How the word "BABY" and common phrases with the word "BABY" will sound in English: translation into English

"Baby" in English has a beautiful and interesting sound. Baby - often used in the conversation of people from different countries.

When a little baby appears in a family, he wants to be called not only by name. Just want to remember synonyms for the word "baby" - baby, baby, baby, button, sweetie, imp, butuz, baby and so on. But you can say in English. How will this word sound in English and what synonyms do the English apply to it? Look for answers below.

How the word "CHILD" will sound in English

English word "CHILD" will sound like this:baby (plural - babies). Russian sounds this word is pronounced like this: baby. Synonyms:infantkidchildAccording to etymology, the word "baby"appeared in the Middle Ages, and probably sounded like an imitation of the first words of a child. By sound, it really resembles a baby's agucanie.

Common phrases with the word "BABY", "CHILDREN": translation into English

In English, there are many related words with the word "CHILD","CHILDREN". Here are the translations and common phrases in English:

Phrases in English Idioms in English

Now you know what popular phrases exist with the word "baby", as well as synonyms and idioms for this word.

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