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How to make a volume card for February 23.

They begin to prepare in advance for the holiday of the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland in kindergartens and schools: educators and teachers need to figure out what their pupils will present to their beloved dads and grandfathers, and children - to realize all these ideas under the strict guidance of adults.

We offer to congratulate a man on the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland with the most expensive gift - a postcard or a picture made by the hands of a child. What can kids do for their dads and grandfathers? Read in the article.

How to draw a card for February 23 with pencil and paints for children?

In kindergarten, children learn to draw their first schematic drawings. Step-by-step lessons will help educators in preparing gifts for fathers and grandfathers on February 23, because it is in a preschool that kids will learn about the holiday and its significance, and why men congratulate on this day.

Let's start with the picture. We will need:

  • protractor (we will use it to draw a star)
  • compass or other device with which you can draw a circle
Drawing for February 23

Let's move on to drawing:

  • Draw a circle and draw two lines in it that divide it into 4 equal sections.
  • We measure 72 degrees on the protractor and draw a line inside along two opposite sections.
We measure 72 degrees on the protractor and draw a line
  • Again we measure 72 degrees from the already drawn line and draw a second line, and then a third.
  • In order not to get confused, we mark with dots what we measure and what. How to draw lines correctly can be seen in the photo.
We should get such a star
  • We should get 10 identical sections. We outline a dash in the middle of each line (through one straight line). Draw a star and slightly round the corners.
  • Erase the circle and additional lines inside the star with an eraser. Outline the star.
Draw a line along the entire contour
  • Now we will draw the St. George ribbon with the edges bent down. Continue the edges of the ribbon on either side of the star.
Draw a tape
  • Draw three parallel black lines on each part of the tape. We transform the schematic drawing into a postcard, decorating a star and a ribbon, and adding the inscription "Happy Fatherland Defender's Day".
Print the ends of the tape to the edges of the sheet. We draw strips on a tape

Video: Simple drawings. The soldier

An excellent drawing on the theme of Defender of the Fatherland Day - the valiant soldier at the post. Such a picture will decorate both a postcard and a school wall newspaper prepared for the holiday.

For the picture you will need:

  • blank paper
  • simple pencil
  • colour pencils
  • ruler
Drawing for February 23
  • Divide the sheet into two halves by drawing a vertical line in the center. The left side should be slightly narrower than the right. We draw an oval in the upper third. It will be the head. Under it, draw the contour of the future collar.
  • Focusing on the preliminary markup, we draw in detail the soldier’s head, on which wears a cap with earflaps. Add the neck, shoulders. The soldier will be in a pea jacket, therefore we outline its outline.
Draw a soldier’s head
  • We draw a face, hands. We finish small details of clothes.
  • Do not forget to draw our machine gun, which he holds in his hands. First, we outline the lines, and then draw in more detail. The photo shows what needs to be depicted.
We make a face, a collar Draw hands Draw the contours of the automaton Draw the details of the machine
  • Now you need to draw a protective coloring of the form and the outline of the banner in the background.
Depicting camouflage pattern
  • We write on the left side of the sheet the inscription “Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day” and specify the background.
  • After that, it remains only to decorate the picture.
Add a congratulatory inscription

If the previous drawing is difficult to draw, then the child can cope with the schematic image of the tank presented in the step-by-step lesson below without the help of adults.

  • For the drawing you will need pencils and a sheet of paper. It is better to use a notebook sheet in a box. So it will be easier for the child to orient and draw all the lines correctly.
  • Draw the muzzle of the tank: in the center of the sheet we draw a line 4-5 cm long, and above it at a distance of about 1 cm another parallel line.
We draw the barrel of the tank
  • On the left side of the line we connect, and on the right side we depict the beginning of the muzzle in an oval.
  • Let's start drawing the tank tower. To do this, step back down by 1 cm and draw about 10/12 cm long rectangle at a distance of about 1/3 of the length of the barrel. We retreat from the edge of the base by about 0.5 cm, put points and connect them in a semicircle.
Draw a tower
  • Below we draw the base of the tank’s caterpillar. How to do this is shown in the photo. Inside the base we draw 5 circles and draw them with a black pencil.
Draw a tank track Fill black with 5 circles at the base of the track
  • We draw an asterisk in the center of the tower and a developing flag on a long pole. Color the tank in green, the asterisk in red and add an inscription.
Draw the waving flag Coloring the picture

Video: Simple drawings. Kids tank

Video: Postcard to Pope on February 23, Military Aircraft

The schoolchild will easily cope with the drawing “Warship”, which will be a good gift to dad or grandfather if tanks and planes have already been presented to the heroes of the holiday.

Drawing a warship

Since the Day of Defender of the Fatherland once had the name "Day of the Soviet Army and Navy", then all the military celebrate it: both on land and at sea.

