Gray vertex rot on tomatoes: what to do, how to fight, how to save tomatoes? Why tomatoes suffer from vertebral rot: causes. What is the best way to process tomatoes from apical gray rot of fruits? Remedies for rotted tomato: names, list, recipe

In this article, you will learn how gray top rot on tomatoes looks and how to deal with it.

Gray vertex rot on tomatoes is one of the most common diseases, not only tomatoes, but all nightshade ones (eggplant, pepper). We learn more about nightshade disease, and try to protect them from the disease.

What is and what does gray vertex rot on tomatoes look like: photos, types

Green tomatoes stained with gray top rot Red tomato fell ill with gray top rot

Gray vertex rot - This is a disease of tomatoes and other vegetable crops from the genus Solanaceae that appears due to improper care of them. The disease manifests itself on green tomatoes, and on reddened ones if they lack moisture.

First, at the top of the fruit, in place of the flower, green tomatoes appear darker water stain. Then the spot becomes brownish gray, up to black, penetrates deep into the tomato, the peel on it dries, cracks, and the tomato falls off.

A dark spot appears on the top of the red tomato, which grows and turns black. Ill tomatoes cannot be eaten.

Vertex rot often affects plants in the greenhouse, but in the open ground there are enough cases. Most often, this disease affects young tomato bushes before ripening.

The disease mainly appears on such reasons:

  • Irregular watering
  • Frequent but weak watering
  • Rare watering
  • Soil compaction around the plant
  • A large amount of nitrogen in the earth
  • Deficiency or a lot of calcium in the ground
  • Acidic (pH 5.0-6.2) or salty earth
  • Tomatoes lie on the ground and there is free access to bacteria.
  • Damage to a plant with roots when weeding

The first signs of the appearance of gray vertex rot on tomatoes: description, photo

At the beginning of the disease, vertex rot tomato will be flattened on the top of the head, and then a gray spot appears

The fact that tomatoes fell ill with top rot can be seen even on green tomatoes. The first signs of the disease:

  • Tomato as if flattened
  • Watery spots on a green tomato, darker than the whole tomato
  • After a while, the dark green stain on the tomato turns into brown, brownish or dark grayand then a black spot, the tomato in this place is wrinkled, the twig withers, and the tomato falls off.

Why are tomatoes sick with vertex rot: causes

The main cause of vertex rot on tomatoes is insufficient watering

There can be many reasons for the appearance of vertex rot on tomatoes:

  1. When the tomatoes begin to set, they need to be watered well, and with weak watering or without it, the fruit does not have enough moisture. Since the plant takes most of the incoming moisture onto itself, it can also pull it from the fruit, then gray spots of rot appear on the tops of the tomatoes that have set in.
  2. After watering soil compacted, a hard crust has formed from the ground, water and air cannot reach the roots.
  3. If you water tomatoes often in small portions, then too moisture is not enough, and vertex rot may form.
  4. If you often feed tomatoes with manure, then maybe excess nitrogen in the soil, which cannot be assimilated by tomatoes, and vertex rot appears on them.
  5. If a very hot, tomatoes may stop absorbing calcium from the soil, then vertex rot also appears.
  6. If a the soil on your site too sour or salty, then calcium is poorly absorbed by tomatoes, and vertex rot appears.
  7. If a tomatoes lie on the groundthey can start to rot as a result bacteria damage from wet soil.

What is the best way to process tomatoes from apical gray rot of fruits in a greenhouse and open ground?

Spraying tomato plants with special preparations from top rot

If tomatoes have already begun to ache with top rot, regardless in the greenhouse or outdoors, you need to do the following:

  • Collect all diseased tomatoes and dried leaves, and destroy them away from the site.
  • Water healthy plants calcium chloride. To do this, make a solution: 30 g of calcium chloride are mixed in 10 liters of water.
  • For better absorption of calcium, you can water healthy plants with a solution calcium nitrate with boric acid (7-10 g of saltpeter, 10 g of boric acid in 10 l of water).
  • Microbiological spraying of plants drug "Fitosporin" according to the recommendations on the packaging.
  • If your tomatoes were affected by the bacterial form of the disease, it would be nice to handle them Bordeaux mixture. To prepare the solution, you need to dissolve quicklime (100 g) in 1 liter of water, dissolve 100 g of copper sulfate in 9 liters of water in another vessel, then mix everything - and the solution is ready for use.
Bordeaux mix can be bought and finished

Important. To prevent excess calcium from forming in the soil, which is also harmful, as well as deficiency, top dressing with calcium nitrate, potassium chloride and other drugs can be done no more than 1 time in 10-15 days.

Preparations for the treatment of gray vertex rot tomato: names, list, recipes

"Copper Chloride" to protect tomatoes from gray top rot

There are no signs of apical rot of plants (tomatoes and other nightshade), or you have collected and destroyed diseased fruits, it is advisable to spray healthy plants with universal remedies:

  • Brexil Sa - powder containing calcium and boron. The solution is prepared from 10 g of powder per 10 l of water.
  • "Copper Chloride (HOM)" - greenish powder. The solution is made from 40 g of powder and 10 l of water. They process tomatoes 3-6 times per season.
  • "Tomato Rescuer" - ampoules with liquid. The tool also helps against fungi. Once sprayed with the drug, it acts for about 1 month, and then you need to spray again.
  • Megafol - liquid in bottles from 25 ml to 25 liters. A solution for tomatoes in open ground is made from 30-35 ml of liquid and 10 liters of water (weaker for a greenhouse).
  • The following drugs are also used: Nutrivant Plus, Fertivant, Thecamine Max.

