Scenario evening alumni meeting. How unusual and fun to have a graduate meeting?

Scenarios for an evening of homecoming. Gift and congratulation ideas for teachers and principals.

The alumni meeting is a small but very joyful holiday. After all, I really want to talk with my former classmates, to find out how life turned out. I also want to talk with my teachers.

How to arrange an alumni meeting? Concert for an evening of graduation

An evening usually consists of two parts. The first official. She is arranged in the form of a concert. This is the so-called meeting of the past and the future. Graduates communicate with students, share experiences. Then the teaching staff congratulates on the anniversary of graduation. Further, teachers and former students communicate with each other, talk about their lives and achievements.

In school walls, it is rarely allowed to have a celebration with a drink, so you have to look for a place where you can continue the evening. It is best to pre-organize the celebration. Book a restaurant after phoning with those who will definitely come to the meeting.

Homecoming invitation, text

You can find out the addresses and phone numbers of your former classmates and call them. But the most original is to send a written invitation in poetic form. Of course, be sure to write first cards that the graduate is invited to a meeting of graduates. Indicate the time and date of the party. Next, you can write a verse:

Everything that was sweet to the heart,
Will be reborn with renewed vigor.
Well, what upset
Will certainly make you laugh.
What is not said - we will prove
What is not connected, we will bind,
What has fallen is not lost
We invite you from the bottom of our hearts!
There will be dancing until you drop
Charky, speech - everything is as it should.
We will sing and have fun
Kissing teachers
We are at the crossroads again -
Awkward teens.
Us again, as before, youth
Waiting at the door.

Homecoming School Scenario

It is necessary that the evening was not boring. To do this, it must be diluted with games, contests and sketches.

Sample graduation scenario:

  • Presenter 1: “Hello, our graduates. Today the school door has opened again and you can hear the bell. It’s nice to remember with nostalgia school time, classmates and small pranks”
  • Presenter 2: “Yes, a school is not only classes and strict teachers, it is also an opportunity to have fun. Let's remember how it was.” Children who dance or sing a song about school are invited to the stage. It is advisable to make the number comic and fun
  • Presenter 1: "For many of you, the knowledge gained at school was very useful. Let's try to check whether you remember the school subjects and the basic rules well." A competition for erudition is being held. You can ask very simple questions. For example, who is a co-author of Newton (Apple), or who the aborigines ate (Cook)
  • Presenter 2: "Unfortunately, many of you no longer remember all the teachers, someone is already resting in retirement. Let's remember and ask the pedagogical staff to go on stage." Teachers come out and congratulate graduates
  • Presenter 1: “It's great that the school is always young, because first-graders are brought here every year. Soon you will bring your kids. Let's remember what the first bell was like for you.” First graders are invited with a bell. Children dance to music with fun
  • Presenter 2: “It's nice to look at the energy and uncertainty of the kids. And let's try to return to childhood.” A drawing competition is being held. The evening ends with congratulations. All graduates disagree on classes to communicate with the class teacher. Next, graduates go to a restaurant

School songs for an evening of homecoming. Song for teachers at the alumni meeting

Usually this evening they remember school days with nostalgia, therefore both new and old songs are appropriate. Always a popular song "Teach at school", "Antoshka", "Suddenly a door creaked like in a fairy tale", "Beautiful far away". Many modern songs are remade under the school theme.

VIDEO: Song for the evening of the alumni meeting

Chastooshki to a meeting of graduates

Of course, it’s very boring to sit in the hall and watch an uninteresting concert program. Therefore, it is advisable to diversify the evening with children's performances, songs, dances, contests and ditties. These funny songs will cheer up school guests.

We are laughter girlfriends
We live in school fun!
"Oldies" their ditties
We will sing today!
So you sing, have fun
And clapped their hands.
It’s not without reason that there’s more
The salts ate together.
You are all cool
At school, many were famous.
But when they first arrived, -
Hiding behind the briefcases.
Years passed quickly
School days are with them.
They didn’t have time to look back,
You are already graduates.
Guys are all up to date,
Slender and fine.
Behind the girls stand the mountain -
Brave, brave.
And the girls are queens
Words can not be found.
Even though Miss Universe today,
May each shine.
How it hurts to part
With an expensive office.
Though, of course, cool,
Become so big right away.

