a man - insecurity, aggression, worries, doubts or fears can unsettle and lead to the commission of rash acts in the near future
  • boss praises, encourages - to soon success
  • do one job with the boss - to career growth, increase
  • boss scolds - thoughts about a job change and its searches will soon come to the fore, you need a vacation, a break or a change of activity
  • intimacy with a male boss - unfavorable sleep, you should behave more modestly, do not overestimate your own abilities and capabilities
  • change roles - to troubles in personal life due to incorrectly prioritized.

What does the chief woman dream about?

Chief woman in a dream is a good sign. New meetings and acquaintances can radically change your life, and give the dreamer the opportunity to feel happy.

Dreamed boss usually portends the long-awaited changes in personal relationships. Those who dreamed of a fateful acquaintance will finally have the chance to meet their soul mate. A girl can soon become a bride, having received a marriage proposal from her young man.

The head woman in a dream is a symbol of favorable changes in reality.

Why is the boss dreaming of work?

  • Case when head from work does not leave alone and in a dream, is the result of a difficult situation at work. Perhaps not the best of times are coming. Constant tension and stress will not bring anything good, but only problems, including with loved ones who also need attention. It is necessary to distract, relieve stress.
  • If a a stranger was not a familiar person, in reality, the dreamer lacks control both from the side of the leadership and from the household. Permissiveness and excessive arrogance can play a cruel joke and put the dreamer in an awkward position in front of others.
  • Sleep in which the current boss was replaced by a neighbor, friend or acquaintanceindicates the great importance of this person in the life of a dreamer.

Why dream of the dismissal of the boss?

Such a dream opens up favorable prospects, and chances to climb the career ladder, however, there is a negative interpretation:

  • panic and fear in a dream due to the dismissal of the boss - fear of change, which prevents the dreamer from developing
  • the boss quit and slowly collects his things - Soon chores are coming that take a lot of energy.
If the boss quit in a dream, the chance will increase the chances of taking the desired position and improving the financial situation.

Why dream of dismissal from work by the boss?

  • The boss dismissed for a mismatch in a dream - problems and worries weigh the dreamer, their solution has become the meaning of life.
  • The boss who fired in a dream for scandals and squabbles in the teamprophesies to the dreamer a promotion of respect for colleagues.
  • Receive a written notice of dismissal from a superior in a dream - Gossip and not entirely true information can be unsettling for a long time, if you take everything you hear close to your heart.
  • Write a statement for calculation with the boss - to unjustified fun, frivolity.
  • The boss did not want to sign a letter of resignation - to financial difficulties, lack of money.
  • The boss makes you leave work - in reality, fate will make a gift.
  • The boss dismissed the dreamer's brother or sister - to a family celebration, holiday, fun.
  • To whoin a dream he survived the dismissal from work by his boss and already felt unemployed, do not get upset, because, in the end, in reality, everything will turn out in the best way. The goal will be achieved, the rivals are defeated. But you can’t relax - only hard work and activity will help to achieve the best results.

Freud called all who saw in a dream how the boss dismisses, in reality, do not rush to change jobs, but wait for a suitable case, which will soon turn up. And those in a dreamhe himself was in the role of boss and fired his subordinates - start telling your soulmate about your sexual desires.

The boss who dismissed in a dream prophesies the onset of a favorable period.

Why dream of kissing, hugging with the boss?

The dream in which it happened kissing with the boss, expresses the ambitious aspirations of a dreamer, thirsting for the embodiment of his leadership ambitions. The situation should be soberly assessed to avoid conflict and reprimands.

Dreams and plans of the one who is in a dream hugging with the bosswill be implemented, but caution should be exercised with respect to colleagues who may take advantage of credulity for personal gain.

What is the dream of a drunken boss?

Favorable meaning is a dream in which the boss was drunk. It means that in reality the bosses highly appreciate the dreamer's professional qualities, he reckons with his opinion, which opens up prospects for promotion through the ranks.

  • The promotion promises a dream in which it happened drink with the boss.
  • Refuse to drink with the boss - to random profit.
Refusing to drink with the boss in a dream - to unexpected, random profit.

Dreams about superiors reflect not only the ambitions, aspirations and desires of professional success, but also stress and accumulated stress. If work and bosses begin to creep into dreams, it will not be superfluous to think about other values ​​in life, to recall family, relatives and rest.

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