Planting and growing seedlings of bell pepper at home. Preparing seeds of bell pepper for sowing seedlings, sowing, diving and planting seedlings in a greenhouse, greenhouse and soil

If you want to get a generous harvest of sweet pepper in the summer, learn how to grow its seedlings at home.

If you have a summer house or garden, every year, at the end of winter or the beginning of spring, you plan that you will plant. Try planting bell peppers. If you follow all the rules of preparation for sowing seeds and growing seedlings, you will have every chance of getting a rich harvest.

Preparation of seeds of bell pepper for sowing seedlings

IMPORTANT: It should be noted immediately that the seeds of bell pepper germinate long enough, so start sowing them in February.

This is what the seeds of bell pepper look like.

You can buy pepper seeds in packages by choosing one or more varieties. If you want to collect seeds with your own hands from a bush that has mutilated in your area, do it like this:

  • choose a bush where the fruit has no signs of hybridity
  • tag some beautiful fruits by tying twigs with ribbons
  • wait until the end of August - the beginning of September, when the fruits are slightly ripened, collect them
  • peppers should fade for 2-3 weeks
  • remove seeds from peppers, let them dry in a sunny place (not on the street) 1-2 days
Paprika seeds in packages.

Regardless of whether you have your own sweet pepper seeds or purchased, they are carefully prepared before planting. Do not skip this stage in any case!

  1. Spread all the seeds you have on a piece of paper or in a plate. Revise them, select the largest and the largest.
  2. Take 1 liter of water, dilute 40 g of table salt in it. Dip the seeds into the solution. Those that have surfaced are hollow. They do not suit you, just throw them away. Remove those left at the bottom and dry on paper towels.
  3. Seeds should be decontaminated - it will take care that the plant does not get a fungus in the future. Use a fungicide (antifungal solution) or potassium permanganate solution. The easiest way: just before planting, prepare a solution of potassium permanganate with a concentration of 1-2 percent, dip the seeds of pepper selected by you for 10-15 minutes. Rinse them after the procedure.
Checking pepper seeds for germination (hollow). Disinfection of pepper seeds with potassium permanganate.

Continue to soak the seeds. If you want the shoots to sprout as soon as possible, take this process responsibly.

  1. Prepare the water. Suitable from the tap. But it needs to be defended for 1-2 days. Better not be too lazy and freeze water: pour the settled liquid into a glass or a half-liter jar, put it in the freezer. After 1-1.5 hours, drain the water that is not frozen. The ice should be transferred to a new clean container. Wait until it melts, then use melt water to soak the seeds. Some people snow for this purpose, unfortunately, with today's ecology this is a big risk.
  2. Pour a small amount of melt water into a shallow plate, bowl, or tray. If you soak several varieties of seeds, take a separate container for each.
  3. You will need cotton pads, cuts of gauze or bandage, cuts of cotton. They are folded several times and saturated with water.
  4. Sprinkle the seeds of bell pepper on a damp cloth, in only one coat.
  5. Wrap a container with soaked seeds in polyethylene, remove its warm place. Optimum temperature - plus 25 degrees.
  6. Watch out for the seeds. As soon as they swell or germinate, it is time to transplant them into the ground.
Soaking pepper seeds.

To harden the seeds before planting, place them in the refrigerator and incubate at a temperature of plus 5 degrees for about 5 days. After they will need to land.

Hardening sweet pepper seeds.

To stimulate germination, seeds of bell pepper are soaked in a solution of substances:

  • Novosil
  • Silk
  • Zircon
  • Energy
  • Epin - Extra

IMPORTANT: Instead of soaking, you can carry out a procedure for bubbling seeds, that is, treat them with oxygen. You will need a container, two-thirds full of water, and a compressor from the aquarium. The seeds are poured into water, the compressor tip is lowered into the container, the seeds are treated with oxygen for 24-26 hours, after which they are dried and planted.

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When and how to sow sweet bell pepper for seedlings? Depth of planting pepper seeds for seedlings

Ideally, sow bell pepper for seedlings in February. Obviously not in open ground. To achieve good germination, you will need to keep pots with seedlings at a temperature of at least 17 degrees and sufficient humidity.

Sprouted seeds of bell pepper.

