Why you can not plant Christmas trees on the site: signs, expert opinions, rules

Why you can’t plant Christmas trees on the site: signs, opinions, tips.

Trees planted near a house or on a fruit plot are not only part of the landscape design, but a piece of nature, especially if your house is in the city. Evergreen beauty does not change color throughout the year, and therefore will delight the whole family all year round, and her fragrance will scatter around the perimeter. Nevertheless, not all trees can be planted in a summer cottage.

Most people are afraid to plant evergreen trees, claiming that green beauties can bring misfortune not only to the house, but also to its owners.

Why you can not plant spruce in the garden: ancient beliefs

In the old days, when people didn’t know much about our world, they scooped up all the information, observing nature, and from the observations they made conclusions and noticed the facts. Several of them have reached us, and some have lost their strength.

The terrible glory of the Christmas tree was received in Ancient Russia. The ancient peoples considered her a cult birch tree and completely worshiped her. From time immemorial, the spruce has always been considered a tree that brings death. Until now, there is a custom to cover the path along which the funeral ceremony goes with fir branches. They were also placed in the room where the deceased was. In Russia, the tree meant "goblin." Also, this word was called a stupid and unreasonable person.

There were also rules when people committing suicide were instilled between two fir trees, turning them face down.

It has long been forbidden

Let's look in more detail what are the options for the meaning of this belief:

  • If you plant a Christmas tree near the house, and it grows above the roof - this will bring death to one of the household. This sign is more popular in small villages and farms.
  • The man who planted the spruce will die when it grows above him. The Christmas tree has a massive trunk and dense branches. We know what the peasant huts used to be: small and short, with a stove and chimney. And if a tree falls on this building and closes the pipe, the people in the house will suffocate from the smoke and burn it alive.
  • Christmas tree is a loner tree. Single people will not find a soul mate, and divorce can occur in married couples. Environmentalists know that lonely standing trees during a thunderstorm attract lightning. And if a bolt of lightning strikes it, it will instantly light up and can destroy a person under it.
  • Spruce - drives away men.
  • Spruce, planted on the site is a bad sign, since from ancient times spruce branches covered the road to the place of eternal rest, so that the soul of the deceased could not find the way home and never disturbed loved ones. From the point of view of experts, this belief is connected with living conditions in Russia. All houses were built of wood, and the tree has high properties, will quickly ignite, even from a small spark. That is why houses were not built near the Christmas trees, as the fire could quickly spread to the housing.
  • Spruce is a bloodsucker tree. It drains the positive energy and takes the vitality of the residents of the house. When a person is next to him, he will be constantly depressed and confused.
  • A tree can lead to infertility, it does not like boys, and therefore only girls are born. Spruce belongs to the family of non-fruit trees, and therefore does not give offspring.
In Russia did not plant

That is why the people of Russia were so afraid to plant conifers near houses. And over time, all these beliefs have grown into beliefs and fears.

Also, superstitions about Christmas trees touched not only the Old Russian state, but also European countries. So, for example, in Finland they worshiped this tree, were afraid of its ferocity. In Europe, the tree was worshiped as a symbol of harvest and good luck.

Is it possible to plant a Christmas tree in a summer cottage: expert opinions

There are various opinions of experts in the interpretation of the signs associated with the Christmas tree.

Culturologists suggest that the roots go back to the peoples of the Finno-Ugric language group, who considered spruce to be a connecting element between 2 worlds - the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Here are some of them:

  1. Among the Karelians, a tree-worship ceremony was popular.
  2. Komi presented spruce branches to the sorcerers who were at death - he repented before this tree and with a calm soul left the world of the living.

There is also parapsychologists version associated with the belief that a tree is a tree that sucks sap from people. They believe that it takes away positive energy from people, converts it and gives away the negative energy that people absorb. But such a phenomenon exists only in the summer, and in winter it behaves the other way around. Therefore, they recommend more walk in the winter in coniferous forests and be saturated with positive energy.

OmensOf course, they represent the treasures of wisdom and great ingenuity of our forefathers. Most of them are now irrelevant. The same can be said about planting a Christmas tree on the site. Most of the houses that are being built now are made of durable materials and with several floors.

Opinions will be reasoned experienced gardeners.

Will take a lot around planting spruce

Why is it better not to plant a Christmas tree in the country or near the house:

  1. Christmas tree height. A tree can reach 30 meters in height. For the first couple of years, it has been growing slowly, but since 4 years, rapid growth has begun. If you have a large territory, then there is no inconvenience, but on small ones, it will create a shadow.
  2. Damage to communications. A tree of high height can touch wires.
  3. Slowing down the growth of other trees and plants. The tree has a massive root system. It actively absorbs water and nutrients located in the soil, and also oxidizes the earth with needles. That is why many seedlings do not survive in the garden. Also, a large tree casts a shadow on other plants and slows their growth. From a lack of light, mold and dampness may appear in the house.
  4. Flammability. The tree is highly flammable, and fire can spread to other plants and the house.

In conclusion, we can say that all the warnings of our ancestors have a logical justification.

Should I plant a Christmas tree on the site: important rules

There are also reasons for planting a small Christmas tree:

  • Coniferous trees have an amazing aroma. It intensifies after rain.
  • The evergreen beauty will delight the eye in both winter and summer.
  • The Christmas tree can be decorated for the New Year and not cut it.
It is important to plant correctly

If you still decide to plant a Christmas tree near the house, then follow a few rules:

  • The tree should be planted at a distance of 5 m from the nearest structures.
  • Choose better varieties of dwarf trees, so you will certainly know that they will not grow tall.
  • If you can not decide on the type of conifer, then you should still give preference to thuja or fir. This plant can be clipped, giving the desired shape.
  • Juniper also has no restrictions on planting in the garden.
  • Stock up with water, which should always be at hand, as the tree is flammable.

And most importantly, before planting such trees, imagine what your site will be in the future in many years. Should you think about all the negative beliefs or not, you decide.

To believe signs

Now we can no doubt say that in our time few people believe in beliefs about the Christmas tree. However, several beliefs of our ancestors about this tree still carry a certain rational grain. For residents of cities and villages, conifers are associated with a holiday and a cozy atmosphere, because the whole family gathers in the house.

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