Reworked New Year ditties for corporate parties - funny, funny, funny, for colleagues, for a female, male, noisy company, about a Christmas tree, Snow Maiden, about Santa Claus: words, text

In our article you will find the best selection of remade New Year ditties for corporate parties.

It so happened, but for residents of the post-Soviet space, New Year is one of the favorite and long-awaited holidays. Most people tend to celebrate this celebration as fun as possible. The celebration of the New Year begins with corporate parties at work.

As a rule, most modern leaders hire a specialist to organize the celebration, who is professionally engaged in planning and conducting the celebration. He plans everything with high quality, taking into account all the wishes, but his services are not very cheap. Therefore, you can try to organize a corporate party celebration on your own, complementing contests and entertainment with remade New Year ditties.

New Year ditties at the corporate party for a noisy company: words

New Year's ditties for corporate party

New Year is a happy holiday, and therefore the music program should be as easy and relaxed as possible. Accordingly, the New Year’s ditties should be cheerful and neutral so as not to offend anyone. The ditties based on the song "Grandma Hedgehogs" will be the perfect choice to start the celebration.

New Year's ditties at the corporate party for a noisy company - "Grandma Hedgehogs":

1. Stretch the accordion fur,
And play, don't ask.
New Year's ditties
Paint it with stars!

2. Caught up on the New Year
Moonshine fresh ...
And now there's no hang up
Day and night from Lesha.

3. Grandma Hedgehog is fun -
Lost the broom
And now he walks -
Hello, Hedgehog, New Year!

4. Eagle Owl
To the beat of my ditty.
I dreamed of celebrating New Year
I am in the company of friends.

5. Santa Claus caught a cold
He fell ill, fell ill.
Because in a light jacket
In the cold, the entire chill.

6. Santa Claus rolled us
On the magic sleigh
We sang for this Grandfather
A song under the tag.

7. And winter will come again -
and we’ll be back all year.
We are waiting for Koshchei to visit
New Year's winter day.

8. Have fun, honest people,
see off the Old Year!
Grandmothers became drunk
from wine rosy.

9. Celebrating New Year,
All people drink without measure.
Until the morning is fun
And then - a hangover comes.

New Year's ditties on corporate party for colleagues funny: text


IMPORTANT: If a large number of people will be present at the New Year's celebration, it will be better to pay for the work of a professional presenter who will be able to ensure that all those present are involved in the entertainment program. If the corporate party budget is not enough to pay for services, choose the most fun and sociable colleague, and invite him to spend the holiday.

New Year ditties at the corporate party for colleagues - "Bremen Town Musicians":

1. We once, we are two workers, we worked all year,
And tired Yeshkin cat!
It’s time for us all to rest,
Have fun until the morning!

2. Santa Claus we don’t need,
And don’t need chocolate!
Come on, give us some goodies,
And raise your salary!

3. They say that in the New Year
All the people just drink.
And we have a corporate party -
Drink and positive.
People gathered at the table
Everyone is eating and drinking something.
We will not sing ditties
Until they pour it too!

4. Dismiss even very soon
SES and Fire Surveillance Services,
And the tax inspector ...
Happy New Year, our director!

5. Happy New Year
And wish you all good health,
So you can work
Going out on Saturdays.
We sang ditties to you
Mostly decent
We are waiting for New Year's gifts
Better cash!

6. New year corporate
It will be very positive,
After all, the director will announce to us
Who will receive the award.

Funny New Year's ditties on corporate party: words

New Year's ditties for corporate party

Ditties are always fun. But so that they are thematically connected with the celebration, you can give people singing them cool elements of clothing or accessories. For women, it can be light skirts made of tulle, crowns in the form of snowflakes, various kinds of Christmas tinsel. Men can make ties decorated in New Year's style, or Santa Claus caps. Such trifles will help create the appropriate atmosphere for the holiday.

