Why you can’t drink tea with a spoon in a mug: signs earlier and now

Why can’t you drink tea with a spoon in a mug: what has been said for a long time and what interpretation is now.

We all do not believe in signs. And at the same time, we involuntarily try to spit over the left shoulder, if we accidentally sprinkle the salt, grab the button, seeing a black cat crossing the road. Many people act this way automatically, without even thinking about what this or that sign means and how do we know what to do in this case.

And really, where from? Let's try to figure it out.

Why you can’t drink tea with a spoon in a mug: signs from centuries

It has long been precisely with food, the process of absorption of food, with a variety of foods and drinks associated with many beliefs, customs, prejudices and signs. They are passed down from generation to generation. Remember at least a common saying that our grandparents did not tire of repeating during breakfast, lunch and dinner: "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb."

In many cases, the signs were associated with drinks poured into containers. And spilled, by the way, too. So, for a long time tea was believed that pouring tea - for good luck, for changes for the better, moreover, these changes concerned any side of human life.

Spoon in a cup
  • But the spoon left in the cup or in the mug opposite was considered a bad omen, because symbolized by itself, according to the ideas of our ancestors, a bridge that serves to enter into our world all evil spirits. According to such bridges, demons can gain access to the human soul, which is why a spoon that was not pulled out of a glass was perceived in time as a sign of imminent illnesses and troubles. In addition, demons, as you know, push people to the most vile deeds, including crimes.
  • And even in a dream, a spoon was considered a bad omen: drinking with it meant quick troubles.
  • Also, by stirring sugar in a drink and not removing a spoon, a person could incur financial troubles and debts.
  • Unlike the English omen, which states that two spoons in a tea saucer - for an indispensable wedding, in Russia it has long been believed that the girl, leaving a spoon in a glass, doomed herself to loneliness. Who needs such a mess, capable of creating a lot of problems in financial and household affairs with her forgetfulness!
  • Moreover, giving her boyfriend tea with a spoon left in a cup, the girl risked being immediately abandoned by him, because superstitions were stronger than romantic feelings.

But there are no rules without exceptions. Previously, a spoon helped to cool the drink in many ways, which ordered a man to bring a glass not only with hot tea, but also with a spoon in it. But the representative of the weaker sex should certainly put a spoon on the saucer, because she received tea not in a glass, but in a cup, in which the cooling process proceeds more intensively.

Why you can not drink tea with a spoon in a mug: a modern interpretation

Today, old beliefs have acquired the meaning of good manners. In addition to being ugly, stirring sugar in a cup, ringing with a spoon, it is equally indecent in society not to pull it out and put it on a saucer.

Modern spoons (if this, of course, is not a family silverware) very quickly and very hot, so you can accidentally burn yourself. Yes, and get into the eye - as well. Apparently, the sign of a spoon in a cup that is characteristic of our time is precisely connected with this: I didn’t pull it out on time - for a quick visit to the optometrist. It turns out that centuries-old observations and experience dictate to us today as etiquette rules, but for superstitious people they also have mystical significance .

Modern interpretation

Be that as it may, but the spoon during tea drinking needs to be removed from the cup. And why you do it: according to etiquette or according to signs - decide for yourself.

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