How to hold back tears when you want to cry? How to learn to restrain tears and emotions from resentment, when talking, in a difficult situation?

The article talks about how to hold back tears depending on the situation.

There are situations when pain and resentment make you want to cry, however, there are situations when these tears will be inappropriate. How to make sure that no one sees our tears?

Eyes full of tears

How to hold back tears when you want to cry from resentment when talking?

Sometimes it’s very difficult to restrain tears, and there are even situations where it seems that it is simply impossible to do so. In this case, psychologists have several ways, using which you can take control of the situation.

Psychologists recommend:

  • Switch attention

To do this, you can take advantage of some questions that will definitely make you distract from crying. These are questions like “Do I have a stove turned off?”, Or “Is my apartment closed?”.

You can recall the multiplication table, the text of your favorite song or the password for something important for you.

You can also switch your attention in another way, turning your eyes to some subject. It is advisable that the object of your attention has many small details that should be closely examined, counted, etc.

Girl looks into the distance
  • Turn on imagination

To do this, you can imagine the person who offended you in a bizarre manner. The most important thing here is not to laugh, otherwise you can harm yourself even in an already tense situation.

  • Pinch yourself or bite your lip

Physical sensations can also help the emotions recede, which you will definitely focus on, for example, while pinching yourself on the wrist.

  • Focus on breathing, or even hold it

To do this, you need to slowly and deeply inhale the nose and continuously exhale the air with your mouth, concentrating on the process itself. Also, during an emergency, the human body itself is able to get rid of minor matters, so you can just hold your breath.

Deep breathing helps relieve stress during stress and avoid tears.
  • Drink water

If possible, you should drink water, focusing on the process itself. Drink slowly, in small sips.

  • Make sharp movements

Sudden movements always help relieve stress, so you can try to get up sharply, sit down abruptly, open the window, push the chair back, etc. If there is no way to make sudden movements, then you can try to just change your position sharply, straighten your shoulders, raise your head, while concentrating on your breathing.

  • Avoid direct views of third parties

Any, even a small look of sympathy in your direction can cause a quick stream of tears, so you should avoid such views in every possible way. There is no need to look at anyone, it is better to look out the window, at the picture, etc.

  • Resort to a pen or phone

If the situation and conditions allow, then in a critical situation you can start writing something nice on a piece of paper. Thus, it will be possible to distract from a stressful situation.

You can also use, for example, a mobile phone or tablet. If the tears begin to come, then you can just get distracted and look on the Internet.

  • Leave the room during the heat of passion

If the situation has escalated to the limit, then, avoiding tears, you should leave the room where you were caught in an unpleasant situation as soon as possible. Such a decision will help to avoid tears, let go of the situation, calm down.

After the tension recedes, you can try to continue the conversation.

After the situation that could cause you to tear is left behind, you should do the following:

  • Blot your face, neck, hands to the elbow with cool water. You can use an ice cube by attaching it to your wrist
Wash your face - avoid tears
  • Look in the mirror and smile, even when you do not want to. Tell yourself that everything is fine
  • Think of something pleasant, you can read a prayer if you wish
  • Have a sweet tea
  • Speak out, talk about an exciting question to someone close who can support you

How to hold back tears from pain?

There are also some ways that will help to avoid tears, not only from resentment, but also from pain. To do this, you must:

  • Keep your eyes wide open, while you should try not to blink
  • You need to raise your eyebrows high and be in that position until the pain begins to subside
  • You need to look up, but do not raise your head. In this state until the pain begins to recede
  • It is necessary to relax all the muscles of the face and open it wide and wide several times, and then close your mouth

In order not to cry from pain, you can use some of the tips from the previous section.

How to learn to control tears and emotions?

In order to learn to hold back your tears, control your emotions, you should increase your self-esteem.

Exercises in front of the mirror will help increase self-esteem

You can increase self-confidence and self-confidence by daily training. To do this, standing in front of the mirror, you should tell yourself that nothing and no one is threatening you, that you will go through all the hardships, that you are strong, smart, confident in yourself.

Among other things, you should take care in advance about what thoughts will distract you in a stressful situation from the situation itself, when you are overwhelmed with emotions or you are about to cry.

Tears help relieve stress

Whatever situations arise in everyday life, it should be remembered that tears are not always a manifestation of weakness. Sometimes tears are simply necessary to relieve tension during emotional discharge - this is just a reaction of the body to stress.

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