Funny New Year ditties at the corporate party - "La la la la (Let's go)":

1. And on the street is winter, winter, winter, la la la
And with joy dizzy -
This New Year is coming, coming, coming.
There are gray days behind
Don’t be sad, come to the holiday soon
Together we will celebrate the New Year.
Oooo. Everyone is having fun. La la la.
Let's celebrate the New Year.
May joy enter our house with him,
May there be sunny days
May your dreams come true.
May success be with everyone
Voiced laughter sounds everywhere.
We wish you happiness and kindness,
May the life of love be full.
And this is the New Year. La la la.

2. The Snow Maiden, the beauty, wishes everyone happiness,
And Santa Claus will get gifts from the bag.
On faces this evening lights a smile
And the sky is pouring crisp snow.
Let everything be easy and unusual today
Mouzon sounds cheerful and kind words,
Joy beats like a fountain, everyone looks great
Tomorrow, it’s not a pain for your head to hang.

Year, Year, Year, New Year
And we are dancing! La la la.
Year, Year, Year, New Year
We are lighting! La la la.
Year, Year, Year, New Year
We have a great vacation! La la la.

3. In the New Year, such a life -
Do not plow, do not mess. La la la
Two weeks off -
Sleep and hug!
New year go bold
What do you want a path,
And you in any home
They offer a pile! La la la

4. There is noise and laughter in our room,
Singing does not stop.
Our tree is the best!
There is no doubt about that.
Everyone ate, everyone drank,
And they forgot to go home! La la la
Everyone snores, opening their mouths ...
Here it is - New Year!

5. New Year, New Year!
All the people are having fun!
Until the morning is fun
And then the hangover comes.
Will Santa Claus
Uncle Dima again,
Because with a red nose
He walks without makeup.

Merry Christmas ditties for corporate parties: text

Congratulations to colleagues

If you have a well-thought-out program, then this selection of New Year’s ditties can be used at the very beginning of the celebration. It can be used to represent Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

Merry Christmas ditties for corporate parties - "Suddenly, like in a fairy tale, the door creaked":

1. Happiness, suddenly, in silence,
Knocked on the door.
Are you to me
I believe and do not believe.
New Year's Miracles
There are all kinds
New Year, New Year
Coming soon!

2. If I was young,
If I was playful -
On the table would dance
And it would fit on a Christmas tree!
I'm a funny Snow Maiden
I'll play with you in the blind
But I'm afraid to drink tea -
From the hot melt.

3. Hello, Santa Claus,
You brought us presents!
Here are the albums, the colors,
And we want sausages!
If you were going to have a drink,
It is necessary to know your measure.
Because in the bustle
You can fool around it!

4. Frost with a white beard,
With a magnificent mustache
Like a young boy
Dancing with us.
Santa Claus I'm in a bag
I will do an audit.
He was going to give
The whole division!

5. Santa Claus, do not yawn,
Get the presents.
If you want to quarrel
Let's have a fight!
Go boldly on New Year
What do you want a path,
And you in any home
They offer a pile!

New Year's ditties at a corporate party for a female company: words

Company ditties for a female company

You have to have fun correctly, which means that even New Year’s ditties can be made the highlight of the celebration. You can offer those who will sing them to accompany their singing with movements that will imitate the action reproduced by the ditty. Believe me, it will be a lot of fun.

New Year's ditties at the corporate party for the women's company - "If you are a little over 30":

1. Spun, circled
New Year's blizzard.
Indian summer has come
Or even a thaw!
Pour it, men
To the little champagne champagne.
Be drunk and open
Ataman's army!

2. It killed me at all
Burning fun.
I would have a full-height heating pad
With a soft bed!
Needles stuck to the chest
From the Christmas tree.
It has become much easier for me
From love free!

3. New Year on the nose!
I have to get ready.
I'll sing ditties to you
I'll tell you proverbs!
Met Santa Claus
He had a red nose.
With a snow woman hugging
Something he froze to her!

