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An article about how you can originally meet the New Year 2020 at home. It talks about creating a kind of festive atmosphere and describes the scenario of a small New Year's game.

In the New Year’s days, we strive to see some special meaning even in the most ordinary things, we try to invest some symbolism in them.

It is as if we are playing with ourselves and with others, indulging in dreams and guessing a bit, looking for hints and signs in everything.

And what is amazing and mysterious: the world around us responds to our innermost desires and appeals. Especially at this time, Christmas trees are responsive.

Next year, naturalness and candor are in fashion. This also applies to the New Year's interior, so let's come up with something original, but not too fanciful.

New Year tree

Let’s try, for example, this year to abandon the big Queen Christmas tree, who imperiously collects all the presents around herself, all the household and guests.
We introduce the Christmas tree "democracy": let small independent Christmas trees appear in all living rooms, as well as in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the hall - wherever a cozy place is found.
Let's not use the usual coasters or spacers disguised as "snow."

And take and find in the house the most common household containers - beautiful linen baskets, free flower pots, mushroom baskets, pots for pickles, all kinds of buckets, saucepans and other household items. That's all of this and we will plant pine trees and Christmas trees!
No glamorous pretentiousness, long live simplicity and naturalness!

New Year Gift Ideas

Packaging, placing and presenting New Year's gifts - all this has long been a part of a special home ritual.

In addition to the usual surprises in Russia under pillows, in cabinets and under forest beauties, we often resort to European customs to hide gifts in socks and stockings.
But let's change the usual way a little: try to update the already familiar socks and stockings, replacing them with mittens, felt boots and boots.

Room Decoration Ideas for New Year 2020

Small Christmas trees, combined with the innocence of mittens hung around the house, create a single style.

But this year there should not be uniformity.

Therefore, it's time to scatter a handful of funny shiny details around the house - they emphasize the soft sound of natural decoration with their sonorous silver voices. Now we are having a little fun uproar.

Let the shining outfit of Christmas trees (balls, garlands, beads, gimp, rain and any other tinsel) move into transparent glass vases and glasses, take places in tureens and salad bowls, magically transforming familiar things.
Let the sparkling signs of the holiday meet you all over the house - on tables, window sills, shelves and even the armrests of chairs.

Now, in the sparkles of silver and gold, the house is truly ready for the holiday!

Home New Year Scenario

In a house with magical decoration, the "mystical" scenario of the New Year's Eve should be remarkably perceived. It is he who will complement the novelty of your decoration, bringing his zest to a grand celebration.

  • Atmosphere: relaxed.
  • Company: a large family or group of people who have long been familiar with each other.
  • Number of participants: five to twelve people.
  • Scene: apartment.
  • Training: nothing is required from guests except a good mood.

Guests enter the house, undress and take places at the set table.
In the center of the table are a magic hourglass, a magic arrow and a no less magical casket.
The owners, who took on the role of leading, explain the rules of the rite to be performed:

follow the arrow, follow the instructions of the casket, follow the time.

New Year's game at the home New Year's Eve

  • As soon as everyone settles down, the arrow will begin to rotate (to install it, use a children's tape measure or spinning top).
  • The guest whom she will point out should think about something good, put her hand in the casket, pull out one note and read it out loud.
  • It encrypted the place where the magical symbolic thing is stored. Now we all go together in search of her. Soon there is a plate with three pies.
  • The host explains that the guest, whom the arrow showed, takes one pie for himself, and distributes the remaining ones.

Inside one of the pies is hidden a small cookie made from salt dough, on which is written "Good luck."

So, someone got luck. So that she does not leave the participants of the holiday for a year, she must cast a spell.

The magic hourglass turns over, and while the sand is pouring, there is time to tell everyone the story of luck. This story is a spell.

If you finish the story before the time runs out, good luck will not disappear next year.

The game continues. The arrow is spinning, indicating the next participant.

  • He puts his hand in the magic casket and pulls out a piece of paper with the inscription "Look under the plate."
  • Under the plate, a note with the phrase "Joy."
  • Now it’s the turn of the new participant to tell the story - time has passed.

  • The next guest takes a piece of paper with a call "Take a flower" from the magic chest and receives a daisy from the hosts.
  • She is allowed in a circle for the well-known game "Loves - Doesn't Love."
  • The last one to tear off the petal from “Loves” will fall out of love.

Congratulations! Now it remains only to keep her story.

Once again, the arrow starts.

  • The selected person is instructed to search for the next definition under the seat of his own chair.
  • Having looked there, the guest discovers the inscription "Support".
  • Surely, in addition to the chair, there is some kind of support in life that can be talked about while the sand timer counts down the time.

And again in the direction of the arrow.

IMPORTANT: The number of notes in the casket must exactly match the number of people sitting at the table.

Game "Magic New Year's Pie"

When all the guests went through the rite of New Year's spells, a magic fruit and berry pie appears on the table.

  • Make sure that the apples, cranberries, grapes, tangerines and other gifts of nature baked in it can be distinguished.
  • Cut each piece. After that, the last instruction is taken from the magic casket.

This is a detailed description of what fruits and berries in the pie correspond to.

That way, if you got a piece with an apple is creativity.

What if with raisins - pleasant surprises.

Pieces of the magic pie can be exchanged and shared.

As you can see, nothing complicated and requiring some kind of supernatural efforts, additional costs or unusual skills.

But everything is completely new, everything is unusual, fun and with a twist!

Please yourself and your loved ones on this most fabulous night of the year, and they will certainly answer you with sincerity, sincerity and love!

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