Signs about conception, about the future gender of the child. Holy Places to Help Conceive: List

If you really want a child, then pay attention to many nuances. We offer you important signs that help for conception.

Sooner or later, each married couple thinks about children, however, unfortunately, not everyone who wants to have a crumb immediately see the coveted stripes on test 2.

Of course, in this case, the first thing to do is consult your doctor. But not only medical prescriptions can help conceive a child, you can also try to accelerate the appearance of the baby with the help of folk signs.

Signs of Conception

  • You can speed up a joyful event by acquiring a child’s thing. It can be a rattle, bib, panties or a bottle. It is believed that the brighter you imagine a baby in your house, the sooner it will appear in it, and children's things will allow you to more clearly imagine your baby.
  • Go to holy places. It is unlikely that anyone can be surprised at the information that there are such places on our planet, visiting which helps people to heal, get pregnant, etc. Colossal energy is accumulated in such places and it helps people to fulfill their dreams. It is important to note that holy places help only those people who really really want something (to recover, give birth to a child, and not fame, recognition, money) and believe in the power of these places.
For parents

The most popular places are:

  • Convent in Murom. Couples from all over Russia come to this monastery, since it is believed that it is there that you can be cured of infertility and receive a blessing for a long and happy family life.
  • Scarab beetle statue in Luxor, Egypt. Of course, it is unlikely that anyone will specifically fly to Egypt to visit this statue, however, if you are planning a vacation in the near future and have not yet decided where you would like to spend it, then here is the answer. There is a legend that a scarab beetle can fulfill any desire, for this you just need to go around its statue 7 times counterclockwise and make a wish. However, there is another opinion - a couple who wants to give birth to a baby soon has to go around the statue not 7, but 9 times counterclockwise and make a wish.
  • The gates of desires in Alanya. Many people think that they should see exactly the gates through which they will need to pass, however, in fact, these "gates" are a natural hole in the rocks. Passing through this hole you need to make your wish.
  • Ganges River. There are legends that a woman who bathed in this river receives a blessing for having a baby and will become pregnant in the near future.
  • Celebiko. At this place is a temple. Women who want to have a baby in the near future should first go to the chapel, which is located near the temple and put a candle there, and then, while the candle is burning, praying to go up to the temple on a very high staircase.
Holy places

Mindset. Popular signs say that a woman’s mood means a lot, so in no case can you say the words of uncertainty that you will not have a baby, say that you can’t have children, etc.