Here is what we will draw:

How to draw a warship

To start, we will prepare everything you need:

  • blank paper
  • simple pencil and black felt-tip pen
  • colored pencils or paint available
Divide the sheet into two halves and at the bottom draw the ship's hull
  • Divide the sheet into two halves by drawing a horizontal line. Do not forget that we draw all the preliminary contours without clicking on the pencil, so that later there is no trace of the erased lines.
  • We will paint the ship in the lower half. First, draw a wavy line that will represent the surface of the water. Draw a stern with all the necessary protrusions.
  • On the left aft we will draw a gun. In the central part of the stern, we add the following elements: captain's cabin and radar. It’s easy to draw them, if all the lines are exactly repeated, as in the photo.
We draw a gun, a captain’s cabin and a radar
  • In the lower part of the captain’s cabin we draw a torpedo battery, add a number of portholes.
We draw torpedoes and portholes
  • We draw a developing flag and for a more realistic picture, add a couple of birds flying in the distance.
  • You can stop there and go on coloring. But this is not enough for a greeting card: you will also have to add an inscription.
  • You need to decorate the drawing as follows: a warship - in gray-blue color, water - in blue, draw a red strip at the bottom of the ship and select the necessary colors for the image of the national flag.
Add a flag and birds The drawing of the combat ship is ready

And here are other options for drawing on February 23:

Video: How to draw a cool picture on February 23?

Ideas and templates for cards for February 23 in kindergarten

  • The issue of preparing for the holiday of February 23 begins to worry kindergarten teachers and school teachers long before it sets in. It only at first glance seems that there is nothing difficult in choosing the right option for the presentation.
  • But this is not at all the case, since the process of creating a do-it-yourself craft or postcard, which the children will then give to the most expensive people - dads and grandfathers, should captivate them, and therefore you should immediately abandon complex elements or multi-tiered paper structures.
  • A simple but original postcard or craft will be much more pleasant for both the little "creators" of the masterpiece and adults. What gifts can be prepared for the holiday of February 23 with children in kindergarten - see photo selection below.

Card cover Volumetric card template

Template for greeting card.

Ideas and postcard templates for February 23 to school.

The guys at school already do a lot, and therefore a simple image of a tank or plane will not bring such pleasure as creating a postcard with your own hands with a surprise, moving parts, special applications and more.

Look at the selection of gifts for the February 23 holiday presented below by schoolchildren below and be inspired!

Application on a frame for a photograph

How to make a three-dimensional greeting card from February 23 with a congratulation?

To make a simple but original three-dimensional postcard, you will need:

one sheet of colored paper in the following colors:
gray or beige for background

  • red for asterisk
  • gilded
  • scissors, glue
Volumetric postcard for February 23
  • We prepare the sheet for the card, using light colored paper: fold the sheet in half, and draw a place for an asterisk in the upper part.
  • We carefully cut out the star on the main page of the postcard. We draw a small star next to it and write a beautiful congratulatory inscription. The inscription can be printed on colored paper of the same color, or use a contrasting shade.
Cut out the contour of the sprocket
  • From a colored paper of red color we cut out a star. To make it voluminous, you need to bend the "ears" that will be glued to the card. The star bends along the lines with the outer edges outward, and the inner ones inward.
  • We glue an asterisk on the wrong side of the card (U-turn).
Glue an asterisk from red colored paper
  • We will decorate with strips cut out of colored paper of golden color. We’ll also make a little star golden.
  • Glue 3 golden stripes vertically and horizontally on the front side of the card, as shown in the photo. Glue a gold star next to it. In order for the strips to stick evenly, it is better to first outline with a dotted line the places where they should be.
How to cut an asterisk How to fold an asterisk
  • 3D postcards can also be made using quilling technique. For the manufacture of cards, in addition to paper (color and white), you will need toothpicks, glue and scissors.
  • Fold the sheet so that one part is a little longer. We write on it large numbers of the holiday date. Two should be on the front side of the card. After the two is drawn, on the second page of the card we add the three. Cut the numbers on the outer edge.
  • We prepare “curls” from strips of colored paper. To make them, a strip of colored paper needs to be "put" on a toothpick and twisted. How to paste the resulting curls on a postcard - can be seen in the photo.
  • We attach each spiral with the glued side to the numbers, trying not to leave large gaps between the curls. Add an asterisk between the numbers and sign the card.
The scheme of work on the card

What card to make for father and grandfather by February 23?

How to make a card with a secret for February 23, you will learn by watching the video.


Video: Postcards, crafts with a surprise

What card should I make for my brother by February 23?

You can surprise your brother with the original Ship card.

Postcard "Ship"

Such beauty can be done in half an hour. So let's get started!

  • We draw a boat or print the finished template on a double-sided cardboard.
We draw a contour of the boat on a double-sided cardboard
  • Cut some sections in the picture.
Cut out boat details with a stationery knife
  • Fold the card along the fold line.
  • Using a felt-tip pen, draw a dashed line along the edges of the postcard and the image of the boat.
Glue the inscription on the front side of the postcard

For a brother who has not yet served in the army, you can make a postcard shirt.