How and how much to sterilize empty cans in the oven?

In this article, we will examine how to sterilize empty cans in the oven correctly and how long.

Each year comes a time when the housewives begin to harvest various preservation for the winter. Mostly the time for spins falls in August and September. But everything gets from the garden to the banks. But you always need to remember that it is not enough to have only a recipe and the availability of products, but you need to properly prepare the container in which preservation will exist.

Therefore, in this material we want to talk about how to properly sterilize empty cans in the oven. After all, not everyone knows about such a convenient method. And some even skip this step with disinfection, which is simply necessary for high-quality preservation.

How to sterilize empty cans in the oven: how much and how to do it right?

Through trial and error, many of the housewives know that banks that are not properly prepared for spinning can lead to unsuccessful preservation. In most cases, sterilized banks are not quite right; they do not cost long with conservation. They simply “tear off” the lids, and this also leads to spoilage of the products themselves. To prevent this from happening, spinning cans are subject to mandatory sterilization before the canning process. One way is to sterilize empty cans in the oven. Since the hostess is not always able to carry out such manipulations for a couple.

In the oven, several cans of different sizes can be sterilized at once.
  • Be sure to check the banks for chips and cracks. Carefully, so as not to hurt your hands, just drag your fingers along the neck of the neck on both sides. Or you can take a rag, if there is a chip, then it will catch. The neck of the jar must be intact so that the lid does not let air through, which means harmful microorganisms.
  • I thoroughly wash the jars with soda or detergent. The first substance will not only help to clean and get rid of the smell, but it will also conduct a small disinfection.
  • Now we take the prepared clean cans and place them in the switched off and still cold oven, without pressing each other. Otherwise, in places of contact, the container may burst.
  • Also note that the oven must be clean. If fat has previously escaped onto it, then an unpleasant odor may be on the bank. Therefore, check the oven for cleanliness.
  • If the cans are only after washing, then be sure to place them upside down. This will allow the steam to evaporate faster from the surface. Place dry cans with the neck down.
  • Oven temperature maintained at around 150 ° C. This limit is enough for high-quality disinfection. If you set the temperature less, you will need more time.
Just use a clean oven

Important: Do not turn on sharply this temperature, because the banks can burst. First, set the mark to 50 ° C, and after 10 minutes, increase the temperature by 10-15 ° C. And so continue to increase every 5-7 minutes.

  • To sterilize jars in the oven efficiently, you need to maintain them in accordance with the volume:
    • half-liter cans need to be kept for 10 minutes;
    • liter containers - 15 minutes;
    • up to two liters - 20 minutes;
    • three-liter container - 30 minutes;
    • lids need to be kept a little less time - only 10 minutes.
  • Take out the jars one at a time and be very careful not to get burned. Be sure to use a potholder or towel, but only dry. It will also help to prevent cracking on banks. Also don't take the neck of the jar. It can crack.
Place the wet cans upright

Important: Do not immediately get the cans from the oven. Turn off the oven and wait another 10 minutes until the temperature drops slightly. And do not try to put the banks on the table! It is cold, and from a sharp temperature drop the glass container may burst! If you get hot cans, then you need to put them exclusively on a towel.

  • After this, you need to immediately fill them with prepared products, which are subject to preservation, and roll up the lid. Cooled jars need to be re-sterilized, therefore, overexposure them in a disconnected oven is also impossible.

As you can see, sterilizing empty cans in the oven is quite easy and fast, because you can immediately sterilize several cans. Which is very convenient for housewives who make large reserves, because in the process of conservation, not one bank is involved, but not less than 5. Try it - you will definitely like it. Just always remember the safety precautions. After all, sterilized banks are hot enough, and they can be easily burned.

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