Teachers' Response at Alumni Meeting

Alumni always say a few kind words to their former teachers and mentors. But teachers often congratulate graduates on the holiday. Here are a few lines from teachers to graduates:

More recently, hiding behind bouquets,
You entered with excitement in the first class.
And now parting advice
Home school escorts you.

Left childhood in school corridors
The calls were silenced, the noise and boom died down,
And only remembering in conversations
They sound quiet everywhere, here and there.

And there is something to remember: ups and downs,
And, laughter and tears, friendship and love;
As the head “popped” from learning,
And the “enamel of teeth” “erased against granite”.

Director's welcoming address at the alumni meeting evening

Director's words can be in poetic form or in prose. Typically, the school administration independently draws up a congratulatory text.

Indicative text of congratulations of the director for graduates:

“A few years ago you left the walls of our school. Many of you have become successful people and excellent family people. You are the pride of our school, so we are in a hurry to congratulate you and will look forward to your children. Unfortunately, experienced teachers (listed by last name) left our teaching staff, but young and creative teachers appeared at the school (the young teaching staff lists). These workers revived life at school, because, despite the need for experience, constant updating of the team is needed. I hope these educators become excellent mentors for your children. "

Director's greetings at a school graduate meeting

Graduates, in turn, must prepare an owl of thanks for the director. Try to prepare in advance and learn a few poems.

Many years have passed,
We have matured in earnest,
It's no secret to anyone
Do not stop the time for a minute.

As if only yesterday
We sat at a school desk,
Now we have a mountain to do
Others swing the old swing ...

Poems to the class teacher for an evening of graduation

It is best to prepare and compose poems yourself. But if you don’t have that kind of talent, learn a few lines. Your class teacher will be pleased to hear congratulatory lines.

Years passed, we all changed
But really miss those times
When reluctantly, but nevertheless, studied.
Miss school and old friends.

Today we are again gathered as before
And within the walls of our relatives, we remember that hour.
Smiles shine on faces from happiness
We are laughing again as children now.

Gifts to the principal and teachers at the evening of meetings

A few years after graduation, most people are already working, so money for gifts will not have to be taken from parents. The gift depends on the age of the person, respectively, do not give older women fashionable equipment and gadgets.

Drinking and sweets would be inappropriate. It is necessary that the gift is solid.

Make arrangements with classmates in advance and discuss the idea of ​​gifts. Be sure to give a bouquet of flowers, and this should not be an ordinary bouquet of roses in cellophane. It is necessary that the bouquet was strict and tastefully assembled. It is best if it will consist of expensive and rare flowers.

Gift Ideas for the class teacher and director:

  • Gift certificate to a cosmetics or home appliance store
  • An expensive and rare book. Ask in advance which edition you need to purchase
  • Jewelry. Moreover, take into account the age of the teacher and financial situation. It makes no sense to give the director a thin gold chain. The gift should be solid. Typically, the position of director is occupied by elderly women, respectively, small rings or tiny pendants on the neck will look cheap and stupid. It is best if it is a silver jewelry with semiprecious stones
  • Appliances. This gift is appropriate if the teacher is young and able to deal with the technique
  • Photo album with old photos. This gift is suitable if you are going to give it exclusively from yourself

How to have fun with an alumni meeting: tips and reviews

Of course, everything is usually traditional in school. Teachers prepare the evening, few of the graduates organize the concert. But after the concert program, you can go to a restaurant.

  • Book a room in advance and decide on the menu
  • You will have to call all your classmates in advance and collect money. The easiest way is if these are transfers to the card
  • After that, think about who will be the host of the event. The easiest way to order a DJ or toastmaster. Have a fun evening
  • If you have a warm relationship with all your classmates, you can order a sauna. In a pleasant environment, you can communicate. Think in advance about food and drink
  • You can arrange for a house in the countryside. Try to have some beautiful places nearby, because the alumni meeting is held in February. It’s good if your city is close to the ski slope
  • You can independently prepare funny contests and games
  • Be sure to bring a class teacher and favorite teachers with you

Organizing an evening meeting of graduates requires a lot of time and nerves, so take care of the restaurant and gifts for teachers in advance.

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