How to chop white cabbage for pickling, salting, stewing, salad, for borsch? How to chop, chop and chop cabbage with a special knife, meat grinder, grater, food processor, blender?

How can you chop cabbage and Beijing cabbage for different dishes? How to chop the cabbage on a grater, in a blender and in a combine? What are the ways to chop cabbage?

It would seem that there is nothing easier than chopping cabbage. However, we regularly note to ourselves that chopped cabbage in salads of restaurants, canteens and other catering establishments differs significantly from slaw cabbage at home. In addition, for the preparation of various dishes, it is desirable to use various techniques and methods of shredding this vegetable.

How to chop white cabbage for salting, pickling, on which days?

When do you need to ferment cabbage according to the lunar calendar?
  • As for the time of pickling and leavening cabbage, our grandmothers preferred to carry out this procedure after the first night frosts (from early October to mid-November) were caught in the garden.
  • It was believed that in this way the vegetable completely gets rid of unpleasant bitterness.
  • Nowadays, many housewives adhere to the same deadlines, since storing cabbage, fermented or salted in late autumn is much easier and more convenient - it can be placed on the balcony, unheated veranda or in another cool place.
  • For those who, for whatever reason, were unable to prepare cabbage pickles for the winter, you can make them at any other convenient time.
  • The only moment - if you salt and ferment the early varieties of cabbage that have not passed the hardening, then the fermentation process itself will take much longer.
  • Some housewives today also practice using the lunar calendar in pickling cabbage.
  • It is believed that the most successful and delicious will be pickles made on the growing moon or 5-6 days after the full moon.
  • The waning moon and the full moon can cause souring and withering of sauerkraut.
How to chop cabbage for pickling?

As for the technique of shredding cabbage for pickling or sourdough, the algorithm for its implementation is as follows:

  • We clean the vegetable from the upper leaves - we leave them in order to cover them with the bottom of the can and cover the top of the cabbage.
  • We cut cabbage cut out cabbage stalk.
  • We process the cutting board with saline to remove all unnecessary microorganisms from its surface.
  • We cut the forks in half - if necessary, can be cut into 4 or 8 parts.
  • We take a suitable knife - you can use a special knife for shredding cabbage (chopped) or just take a large knife with a wide blade.
  • Shred the cabbage across the chopped portion of the head.
  • Shred not small or large (1-2cm), but not to the smallest stripes, otherwise the cabbage will lose its property of crunching.

How to chop white cabbage for stewing: methods

How to cut cabbage for stewing?
  • The classic ways of slicing cabbage for stew are considered cubes (checkers) and slices.
  • For stewing, it is advisable to chop the cabbage into cubes ranging in size from 1x1 to 5x5cm.
  • To chop cabbage forks with slices, you must first cut it in half, and then cut each of the resulting halves into four parts.
  • This will produce quite large pieces of cabbage, which can be boiled, stewed or fried.
  • It is also worth noting that our housewives, by virtue of habit or their personal preferences, often stew cabbage, sliced ​​in large strips.
  • This way of slicing seems to them more convenient and familiar.

How to chop cabbage for borsch: ways

How to chop cabbage on borsch?
  • Professionals for cooking borscht prefer to chop the cabbage with large or medium straws - at the discretion of the cook and the taste of his customers.
  • Even for borsch and other first courses, you can use the technique of slicing a cabbage fork into slices or cubes.
  • Sliced ​​cabbage in slices in borsch is not preferred by everyone, but few will pay attention to it if the taste of the dish does not suffer.

How to chop white cabbage for salad: methods

How to chop the cabbage for the salad?
  • The classic way of slicing cabbage into a salad is straws.
  • If straw width up to 2 cm is permissible for borsch or pickling, then the cook should try to make it as thin as possible - up to 7 mm.
  • Today in our country, Korean salads are becoming increasingly popular.
  • For Korean salads, you can use the technique of slicing into pieces or slices - it all depends on the type of salad and the method of its preparation.

How to chop cabbage with an ordinary and special knife?

The technique of chopping cabbage with a special and ordinary knife

It is easiest to cut cabbage with a large knife with a long and sharp blade.
On sale today there are special knives for shredding cabbage, but to master them requires some practice and skill.
To chop the cabbage forks correctly, you need to follow these steps and learn some points:

  • We put the knife into our hand in such a way that the whole palm participates in the use of it.
  • We place the thumb on the side along the handle of the device.
  • Put the index finger on top of the knife handle.
  • With the remaining three fingers, grab the knife from below.
  • Make sure that your fingers do not touch the blade.
  • In the process of shredding, we pay attention to the fact that the tip of the knife does not leave the surface of the cutting board - its movements occur either forward or backward.
  • We choose one of two techniques - we cut it either on ourselves or on our own.
  • When slicing cabbage from ourselves, we perform knife movements forward and down simultaneously - after which we return it to its initial position.
  • When slicing cabbage to ourselves, we perform movements with a knife on ourselves and down - after which we also return it to its initial position.

How to chop cabbage on a grater: which grater to choose?

How to choose a grater for shredding cabbage?

Modern devices for shredding cabbage have dozens, or even hundreds of different models of graters, because each housewife has the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for herself.
The differences between these devices are as follows:

  1. Way of work - mechanical, electrical or manual
  2. Material of the device - wood, metal, plastic
  3. Availability of a container for collecting the finished product
  4. Various types of nozzles for cutting (small, large, embossed)
  5. The presence of one or more knives

In the question of choosing a grater for slicing cabbage, the main role will be played by the individual preferences of the woman.

