Why mosquitoes do not bite everyone, and who bites at all? Why do some mosquitoes bite more than others: criteria for their choice, the right smell

In this article, we will look at why some people mosquitoes bite more than others. And find out the criteria for their choice.

Mosquitoes can be safely called the most annoying insects in the world. Practically every second person from us faced them. A characteristic feature is a loud squeak or buzz, which often prevents you from falling asleep at night or breathing fresh air in nature in the evening. But their bite is much worse. Moreover, a feature was noticed that some people like insects and bite more often than others present. Therefore, we propose to deal with this fascinating topic.

Why mosquitoes do not bite everyone: a little about gender

A mosquito bite is something that sooner or later every inhabitant of our latitudes will encounter with the onset of cool summer evenings. Everyone knows that mosquitoes are carriers of many dangerous diseases such as malaria, fever or tularemia. If earlier these diseases were common only in exotic hot countries, today outbreaks of infections on our continent are increasingly common.

Important: According to medical statistics, about 40% of people suffer from allergies to mosquito bites. The cause of the body's reaction to a mosquito bite can be a weakened immunity. When an insect stings a person, substances are released along with saliva, which at the molecular level interfere with the coagulation of protein in the blood and block pain.

Before you figure out mosquito preferences for the object of vinegar, you should find out who he bites at all. After all, as you know, in the natural world, sexual difference plays a significant role in behavior.

  • A matured female mosquito lives from one and a half weeks to three months. At the first cold snap mosquitoes die. In addition to blood, the juice and pollen of plants remain a necessary food for the insect. In the event that one is not in the apartment or house, the female dies after 3-4 days. Indoor flowers can significantly increase the life span and become an excellent wintering option.
  • Being in the apartment, over time, the mosquito does not disappear anywhere, but simply dies due to lack of food. Also, if the mosquito had time to feed on blood and fertilize, then the insect may well lay eggs in the damp corners of the room, in the cellar or in the moist soil of even an indoor flower.
  • Many people know that mosquitoes sting for a reason, but for a specific purpose. As a rule, it’s the female mosquito that stings people. In order to feed their offspring. Male mosquitoes are more unpretentious in food and easily eat plant sap, which is unacceptable for females.
  • The amount of future offspring depends on the amount of blood consumed, since the female mosquito lays eggs every 3-4 days. And this increases the need for blood several times. In some possible situations, when a mosquito is not able to provide food for offspring, its reproduction decreases several times.
The female bites

Why mosquitoes bite some people more: criteria for their choice

Scientists have proved the fact that mosquitoes do not sting everyone. There are many versions according to which blood-sucking insects pick up a victim.

  • One option is human blood type. First of all, the female mosquito is interested in the protein itself, which is in the blood of a particular group. Mosquitoes are most often attracted to the first and third blood types, while the second is not in demand.
  • But there are also some nuances in this matter. The fact is that each blood is divided into two subspecies, but by rhesus. So, plus or positive rhesus factor mosquitoes choose more often than a negative blood group. Even the one that is in the so-called risk zone.
  • There is also an assumption that mosquitoes attract carbon dioxide, which a person makes when breathing. Based on this theory, the more often a person breathes, the higher the risk of getting a mosquito bite.
  • For females, mosquitoes are considered very attractive. the smell of alcohol, especially beer. They are attracted not only by the smell of ethanol, but also by an increase in the temperature of the human body. After all, blood dilates blood vessels. Also, drunk people produce carbon dioxide in larger quantities than teetotalers.

Important: Many have noticed how a female mosquito is attracted by the heat that comes from lighting fixtures. The insect seeks to get out of the twilight as soon as possible and get into the illuminated area. On the proboscis of the mosquito is a receptor that is able to recognize heat. Based on this, LED lamps that do not heat up will become an ideal solution, thereby becoming unattractive to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes smell heat
  • Therefore, even athletes or those who engage in physical labor or sports are at risk. After all, this entails increase in body warmth, which beckons the female.
    • It is also worth noting a certain feature - blood-sucking insects do not tolerate air temperatures of +27 ° C and above. Under such weather conditions, female mosquitoes cannot fully show their activity. Although in the summer sometimes this rule does not apply to them.
  • The production of the same carbon dioxide is also affected by body size. The larger the man, the greater the range of odors for the female he has. It was noted that mosquitoes can smell 50 meters away.
  • Experts have long noticed that with an increase in air humidity, mosquitoes become twice as large. And overweight often causes increased sweating. And this is another fragrance that combines carbon dioxide, moisture and body warmth, which mosquitoes like.
  • This whole set is often combined pregnant women. Weight gain, shortness of breath and other delights of a beautiful period are felt by mosquitoes. Therefore, I attack more often than not pregnant women.
  • It is also important clothes color. British scientists conducted a series of studies, with the help of which it turned out that mosquitoes more often bite those who are dressed in dark things. They also pay attention to red shades. But insects do not see light colors. And note - scientists suggest that mosquitoes do not tolerate yellow color.
Mosquitoes even prefer dark and red things

Mosquitoes bite some more and others less because of the smell: choose the right aroma to protect yourself

By the way, enzymes in mosquito saliva are necessary so that a person does not pay attention to a bite and does not prevent it in time. Thanks to evolution, mosquitoes have changed their behavior and increased their chances of survival. The annoying insect has become many times more difficult to kill. And all because of the developed ability to recognize human movements.

  • We have identified the main criteria by which mosquitoes share their "victims". But some of them have no logical explanation. For example, mosquitoes should “love” more than a large person. But here a child, with smaller dimensions and without fumes, often comes out more bitten than his parent. So it’s not a docking.
  • As scientists recently discovered (relatively recently), mosquitoes are more attracted to lactic acidthat is produced by our body. And already it is based on sugar, which comes from outside. By the way, we recall the athletes again, because physical activity also contributes to the production of such an acid.
  • But most of all others will be susceptible to mosquito attacks. sweet lovers. But that is not all. A variety of cheeses, pickled products, and soya help to produce a milky smell.
Mosquitoes love the smell of lactic acid
  • Now remember medicines. Some drugs also affect its production, and also help us to smell "in a special way." Most allocated are heart remedies.
    • But the female does not like drugs that lower cholesterol. Also, why B vitamins produce an unpleasant mosquito aroma.
  • If you carry hair balmsthen know - the female mosquito is also feminine. So, this also suits her.
  • But the smells of anise, basil, citrus and tea tree insects will be scared away for a long time. The scents of lavender, eucalyptus, camphor oil and cloves also complement the list. There are plants that, with the help of their smell, can repel mosquitoes - rosemary, mint and fragrant geraniums.
  • Also, eating garlic for a long time will drive mosquitoes away. And mosquitoes do not like the smell of tobacco, including the smell of smoke from a fire.
Some flavors and smells mosquitoes do not tolerate

And a few important words about mosquito bites

  • Protein and insect saliva are the main irritant for the human body. The body fights unfamiliar antibodies. And at this stage, a characteristic reaction to the allergen occurs.
  • An allergy to a mosquito bite can manifest as severe redness and itching. In the place of localization - a blister that grows. This can occur if the bite was carried out in the ankle or forearm. Also, changes on the part of the central nervous system often occur, namely nausea, slight dizziness, fever up to 38 ° C and vomiting. In such cases, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • When an adult manifests a similar reaction to an insect bite, it is necessary to give an antihistamine and apply a cold tissue dressing to the site of redness to prevent the spread of the allergen.

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