Such conditions can be achieved by planting seeds in a greenhouse with good lighting or at home. Here are a few secrets to sowing:

  1. You can plant the seeds of bell pepper on peat tablets, and then transplant in pots.
  2. To skip this step, immediately prepare the soil from 2 parts of nutritious peat mixture and 1 part of turf, or another suitable for seedlings of bell pepper.
  3. Many plant sprouted pepper seeds in plastic cups. Know that this dish is not enough for the normal development of the root system of the bushes. Sow three seeds in plastic buckets or flower pots with a volume of 0.5 - 1 liter. Maintain a distance between seeds of 2-3 cm.
    It is better to plant seeds of bell pepper immediately in different dishes. Of course, you can sow their total, and then dive. But the plant does not tolerate picking, can die or slow down growth for several weeks.
Sowing pepper seeds followed by picking.

IMPORTANT: Sweet pepper seeds are planted to a depth of 4-5 cm, as they will not go deeper as they grow.

Sow seeds in this way: tamped moist soil. On top of it, at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, spread the processed seeds of Bulgarian pepper, pour them on top with a soil layer of 4-5 cm.

Seedlings of bell pepper.

IMPORTANT: Sown pepper seeds sprout on the 5-7th day, three true leaves on seedlings appear in about a month.

Preparation of soil for seedlings of peppers

The optimal soil characteristics for pepper seedlings are:

  • acidity 6.0 - 7.0
  • friability
  • sufficient humidity
Ready soil for seedlings of pepper.

You can sow the seeds in the finished soil, which is sold in shops for gardening. Or prepare yourself one of the suitable mixtures from the table in the figure.

Soil options for sweet pepper.

IMPORTANT: Feeding seedlings of pepper a little later.

How to distinguish seedlings of hot pepper from sweet?

Sweet "Bulgarian" pepper and a bitter "light" in no case should not be planted nearby. The minimum distance between the bushes of these plants should be 30 cm. Otherwise, during flowering they will become dusty, and you will not wait for the harvest of sweet pepper.
You may be confused if you buy a seedling from an unfamiliar and not too conscientious buyer who disguises one species under the other, or you yourself sowed both species and forgot to sign pots with sprouts.

Seedlings of bitter and sweet peppers: a comparison.

The differences between seedlings of sweet and bitter pepper are very difficult to notice, especially when the seedling is still very young. But they are:

  • bitter pepper leaves a little darker
  • stalks of hot pepper are more elegant, thin
  • leaflets of hot pepper are narrower than that of sweet, their tips are pointed

If the sprouts could not be distinguished, you can plant them side by side, and after replanting hot peppers, when the differences become apparent.

How to water pepper seedlings?

The soil under the seedlings of sweet pepper should be moist, but not too much. Both drying out and waterlogging are detrimental to sprouts. Follow these rules:

  • sow seeds and young sprouts in 2-3 days
  • after a month, when the leaves form, water the seedlings every day
  • water at room temperature, at 20-25 degrees

Do I need to pinch seedlings of pepper?

If you want to get a rich harvest of sweet pepper from each bush, you must carry out the procedure for removing the growth point, which is called "pinch". Her goals:

  • stimulation of the development of the root system for better nutrition of the plant with water and nutrients
  • stimulation of the growth of stepsons from sleeping buds, due to which more flowers are tied and, accordingly, more fruits ripen
A pinch of seedlings of sweet pepper: a colored internode.

When the pepper seedlings grow confidently upwards, the internodes on it will stain, do the following:

  • prepare scissors
  • mark frequently the shoot that is above 4-6 internodes
  • cut it with scissors
Diagram of pinching and stepchildren seedlings of bell pepper.

VIDEO: How to shape peppers? Pinch the first flower, remove the side shoots

The minimum temperature for seedlings of pepper

The ideal temperature for pepper seedlings is + 25 - +27 degrees. It is necessary to make every effort so that it does not fall below + 14 degrees.

The temperature of growing pepper seedlings.

Planting seedlings of bell pepper in a greenhouse or greenhouse

When there are more than 12 leaves on pepper bushes, buds begin to develop, you can plant them in a greenhouse or greenhouse. As a rule, two months pass from the moment of sowing the seeds until the seedlings are planted in the ground.