How to chop cabbage on a grater?

Included with each grater, as a rule, is an instruction manual for its use. If the grater is manual, then the hostess will have to perform a series of the following actions:

  • Wash the cabbage.
  • We clean it from the upper leaves.
  • Cut the cabbage in half or quarter.
  • We prepare a cutting board or other surface (if there is no container for collecting chopped cabbage).
  • Take the grater in the left hand.
  • We conveniently rest the grater on the surface of the board or simply press it to it.
  • In the right hand we take part of the cabbage.
  • We begin to gently rub the cabbage on a grater with smooth, but firm movements from top to bottom.

How to chop cabbage in a food processor?

How to chop cabbage in a food processor?

Each food processor is accompanied by an instruction manual for its operation, which clearly and clearly describes, and sometimes depicts, how to use the device for chopping vegetables.
As a rule, combines with the cutting function have special nozzles for various types of vegetables.
So, the algorithm for slicing cabbage on a food processor:

  1. We fix a suitable nozzle in the upper part of the bowl and cover with a lid with a hole on top.
  2. Above the hole there is often a special gutter, in which we actually lay the vegetables.
  3. Since the gutter is quite small, we first cut the cabbage into suitable slices.
  4. We set the desired mode in the combine and turn it on.
  5. When the nozzle begins to rotate under the lid, carefully lower a piece of cabbage into the hole in the lid.
  6. Top presses the cabbage with a special press.
  7. Repeat the procedure with all the cabbage.

How to chop cabbage with a blender?

How to grind cabbage in a blender?

It’s worth mentioning right away that a blender is a device that allows you to chop cabbage only to a chopped state - it is impossible to make beautiful straws or checkers in such a device. It’s easier to chop cabbage in a non-submersible blender.
Shredding cabbage in a blender:

  • Set the appropriate knives in the blender.
  • We cut cabbage into small pieces that can fit in a blender bowl.
  • We load into it pieces of cabbage.
  • Cover the blender bowl.
  • We set the desired mode on the device.
  • Turn on the blender.

How to crumble and shred Beijing cabbage: methods

How to chop Beijing cabbage?

Method number 1

  • We rinse the cabbage under running water, keeping the head down with the leaves.
  • Dry the “Beijing” with a paper or cloth kitchen towel.
  • We lay out a cutting board on the table.
  • Remove the top leaves from the cabbage (usually 3-4 leaves are enough).
  • We spread cabbage on the board.
  • Cut off the lower part of Beijing cabbage (about 5 cm from the root) and discard it.
  • Cut the cabbage in half.
  • We spread one half of the head on the board with the cut down.
  • We begin to make cuts in cabbage along at a distance of a couple of centimeters from each other.
  • Then chop the cabbage across to strips of the required width.

Method number 2

  • The preparation of cabbage using this method is identical to the same procedure in method No. 1.
  • The only difference is that along the cabbage we make only one cut.
  • With such a cutting, the ribbons of cabbage will be much longer than in the previous method.

Method number 3

  • The third method is to first cut the cabbage in half, and then again in half.
  • This technique is often used to prepare the national Korean kim-chi dish.

Method number 4

  • The fourth method of slicing Beijing cabbage can hardly be called sliced, since it involves chopping the vegetable by hand.
  • In other words, cabbage leaves must simply be torn into small pieces with your hands - the sizes of the slices directly depend on where this product will be applied.

How to properly and beautifully chop the cabbage with straws, thinly?

How to chop shredded cabbage?

To cut the cabbage into strips, you must:

  • cut her head out in half
  • core
  • cut the forks lengthwise into strips 3-4cm wide
  • chop each of the strips across the straws of the desired width

Most often graters are used for slicing cabbage with very thin straws - only they allow you to make narrow and equal in size strips of cabbage leaf.

How to cut cabbage into cubes correctly and beautifully?

How to chop cabbage in cubes?

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Wash cabbage
  2. Remove core
  3. Cut the forks into two equal parts
  4. We divide half the head in layers into parts of 3-4 leaves
  5. We cut each part in turn, first in parallel, and then perpendicularly into cubes of the required size.

How to chop cabbage finely?

How can chop chop finely?
  • To chop the cabbage finely, it is best to use a special grater.
  • Most experts, of course, prefer to chop the cabbage with a knife. However, this requires good practice.
  • You can also grind cabbage in a combine, but it cannot guarantee a one-hundred-percent result - very often large layers of cabbage that fly past a knife come across in the finished material.
  • But for chopping cabbage to the state of chopped, it is advisable to use just the same combine or blender. Only in this case you need to put knives in the combine and grind the cabbage inside the bowl.
  • It is also worth mentioning the favorite method of our grandmothers and mothers chopping cabbage for meatballs or small fillings - a meat grinder. This device allows you to get finely chopped pieces of vegetable at the exit.

How to chop cabbage quickly?

How to chop cabbage quickly?
  • The fastest way to chop cabbage quickly is to use electric devices. With their use, you can get finely chopped vegetable in a matter of seconds.
  • In second place in the speed of chopping cabbage is a professional chef - he is also able to give chopped cabbage with a knife in a few seconds. However, only a few possess such technique.
  • The longer processes are rubbing cabbage on a grater and chopping it in a meat grinder.

That's all the best and most proven ways of slicing cabbage. Tasty dishes and easy cooking!

How to chop the cabbage correctly and quickly: Video

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