Folk remedies for the treatment of vertex rot tomato: list, recipes

There are many folk remedies to combat gray top rot.

The following methods are popular among people to combat vertex rot:

  • Stepson - removal of additional shoots from the bush of tomatoes if the bush is very dense.
  • Picking the bottom leaves from the plant, because they take a lot of nutrients, and they are close to the ground and can rot, and spread the disease to the whole plant.
  • Water the tomatoes after 1 day.
  • More often ventilate the greenhouse where tomatoes grow.
  • In holes when planting tomato seedlings in open ground add ash and eggshell.
  • So that the ground under the tomatoes dries less, the soil mulch (hay, straw, sawdust, leaves).
  • If vertex rot begins to appear on tomatoes, pick up and destroy diseased tomatoes and leaves, and pour healthy bushes wood ash extractor. The hood is made as follows: 1 glass of ash with coals, pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1 day, filter, dilute 10 liters of water, and you can spray the plants 1 or 2 times a day. Ash is a natural antiseptic that also helps against fungal diseases of tomatoes.
  • You can also spray healthy tomato plants and the tomatoes themselves, especially green ones, baking soda solution (20 g of soda per 20 liters of water). Spraying is preferably carried out in the morning and in the evening.
  • Spraying or watering tomatoes helps a lot from top rot. solution of tablets "Metronidazole" (2 tablets per 1 liter of water - for spraying), and watering requires half a tablet per 1 liter of water.
  • An effective remedy for vertex rot on tomatoes is chalk suspension (2-3 tbsp. L. Chalk per 1 liter of water), should be watered for several days in a row.

Important. It is better to water tomatoes in the evening, since nutrients from the soil are better absorbed at night.

Prevention of gray vertex rot on tomatoes in a greenhouse, and open ground: a set of measures, tools, recipes

To prevent tomatoes from getting rotten with top rot, it is important to take preventative measures from the moment of sowing seeds

Seeds may also be infected with vertex rot, so prevention should be dealt with, first of all, with seeds, and as soon as the plants grow a little.

Preventive measures:

  • If you sow tomato seeds not in their original packaging, it is advisable to use them sparging - lowering the seeds into water for 18 hours, saturated with oxygen. Such water can be made by lowering the aquarium compressor into it and plugging it into a power outlet.
  • You can also before landing soak the seeds in a growth stimulator, or weak potassium permanganate solution.
  • It helps not to get tomatoes in the future when they grow, succinic acid. We make a solution: dissolve 17 ml of succinic acid in 1 liter of water, soak tomato seeds in it for 1 day.
  • Can also do zinc sulfate solution and soak tomato seeds in it.
  • If you have a plot sour earth, before planting tomatoes, you need to sprinkle it dolomite flour, chalk or slaked limeand add to each well 1 glass of ash.
  • When planting tomato seedlings on a bed, they need to be planted at such a distance that the branches of neighboring bushes do not intertwine, but there was a distance between them.
  • As soon as the plants grow, you need to try water them evenly, do not allow the earth to dry out.
  • After the watering day (the next day) loosen the soil around tomatoes.
  • If tomatoes grow in the greenhouse, prevent overheating of air, on time ventilate, but a sharp change in heat and cold is also harmful to tomatoes.
  • You can not often feed plants factory fertilizers, you must follow the recipe indicated on the package.
  • For preventive purposes, you can water tomato leaves 1-2 times a week. lime nitrate solution (5-10 g of saltpeter per 10 l of water).
  • When plants grow actively, they can be sprayed 1-2 times a week calcium chloride. To do this, make a solution: 3-4 g of calcium chloride are stirred in 10 liters of water.
  • Also, 1-2 times a week, you can spray tomatoes with a solution milk of lime (1 g of lime per 10 liters of water).
  • If you are feeding tomatoes manure or chicken droppings, you need to prepare a weak solution, and use it 2-3 times per season.
Tomato variety resistant to vertex rot disease

Varieties of tomatoes resistant to apical rot have now been bred. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that tomatoes will not get this disease, but they are still more stable than regular varieties. It is such varieties of tomatoes:

  • Astrakhan
  • "Volgograd 5/95"
  • "Alpatieva 905a"
  • "Glombemaster F1"
  • "Moryana"
  • Toch F1
  • Rychansky
  • "Lunar"
  • "Akhtanak"
  • Benito F1
  • Grand Canyon
  • "Bolshevik F1"
  • "Ground Gribovsky 1180"
  • "Prikrasa F1"
  • "Martha F1"
  • Leah
  • "Rotor F1"
  • "Pharaoh F1"

So, you can grow healthy tomatoes if you take preventive measures, water the plants on time, and if you get sick - treat them on time.