What earrings are in fashion in 2019: photo. What are the gold and silver earrings in fashion in 2019: a review of fashion models, photos

In this article, we will talk about which earrings to pay attention to fashionistas in 2019.

The cult Coco Chanel once said: "Jewelry is what makes a woman a woman." And how can one not recall earrings in this connection? Designers also thought so, so they decided to spend the coming year under the sign of diversity. Let’s get acquainted with the upcoming fashion trends.

What are the gold earrings in fashion in the spring-summer of 2019: photos

What can provide brightness and brightness more than mirror effect? And even more so in the spring and summer, when the sun shines especially brightly! And at night, artificial lighting will advantageously emphasize earrings.

Earrings - Fashion 2019

Moreover, such jewelry may well be made of precious metal, and not just glass.

Option of gold earrings-mirrors for spring-summer-2019

Those fashionistas who prefer to take walks in maxi dresses are advised to pay attention to vintage earrings.

Gold vintage spring-summer 2019 earrings This is how vintage gold earrings will look on your ears in the spring-summer of 2019

IMPORTANT: Vintage butterfly earrings will be especially relevant. Firstly, this motif is ideal for spring-summer. Well, and secondly, ornaments with birds, plants and butterflies will be in trend - an example is the products of the brand Van Cleef & Arpels.

Such jewelry will add to its owner femininity and sophisticationwill become a real find for romantic natures.

Gold vintage spring butterfly earrings for spring-summer 2019 Gold with pearls bird earrings for spring-summer 2019 Simple but catchy golden bird earrings for spring-summer 2019 Gold long earrings with a bird for spring-summer 2019 Another version of gold earrings for spring-summer 2019 with a bird

Since in the spring and summer of 2019, unusualness will be held in high esteem, bizarre forms jewelry will be perceived as well as possible. It could be like clever interweaving of forms, like that the effect of metal frozen in the process of smelting.

Fancy gold earrings for spring-summer 2019 Another example of eye-catching unusual shape of earrings for spring-summer-2019 Triangular gold earrings for spring-summer 2019

What silver earrings are in fashion in the spring-summer of 2019: photos

Silver in the coming season will be more relevant than gold. Designers preferred him thanks to elegance, tenderness and sophistication. Despite the fact that the catch will be in trend, a touch of something airy will not hurt at all.

An ideal solution in this case would be jewelry with rock crystal, pearls or moonstone. They look great with silver, and will bring the necessary freshness to the image in the hot summer.

IMPORTANT: The top of your taste will be to find similar earrings that have a complex shape. Vintage silverware with any of the listed stones is an ideal hit in the trend. Stones favorably emphasize the floridity and massiveness of earrings.

Silver rhinestone earrings perfectly refresh the spring-summer look 2019 At the same time, silver earrings with rhinestone for spring-summer 2019 can be of complex shape Pearl silver earrings for spring-summer 2019 Large pearl in a silver earring for spring-summer 2019 Exquisite Silver Moonstone Earrings for Spring-Summer 2019 Catchy and graceful silver moonstone earrings for spring-summer 2019 Vintage silver moonstone earrings for spring-summer 2019 Vintage spring and summer fashion brush earrings in silver and moonstone Silver moonstone earrings for spring-summer 2019 Massive Vintage Silver Moonstone Earrings for Spring-Summer 2019

Geometry - Another trend of spring-summer 2019. Moreover, the geometric shape can be any - rhombus, triangle, circle. Such austerity is very attractive and certainly attracts the eye.

Geometric silver earrings for spring-summer 2019 Another example of geometric earrings for spring-summer-2019 Silver round earrings for spring-summer 2019 This is how these silver earrings will look on a girl in the spring-summer of 2019 Silver strict earrings in the spring-summer of 2019 can perfectly fit the look

You can give preference and crescent shape - it will be relevant.

