All about the signs on the human body, which they warn about when the forehead, lip, cheeks, face, arm, elbow, right, left palm, soles, legs, back are scratched, many moles, acne, "goosebumps", hiccuped, burned tongue choked, fell related to affairs, childbirth and childbirth

This article describes the ancient signs on the body, which almost lost their relevance and are still preserved. Or maybe they really warn about something?

“The people have noted signs for centuries, but gave us, descendants, for free” - as the great poet A.S. Pushkin once said. Everyone knows that our body is an "indicator" of health. Also, the body can warn about something, you just need to listen to your feelings and know their interpretation.

For centuries, our ancestors watched themselves and the events that took place around, and therefore the signs that came to us from antiquity must warn of something. And what exactly the signs on the human body say, and how to correctly interpret them, read below.

What ancient signs on the body warn about: itchy forehead, nose, lip, burned tongue

Itchy forehead: what do ancient signs on the body warn about?

On the head we wear a hat and the forehead can itch from prolonged wearing of a hat or from allergies. But, if the forehead itches for no reason, then this is a sign that indicates an important upcoming event in your life. Lips - this is the part of the face that is highly sensitive.

So what these signs on the body warn about - forehead, lips:

  • If the forehead itches on the right side, then you have to beg a woman for something - to beat with a brow.
  • If the forehead itches on the left sidethen you have to humiliate yourself in front of a man.
  • Fly to forehead clings - to the big fuss and worries.
  • Two whirls on the head - luck in everything.
  • Lips itch - to kisses.
  • Upper lip itching - to swear, and the bottom - will have to make excuses to the enemies.
  • Who bit his lip - three months to suffer.

Related features with tongue:

  • Who bites the tongue to the blood, he has an implacable mortal enemy.
  • Burnt tongue - guests are hurrying to you.
  • To prick or injure the tongue with fish bone - to receive a reprimand.

Itchy nose usually for the upcoming holiday, drinking a lot of alcohol. This has been the case since ancient times, as people who reveled usually fell and lay face down. Hence the dirty or broken nose, which "felt" everything in advance.

I hiccuped, choked: what are these warning signs with the body

Hiccups - omen

Unpleasant sensations associated with the mouth: hiccuped, choked, spat on, talk about upcoming burdens, or vice versa, gifts of life. Here in detail what these signs with the body warn about:

  • Swallow midges - to unpleasant and unexpected guests who can bring debt.
  • Hiccuped - someone remembered with a kind word.
  • Saliva choked - someone is rushing you.
  • Who accidentally spat on himself - To be ridiculed or drunk.

Take note of the designation of these signs and be careful.

Cheeks, face, acne: what are the signs associated with these parts of the body?

To get rid of acne, you need to wash with silver water

Our ancestors attached great importance to the face. Young beauties smeared their cheeks with beetroot juice for a blush, and if acne appeared, then covered them with something at hand, for example, clay. Here is the interpretation of the signs associated with these parts of the body - cheeks, face, acne

Signs on the body:

  • Cheeks burn with fire - to shame, and to bad rumor.
  • If in a dream a mouse runs over a person’s face, then this person will not live even six months.
  • Scratch yourself in a dream - to a strong shock.
  • Who wants to have a clean face, get rid of acne, he should on a clean Thursday, before dawn, wash with silver.
  • A fly bites a face - to be beaten or ridiculed by people.

These are the signs that came to us from our ancestors. Later, other signs associated with the face began to appear. For example:

  • If a pregnant woman gets scared of something and touches her face, then the baby will have birthmarks.
  • If the girl did not wash the floor well, then her future husband will be with smallpox (scars on the face after this illness).
  • Daughter steals mother’s beauty, and she will have girls after birth, age spots and swelling.

If, after visiting guests with a small child or another crowded place, hold the baby in the face with his hand and say "Follow the wind", then you can remove the evil eye.

Signs related to the body: hand, elbow, itchy palm

Itching palm: omen on the body

You need to be careful with your hands. For example, it is known that you cannot give money from hand to hand, since they will not be found, you should not take something over the threshold, and so on. Here are a few ancient and reliable signs associated with the body, namely with the hands, elbow and palms:

  • Do not give your hand over the threshold - There will be no peace in the house.
  • Do not give your hand through the window - give luck from home.
  • Do not twist the knife in your hand - you will be evil.
  • He pressed his hand against the door - to trouble or to court cases.
  • Right palm itches - to money, and the left itches to the loss of money or embezzlement.
  • Who wipes a hand on a tablecloth, that one will have burrs.
  • Elbow woman hit - to tears.
  • Grandfather's elbow will hit - to the disease.
  • A young girl will bite her elbow - to a new date.
  • Elbow guy hurt - to parting with sweetheart.

Everyone knows the unpleasant feeling when we hit our elbows. Basically, this is a warning about upcoming troubles.

Signs with the body: fall on your back, itching feet, soles

Itching feet: signs on the body

When we walk, we don’t think where we are stepping on or what we are stepping over, but in vain. Even trite falls on the back can warn us about something. Here are the signs associated with the body and legs, a feeling of scratching the soles, feet.

Signs with the body:

  • Who will fall on your back - three years will not be lucky.
  • Who will fall on the ass - they will drive it in vain.
  • Thigh itching - to some incident.
  • Soles are burning - you will run away.
  • Who in the cow shit sets foot - will be rich.
  • I kicked my right foot - wait for trouble.
  • Never step next to another person - otherwise the legs will hurt.
  • Left foot stumbled - to a fun road, to a trip.
  • Do not step over a pregnant cat - you will lose peace.
  • Heel itches - interference on the road.
  • Going on a long journey, wear shoes with your left foototherwise there will be no good road.
  • Take the road Tuesday - luck will be.
  • Who kicks pieces of breadthat in old age he will become rich and beggar.
  • Who stumbled into a cemetery during a funeral, that does not live long.
  • Who, speaking of the deceased, waves his hands, he calls to the dead man.
  • Do not click fingers - otherwise there will be fractures in your life.
  • Don't cross the broom - poverty torment.

Signs associated with the legs, a lot. Pay attention to them and remember to know what to expect.

Many moles, goosebumps: signs with the body

Many moles: signs with the body

A few more interesting signs with the body that came to us from ancient times. For example, if there are many moles:

  • On the face - to early marriage.
  • On shoulders - to a calm life.
  • On the back, along the spine - difficulties with marriage, marriage.
  • On foot - to beauty.
  • On hands - to luck, well-being in life.
  • On the chest, stomach - to a good family life.

Other signs with actions and sensations:

  • Goosebumps appear before unpleasant news.

Childbirth: signs

  • To give birth easy - a woman in labor with bare feet should go around the table.
  • If the child does not start walking for a long time, it is necessary during the Easter service, hold hands between the blood women.
  • Before, until the child turns one year old, he was not trimmed so that the baby had a strong mind.

When not to do something: signs

  • Do not sew on Saturdays - hands will break.
  • Do not toss an egg above your head - you will be weak with brains.
  • Do not point your finger at either the sky or the icon - fate will plague you with misfortune.
  • Do not spin at night - there will be no peace at home

As you can see, before the signs were different, and the ancestors believed in them. Many of these signs have survived to this day, but to believe in them or not, decide for yourself. Good luck

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