4. I'm going to the Christmas tree
And she's prickly.
No, I won’t go there,
I feel better under the tree!
Santa Claus lured
Eyes built him.
And he gives me candy,
Called moo-moo!

New Year's ditties on corporate party for a male company: text

Corporate couplets for a male company

The male company will prefer the “brutal” New Year’s ditties, which are closer and more understandable to the strong half of humanity. The following selection of ditties will certainly help make the New Year celebration fun and interesting.

New Year’s ditties at the corporate party for the male company - “Fun to walk together”:

1. Shouting fun together: Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
Drink vodka and jam a sandwich, a sandwich, a sandwich!
Have a drink with us, the adorable Snow Maiden,
A figure is pumped from alcohol.
Braiding their legs themselves will throw off the buntochki,
One, a glass, two, a glass and you will become smart!

Chorus: Together, fun to shout: Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
Drink vodka and jam a sandwich, a sandwich, a sandwich!

2. Christmas tree, Christmas tree burn
Only, chur, one, two, three.
One is gas, two is a lighter,
Three - firemen, flasher.
How do you spend this year
So the other will follow him
I'm not joking, because, you know, this is -
New Year omen.

Chorus can be repeated

3. The guests at the table gathered
We drank, ate, had fun,
Celebrated New Year
Ten days on end.
New Year, New Year
Have fun, walk the people!
Where did you wake up later?
Is it really under the table?

Chorus can be repeated

4. We are tired of drinking vodka,
Mineral asks the body,
And then vice versa
Here we have such a people!
Olivier is standing in the bowl.
We drink a hundred grams of vodka
And sing you pa-ru-ram.

Chorus can be repeated

New Year ditties for corporate party about Santa Claus: words

New Year's ditties

Santa Claus is one of the symbols of the New Year celebration, so all the participants in the celebration will surely like the ditties about it. You can sing them both alone and in a large company.

New Year ditties for the corporate party about Santa Claus - "Oh, snow, snow, white snowstorm":

1. Santa Claus only once a year
In public sight
Because they meet him
Like a Hollywood star!

Chorus: Oh snow-snow, white snowstorm!
Santa Claus is with us today
Only we can not believe it!

2. Santa Claus is a big lover
New Year's adventures,
Can he go on holiday
To us, friends, in a mantle of skins!

Chorus repeats

3. Santa Claus at the Christmas tree
Feels the needles.
He doesn’t caress her like that
Just kneading fingers!

Chorus repeats

4. Santa Claus came in from the frost,
But it is not visible that he was trembling.
So he was not riding in the top three,
And the taxi driver rushed him!

Chorus repeats

5. Today Santa Claus for a holiday
Friends, I barely came.
He doesn't look like a patient
Seen, with vodka bust!

Chorus repeats

6. Santa Claus as a gift to us
New prices brought.
It is getting cheaper slowly -
Only on the ears noodles.

Chorus repeats

7. Outside the window, snowball swirls,
A blizzard began.
It's time to celebrate the New Year,
Stop fussing!

Christmas ditties for the corporate party about the Christmas tree: text

New Year's ditties

And what a New Year without a beautiful Christmas tree! She must be remembered in the ditties. New Year’s ditties can be sung by everyone together, and at the same time drive a noisy and cheerful round dance around the green beauty. Such a pastime will help bring colleagues together.

New Year's ditties for the corporate party about the Christmas tree - "Little Christmas Tree is cold in winter":

1. We sit under a Christmas tree at a rich table,
We’ll call Grandfather Frost to come to us.
He will give out gifts from the bag in full,
And a glass of champagne will drain to the bottom.
The chimes will be beaten again twelve times.
There will be light, heat, water, gas, roads, communications.
All sick - health, thirsty - guilt,
Women - by husband, man - wife.
There will be plenty of bread, circuses - as much as you like,
Let's meet him well - the year will be good!