Crescent silver earrings for spring-summer 2019

Popular stone earrings 2019: trends

In 2019, at the peak of popularity will be large stones. Keep an eye on something with cat's eye, semiprecious opal, agate - you will not lose!

Famous designers are of the opinion that the inner seething ocean must be visualized in jewelry. Stones on earrings must be bright, catchy, amazing - think so J Crew, Kenzo, Oscar de la Renta.

Cat eye earrings for 2019 Cat eye earrings with trendy insect motif for 2019 Cat eye 2019 vintage floral earrings

Oscar de la Renta Large Stone Earrings for 2019 Oscar de la Renta Large Stone Geometric Earrings for 2019 Earrings with stones for 2019 from J Crew Delicate and eye-catching earrings with stones for 2019 from J Crew 2019 Opal Earrings A large stone in a square earring - a godsend for 2019 Large Blue Stones Earrings for 2019

Craving for natural stones in 2019 will be justified.

IMPORTANT: Earlier, gems were sometimes considered a sign of being beyond fashion trends. However, in 2019, this statement becomes irrelevant.

Natural stone earrings for 2019 A selection of earrings with natural stones from fashion shows for 2019

Scattering of diamonds - A worthy alternative to large stones. An example of this is the fashion house Harry winston, which presented to the attention of fashionistas earrings with drop-shaped diamonds of 60.1 carats. Of course, the cost of jewelry of this brand is phenomenal, but it’s worth orienting yourself as a visual example.

Harry Winston Stone Earrings for Season 2019 Harry Winston 2019 diamonds earrings with loose diamonds and emeralds

Fashion for long earrings: models, photos

Long earrings promise to be extremely popular in the coming season. Moreover the longer - the better!

Design can be the most diverse - chains, threads, with and without pendants, with crystals. Of course, do not forget about plant, animal motifs, geometry.

IMPORTANT: Such beauty also perfectly adjusts the shape of the face, so chubby young ladies should be given such earrings unequivocally.

Long earrings with many stones and geometric motifs for 2019 Peacock Feather Long Earrings for 2019 Long gold and white leather earrings for 2019 by Moon and Arrow Gold long earrings-scales for 2019 Long earrings with small diamonds for 2019 Long chain earrings in gold and silver for 2019 Long bright bunch earrings for 2019

Asymmetry in season 2019 will be in special honor. Designers offer us two options for adhering to this trend: either use earrings from different setseither decorate ears with a single earring.

Long models are excellent for this. In tandem, you can pick up an elegant small earring-puset to them. Or it is quite possible to give the second ear a break from the jewelry altogether.

One long earring for asymmetry in 2019 Actress Emma Watson opts for asymmetry style with one long earring for 2019 Long vintage asymmetrical earring for 2019

Fashion for brush earrings in 2019: models, photos

In the coming season, maxi-brushes promise to be a sought-after accessory - an example of this is a fashion house Oskar de la renta. Preference should be given long brushes. It is even more desirable that they be withpainted with geometric or animal motifs.

Complex shapes, stones, blinding shine of metal, feathers, beads - the more of all this magnificence, the better! Fur inserts will also look pretty interesting.

IMPORTANT: However, brushes without additional decor will be in trend - the main thing is that they shine at the same time.

Fur shaped tassel earrings for 2019 Gold brush earrings with geometric motifs for 2019 Gold tassels earrings without jewelry for 2019 Gold tassels earrings for 2019 with a large stone and a mask decoration Gold tassel earrings from Oscar de la Renta Gold and black tassel earrings can perfectly fit the look in 2019 Silver and gem brush earrings for 2019 Massive tassel earrings for 2019 Oskar de la Renta Brush Earrings for 2019 Sienna Miller in tassel earrings for 2019 Big Stone Tassel Earrings for 2019 Gold chain tassel earrings for 2019

Fashion for big earrings in 2019: models, photos

Interest in kaffam has not faded away for several years, and 2019 will not be an exception. In addition to his beautyThese earrings are different and practicality. The fact is that too massive jewelry pulls the earlobe, and cuffs are conveniently distributed over the ears. And beautiful, and catchy, and do not bring discomfort.