  • There is also a belief that if you “let go” a desire, stop thinking about it, then it will come true much faster. Try not to think about what you want to get pregnant, turn your attention to other things. Go on vacation and maybe you will be back three together.
  • Often it turns out that people who have lost hope of having their own child adopt the crumbs from the orphanage, and soon they will find joyful news about the imminent replenishment. Hence the omen went - adopt a child and soon give birth to your own. However, it is worth noting that this step is very responsible and must be done consciously. The baby whom you adopt must be loved as your own, not only before the birth of your own child, but also after.
  • There are many signs that relate to things already pregnant women. For example, if a girl dreams of becoming a mother, but she doesn’t succeed, she needs to drink from the cup from which the pregnant woman drank, put on her clothes, sit on her chair, etc.
  • Create a wish picture or collage. Take things that symbolize the appearance of the baby, a dummy, diapers, etc. In the center of the collage, place your photo with her husband. If you have a joint photo with some kid, it is better to use it. Next, draw a stork, but not with "empty hands", but carrying a crumb, glue a dummy or any other things you have chosen on paper and hang the finished product in your house in a conspicuous place. It is believed that such a ritual can help a couple who wants to have a baby.
  • If you are waiting for the right time to conceive, pay attention to the plants in the house. If they wilted, turn yellow, dry - not the time. As soon as the plants begin to bloom, turn green - you can try. This is especially true for the sudden growth and flowering of plants, and in particular those that rarely bloom.
  • Another sign is related to plants. There is an opinion that bought or donated ficus can accelerate the appearance of the baby in the house. The ficus given by someone will be a sure sign, but if this does not happen, buy the flower yourself. Put next to the bed, if desired, tie blue and pink ribbons on it and proceed with active actions.
Speeds up the appearance of the baby
  • Folk omens relate not only to plants, there are also beliefs about animals. They say that a cat that has nailed to the house is a sure sign of an imminent pregnancy. The main thing is to shelter such an animal, love it and take care of it, and also wait for the happy news soon. However, it is important to understand that the animal must be beaten on its own, just taking a kitten from someone will not be right.
  • No less effective way are prayers and icons. If a woman cannot get pregnant, she needs to visit a church and buy herself an icon. For example, the icon of the Virgin "Help in Childbirth", Theodore Icon of the Mother of God, the icon of the Mother of God "Mammal". In addition to acquiring icons, it is important to pray in front of them or simply ask God for a baby.
  • Also a sure sign of an imminent pregnancy can be a dream. If a woman dreams of fish, children's things, children, especially girls, dreams of planting grains, trees, etc., then most likely she will soon have a replenishment in her family.
  • If you have a relative who has become the happy mother of several children (the more the better), ask her for help and blessings for the birth of the baby. Let such a woman pray for you and ask for a child for you. However, you need to contact only relatives and those people who really sincerely want to help you.
  • If the couple is just about to get married, then if possible they should invite a pregnant girl to their wedding. Also at the wedding should be kids, the more the better. It is equally important that on the day of the celebration the bride hold a very small child on her lap - this will contribute to pregnancy.
  • You can also try before conception to put several branches of willow near the bed. It is believed that this tree reproduces very easily and therefore will contribute to conception.
  • If you already have a reason to think that you are expecting a baby, then the following sign may work. If you go to the pharmacy for a test or from a pharmacy, hospital, etc., to check your guesses, you will meet a pregnant woman or a woman with a small child, then most likely you will see 2 treasured strips.
  • There is also a sign that if a barren woman is the first to pick up a newborn, then she will have every chance of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby. But the difficulty lies in the fact that a woman should literally "accept" a child during childbirth, and this is not so simple. Perhaps it will be possible to conduct such a ritual at a joint birth with some relative, girlfriend, etc.
  • It is believed that holy water can help with successful conception. For this, the couple should have a little holy water before sexual intercourse and ask God to give them the opportunity to experience the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood.
We drink in front of the PA
  • There is a belief that sometimes children do not succeed in a couple who has only an earthly marriage - signed, but did not get married. Therefore, it is recommended that in case of problems with conception, enter into a spiritual marriage, get married and in the process of this sacrament ask God for children.
  • If a couple who wants to give birth to a baby in the near future has yet to get married, then they first need to put a newborn on their marriage bed, and if this is not possible, then a doll that looks like a baby.
  • If you really want a baby, but you still cannot get pregnant, try to do so. Plan for yourself important things for the coming year, for example, to find a new, more profitable job, buy a car, go on a trip around the world and strive to make them happen. Choose the things you really want to do. In this case, the law of meanness will work, and soon you will see a positive pregnancy test.
  • There is a sign that relates to the appearance of a girl who wants to become pregnant. If a girl looks too sexy, dresses in revealing outfits, brightly colored, etc., then pregnancy may not occur for a long time, since the Universe recognizes this appearance as an effort to find a new man, and not become a mother. Therefore, women who want to conceive a child in the near future should dress and paint more modestly than usual.
  • Sometimes getting pregnant helps good deedsmade sincerely and wholeheartedly. For example, you can help in a shelter, a nursing home, nursery. You can simply help the old woman cross the road or buy a loaf of bread for the needy. There is a sign that good deeds will return to you with the opportunity to receive what your soul so desires.
  • In severe cases, when a woman fails to get pregnant for a very long time, you can ask for help from a deceased relative who had many children and with whom the woman had a warm and good relationship.
  • There is a sign about the angels. If someone gives you a picture with three angels embroidered on it, be sure to accept it and thank the donor. This is a sure sign that you will soon become pregnant. If no one presents such gifts to you, embroider the picture yourself, and then hang it in a conspicuous place.
  • Also possible embroider an icon (thread or beads), which helps to get pregnant and give birth to a baby. However, to embroider such a picture, you need to ask for a blessing from the priest in the church.
  • There is a sign about the gaskets. Young mothers say that before conception you need to buy a lot of pads and soon you will see 2 strips. Well, and if someone gives you such a present, take it without hesitation and be sure to give thanks. If it seems to you that receiving such a gift is unrealistic, you are mistaken. For example, your mom or sister can buy you pads only because there was a stock in some store, etc.

There are also signs about the future field of the baby who are no less interested in already pregnant women and those women who are only planning a pregnancy.

Baby gender
  • There is a sign that concerns the abdomen of a pregnant woman, or rather its shape. So, if the belly is round, a little "spreading out" - there will be a girl, if it is sharper - wait for the boy.
  • There is also a sign related to the appearance of the future mother. It is said that women who wear girls become less attractive during pregnancy, because all the beauty in this period is transmitted to the unborn baby.
  • Women who are waiting for boys, as a rule, become even more beautiful, outwardly neater, more attractive.
  • It is generally accepted that girls who are waiting for boys often encounter hair on their stomachs, arms, lips, legs, etc. Pregnant girls, as a rule, do not suffer from such problems.
  • In olden times, the sex of a child was determined by the nutrition and food preferences of the future mother. It is generally accepted that those with a girl under their hearts begin to eat more sweets, fruits, berries, and those with a boy prefer meat and fish dishes.

As you can see, it will take a lot about the conception of the baby. Each of them is interesting in its own way. To believe in it or not is everyone’s personal business, however, in order to achieve such a goal as having a baby, it’s not a sin to listen to signs.

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