2. A Christmas tree was born in the forest, "
And we are her - to the fire.
Why the hell are we needles
Kohl New Year has passed? ...
A coward eating a hare,
Alcohol has all been consumed.
All the songs are quail
But, thank God, they survived.
And how will we live then -
About this - only in a whisper.

3. A Christmas tree was born in the forest, but it was very cold,
I followed her in December and, poor thing, was cold.
While thinking up a chop, yes rubbed his hands,
A glorious thought appeared:
"Skip one hundred grams."
A Christmas tree froze in the forest - take it to your house right away!
Let it be smartly dressed and make us all happy!
It’s standing in a corner frozen And the branches are drawn to us.
So that we all get warm here instantly
"Skip one hundred grams."

4. We gathered on the Christmas tree,
To celebrate the New Year.
Needle reading:
Well, who will come to us?
Here with the rat Lariska
Shapoklyak came to us,
And a lot of nasty things
Brought to the kids.

5. A Christmas tree was born in the forest, it grew in the forest,
In winter and summer, slender, green was.
How lucky that Christmas tree, barely born into the world,
They composed a song about her, and the song was a hundred years old.

6. About the Christmas tree we sang
For every New Year.
And even though we are old
But the Christmas tree lives.
Thank you Christmas tree
What did you have with us?
And many, many joys
She brought us in life.

New Year's ditties for the corporate party about the Snow Maiden: words

New Year's ditties for corporate party

Well, at the end of the article, we bring to your attention a selection of New Year's ditties about the Snow Maiden-beauty.

New Year's ditties for the corporate party about the Snow Maiden - "Tell the Snow Maiden":

1. Tell the Snow Maiden where she was,
Tell me honey, how are you?
Running around the shops, Santa Claus,
I shed quite a few bitter tears.
I bought boots, pearls
Earrings, diamonds and furs!
I got clothes from Couture,
In the beauty salon - massage and manicure.

Chorus:  Well, how is Santa Claus?
Well, how is Santa Claus?
Well, how Santa Claus - rate it!

2. Hello, hello, grandfather, Santa Claus!
You live among fir trees and birches!
Please come in, dear
Let's have fun now with you!
Singing songs and dancing in a circle to dance.
Fire your lights, light the tree
In a circle soon, Grandpa, get up to us.

Chorus: Come on, now show me the new thing!
Here is Santa Claus
Here is Santa Claus
Here is Santa Claus - look!

3. Eh, I can’t wait any longer - New Year,
That's just a little bit and come.
Ah, what a chic table we see
And the slightly drunk people came.
New Year is marking time by the windows
What interesting will he say?
You have no regrets about the year you lived
Open the champagne and pour it!
Oh, give me presents!
No, Santa Claus. No, Santa Claus. No, pour Santa Claus!

4. Tell me, Snow Maiden, where was she?
Answer, wretch, with whom did you drink?
Grandfather, please do not drive the blizzard,
I can’t listen to notations!
Grandfather, how much can you teach me?
I can live without you myself!
You, I’ll look, have become insolent all
Granddaughter, dear, because you can’t!

Chorus: Come on, come on, grandfather, get away!
To your squirrels, to your hares
Speak these words!
Got Santa Claus!
Got Santa Claus!
Got Santa Claus!

5. The Snow Maiden has white cheeks,
Just like her stockings.
Why are you so pale?
I drank a little wine!
The Snow Maiden has white cheeks -
"Plastered" two nights.
Santa Claus was alarmed.
With a fit, he contracted.
Oh Santa Claus wait!

Chorus: Oh Santa Claus
Oh Santa Claus
Oh Santa Claus - don't let me down!

6. I am a cheerful Snow Maiden,
I'll play with you in the blind
But I'm afraid to drink tea -
From the hot melt.
What are you standing, hands in trousers,
Pour the glasses.
Warm at least your hands
At his Snow Maiden.

Chorus: Ah Santa Claus
Ah Santa Claus
Oh Santa Claus - have fun!

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