New Year

What characteristics are guided by when choosing champagne? Which champagne is better to choose for a birthday, new year, wedding, holiday, anniversary?

In this article we will talk about how to choose the right champagne for the New Year's table.

Napoleon once said: "In victory you deserve champagne, in defeat you need it." Well, today champagne is opened in honor of other events, and we decided to consider this topic in detail.

What characteristics are guided by when choosing champagne?

According to by the amount of sugar Champagne happens like this:

  • Extra brut - sugarless. May also be called Brut zero or Brut nature

IMPORTANT: It’s worth saying right away that extra brut is a rather acidic product, so not everyone may like it.

  • Brut - perhaps it can be called the most common type. Almost dry, concentration - 15 g / l
  • Extra dry - very dry champagne
  • Sec - dry, within 17-35 g / l.
  • Demi-sec - semi-dry 33-35 g / l.
  • Doux - the sweetest champagne in which sugar is most concentrated - 50 g / l and higher. Sugar lovers may be thrilled, but it dulls receptors well.
Champagne Brut can be called one of the most common types

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that sugar blemishes are masked wonderfully, so you should consider how much you are ready to give preference to this type of drink.

Now pay attention on quality:

  • Sans annee - if you see such an inscription, then It’s useless to search for the year of manufacture. But you can always get acquainted with sugar concentration. About 80% of drinks can be attributed to this category.
  • Millesime (also known as vintage) - here on his label year of manufacture indicated. You can be sure that a similar product consists of quality grapes.
  • Cuvee de prestige, cuvee special (prestigious, special) - serve as raw materials for this champagne the best berries. By all means manufacturers affix a year, a name.

IMPORTANT: Vintage drink is especially appreciated by experts. The fact is that this champagne is created from raw materials of a single year of harvest. In Champagne, only it gets the date on the label.

Vintage Champagne Rapeneau

Pay attention to following data on the label:

  • Lettering "carbonated", "effervescent", "sparkling", "saturated" they say that before you - the most ordinary winetreated with carbon dioxide. The taste and aroma awaits you quite mediocre.
  • But "seasoned", "classic" or "Metodo Classico", "Methode cap Classique" will tell that you picked up real champagne. It is made according to the technology invented by House Perignon.
This is what should be written in champagne made using classic technology

IMPORTANT: Much depends on how champagne was stored. Place the bottleneck down and see if anything remains at the bottom. If so, the champagne was stored incorrectly, which will certainly affect the taste.

How to choose the right quality Russian, semi-sweet, baby champagne in the store?

Concerning Russian champagne, we recommend that you pay attention to the following manufacturers:

"Tsimlyanskie wines" - the whole spectrum from a semi-sweet reservoir to a collection sample is different quality. "Tsimlyansk sparkling, cooked in the old Cossack way" has a hundred years. At one time, Pushkin himself was enthusiastic about him, and nowadays champagne stubbornly collects awards at competitions.

IMPORTANT: The price is perhaps the only negative, but it is more than justified.

The famous Tsimlyansk sparkling champagne

We also recommend paying attention to brands such as "Victory Bouquet" and Onegin. As for the last, then he not inferior even to some French samples.

The brand "Abrau-Durso" is the most famous brand in Russia. It was once even called the "star in the crown of the Russian Empire." This brand has always been led by people who deserve numerous awards. Scent champagne conquers a pleasant grape note without yeast.

Russian champagne Abrau-Durso is proven for centuries

And how not to mention such a Crimean plant as "New World"? In 1900, he brought the Russian Empire the first Grand Prix in its history. "Brut Cuve", "Coronation" and Paradisio will leave a pleasant impression.

Champagne New World

Semisweet champagne It is very popular in culinary as an ingredient in veins, sorbets and desserts.

IMPORTANT: However, look at the assortment of the manufacturer - if he offers only sweet and semi-sweet sparkling drinks, then most likely these drinks are not of the highest quality. In another case, you can get semi-sweet champagne.

High-quality semisweet champagne Lev Golitsyn

At the time of buying baby champagne pay attention to the following:

  • First of all, pay attention to the availability flavorings - they should be in kindotherwise the baby’s liver will suffer.

IMPORTANT: Note that natural supplements are not cheap, so do not even look towards inexpensive children's champagne.

  • Fructose or sugar clearly better than sweetener. Not only is the last terribly high-calorie, it can also cause allergies or even visual impairment.
  • E211 or sodium benzoate - the most affordable preservative, so it is often used. From the body of the child, it is excreted more slowly than from the adult, which sometimes leads to poisoning.
  • Artificial Dyes provoke an allergy.
  • If you see many complex items - put the bottle on the shelf.

IMPORTANT: The composition of non-hazardous children's champagne looks something like this: sugar, water, identical to natural flavoring or extract, natural dye. Citric acid is not welcome, but not critical.

Disney baby champagne may be of high quality

Which champagne is better to choose for a birthday, new year, wedding, anniversary?

On new year holidays We recommend a closer look at the following drinks:

  • "Lambrusco dell'Emilia Rosso"- a wonderful combination reasonable price, affordability, pleasant sweet taste and long settling bubbles. It will not surprise guests greatly, but it will definitely decorate the holiday.
  • "Cinzano" - will attract lovers of beautiful openwork foamthat will serve as a pleasant addition to the New Year's Eve. Besides, his head does not hurt.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to eat this champagne with something fish.

Champagne New Year's Cinzano
  • "Asti Mondoro" - from the first minutes will create a festive mood thanks ease and bursting bubbles. In addition, this Italian champagne is a pleasure to give.
Champi Asti Mondoro will create a New Year's mood
  • "Asti martini" - beautiful shimmers in a glass and has a pleasant fruit flavor. Scent pleases a touch of peach.
Champagne Asti martini fits perfectly into the New Year menu
  • "Piper-Heidsieck" - refers to the expensive, but once a year you can pamper yourself. Fresh taste this champagne pleases with notes nutmeg, pineapple. You can even catch oriental spices. AT aroma can you feel citrus notes, and apple.
Expensive but magnificent Piper-Heidsieck Champagne

For the wedding It’s especially important to purchase high-quality champagne, because otherwise the guests will have a headache before the banquet ends.

IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to purchase a cheap option.

You can pay attention to "Source", "Bouquet of Bessarabia" and those options that we described for the New Year's feast.

Champagne Bouquet of Bessarabia is perfect for a wedding feast

Consider snacks to be served to wedding table or to anniversary, birthday:

  • Seafood, fish harmonize with "Saint Joseph", "Sancerre", "Chablis", "Condrieu"
  • Soft cheeses will become even more tender with "Saint Amour", "Crozes-Hermitage"
  • Spicy cheeses show their full spicy taste with "Bourgogne", "Bordeaux", "Côtes du Rhône"
  • Meat nice to drink "Saint Amour", "d'Alsace", "Julienas"
  • Fruit Desserts worth serving with sweet champagne

IMPORTANT: Separately, it should be said about drinks with which a wedding or anniversary cake will be perfectly combined. This is Crémant de Bourgogne, Monbazillac, dry Champagne.

Crémant de Bourgogne champagne cakes will go great

It would seem that what is required of champagne besides the ability to shoot beautifully with cork and foam in a glass? However, the choice of this drink is a very responsible matter if you do not want to spoil the holiday.

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