IMPORTANT: The temperature of the soil, favorable for the planting of seedlings of bell pepper, is + 15 degrees and above. If your greenhouse does not heat up, keep this in mind.

Sweet pepper in the greenhouse.
  1. Phosphoric or potassium (40 g per square meter), as well as nitrogen (30 g per square meter) fertilizers are applied to the soil in the greenhouse or greenhouse where the pepper will be planted.
  2. The beds under the pepper have a width of 1 m, the gaps between the rows - 0.5 meters.
  3. Bushes are planted at a distance of 15-30 cm from each other, depending on the variety of pepper.
  4. The holes into which the bushes will go are pre-watered ... Watering should be plentiful with 2 liters of water in each hole.
  5. The soil under the planted bushes of pepper is well rammed with hands.
  6. Pepper seedlings planted in a greenhouse or a greenhouse must be mulched with humus and peat.

How to dive pepper seedlings?

If you still planted pepper seeds in one large box, 2-3 weeks after the emergence of the sprouts, you will have to pick, that is, transplant each plant into a separate bucket or pot. Note that pepper picks do not tolerate well. Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Prepare pots or plastic buckets for each sprout. Fill them with soil suitable for pepper.
  2. A couple of hours before the pick, water the seedlings so that it is easier for you to get the plants out of the ground.
  3. Carefully remove the seedling from the ground, cut the root one third from the bottom.
  4. In an individual pot or bucket, moisten the soil, level it. In the center, make a depression 1.5 - 2 cm deeper than the seedling grew in a common box.
  5. Place the seedling in the recess and sprinkle with earth.
  6. Compact the soil.
A pick of seedlings of sweet pepper.

VIDEO: How to dive pepper seedlings?

Seedlings of pepper bloomed before planting in the ground: what to do?

If flowers appeared on the seedlings of sweet pepper immediately before they are transferred to the ground, they do nothing with them.
If the pepper is still far from planting so that the ovaries do not inhibit the growth of the plant and do not take away its strength, the flowers are cut off.

Flowering sweet pepper seedlings.

How to plant pepper in open ground seedlings?

Transplanting seedlings of sweet pepper in the open ground.

Peppers are transplanted into the open ground at the end of May, when the last frost will pass. Favorable average daily air temperature - + 15 degrees, soil temperature - + 10 degrees.

  1. The day before the transplant, water the seedlings abundantly.
  2. To plant pepper, select a well-lit, well-drained, windproof area. Pre-clean it of weeds.
  3. Plant pepper where melons, root crops, legumes, or greens grew last year. Two consecutive years in the same area to plant sweet pepper is impossible.
  4. Plant pepper in the afternoon or late afternoon.
  5. Mark the beds according to the scheme shown in the figure below.
  6. Make holes in the soil that are slightly deeper than the dishes where pepper seedlings were grown.
  7. Add compost (handful), ash (half a handful), superphosphate (1 teaspoon) to each well. Fill the wells with water.
  8. Move the bush of pepper to the hole, cover it with earth. Use peat as a mulch.
  9. Drive a half-meter peg for garter near each bush.
Sweet pepper planting scheme.

Pepper on the ground will come to life and begin to grow in 1 - 1.5 weeks, when its root system is restored.

Pepper seedlings on toilet paper

Surprisingly, gardeners learned to germinate pepper seeds without land on toilet paper. The method is very interesting, you can try it. Prepare:

  • seeds of the pepper variety you need
  • thin polyethylene
  • toilet roll
  • scissors
  • disposable plastic cups
Pepper seedlings on toilet paper.
  1. Polyethylene will play the role of a greenhouse. Cut it into strips as wide as toilet paper.
  2. Spread polyethylene on the table. Unroll the toilet paper on it, sprinkle it with water.
  3. Spread pepper seeds on toilet paper. The distance between them is 1.5-2 cm.
  4. Cover the seeds with another layer of moistened toilet paper, and then with another layer of polyethylene.
  5. Roll all the layers into a roll, place it in a plastic cup, a quarter filled with water.
  6. Place the cup in a plastic bag, place it in a bright place.
  7. When the seeds sprout from the seeds, transplant them into separate pots.

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