In addition, do not forget about the aforementioned demand for asymmetry. Cuffs predominantly create emphasis on one ear, and very successfully.

In 2019, it is recommended to give preference. catchy cuffswhich consist from long chains, original pins, large stones. Moreover disproportionality of chains only welcome.

Large cuff earrings with chains of different lengths for 2019 Large ear-shaped cuff earrings for 2019 Large pendants with pendants for 2019 Large cuff earrings with multi-colored large stones for 2019 2019 Party Option - Big Chain Earrings with Feathers

Speaking of everything bright, it's hard not to remember gypsy style - he will be at the peak of popularity. Unusual shapes, rich colors, plenty of shine - all this is preferable. A good example of fashionistas in this vein has set a fashion house. Rodarte and designer Lydia courteille.

IMPORTANT: Despite the apparent permissiveness, when choosing such accessories, it is important to consider the image as a whole - clothes and other jewelry.

Large gypsy style earrings for 2019 look Dolce & Gabbana Large Gold Earrings for 2019 Another version of large gypsy earrings for 2019 Rodarte Gypsy Earrings for 2019 Another example of large earrings for the 2019 season from Rodarte These big gold earrings will be very popular in 2019. Big silver dream catcher earrings for 2019 Big earrings for 2019

A rather interesting find will be the shape of earrings, resembling metal frozen in the process of melting. The main rule in this case is the lack of rules. In other words, encouraged complete freedom of shape. It is interesting that not only gold earrings can be like that, but also silver ones.

Large silver earrings a la molten shape for 2019

Asymmetry - do not forget about this trend! Not only long pendant earrings fit it, but also large models.

One big asymmetry earring by singer Alicia Keys

And how can you forget about congo earrings? Of course, they will not disappear anywhere in the coming season. However, the designers decided that it was definitely worth adding unusualness to them - fantasy form, stones of various colors.

The earrings whose so-called "Interior space" is full interweaving patterns. Detachable pendants also welcome.

Unusual large Congo earrings for 2019 Large Congo earrings for 2019 with full space inside

What earrings went out of fashion in 2019?

There are no special restrictions for the 2019 season. It may seem that due to the upcoming demand for large jewelry, small ones will remain unclaimed. However, this is not so: carnations, for example, only improved and became even more convenient thanks to the double clasp.

However, if we talk about what should not be purchased, then this, perhaps, gold earrings with large stones. The abundance of stones let flaunts on silver products. An exception can be made, perhaps, only for pearls.

Such silver earrings with stones will be fashionable in 2019 A lot of multi-colored stones on silver earrings - this is what you need for 2019

What are the gold earrings in fashion in the fall and winter in 2019-2020: photos

In winter white pearls on a gold background It looks especially gentle and beautiful. For the winter of 2019-2020, it is recommended to choose larger pearls. By the way for an asymmetric image such jewelry is perfect.

Gold earrings with pearls for fall-winter 2019-2020 Unusual gold earrings with pearls for fall-winter 2019-2020

Particularly good pearls in the composition puset. This idea in anticipation of the upcoming season, we are trying to convey fashion house Chanel.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to wear earrings, remember that the hair should be collected in any hairstyle. Not necessarily high - the main thing is that the earrings attract admiring glances.

Earrings for fall-winter 2019-2020 from gold and pearls from Chanel Pure gold earrings for fall-winter 2019-2020

Another fashion trend of the coming winter - White gold. It looks equally impressive both in an everyday way and in a solemn way. By the way The combination of a large number of stones with white gold is approved.

Congo earrings for fall-winter 2019-2020 in white gold with small diamonds Pendant earrings for fall-winter 2019-2020 in white gold with diamonds and rubies Long white gold earrings for fall-winter 2019-2020

What silver earrings are in fashion in the fall and winter in 2019-2020: photos

Small, elegant silver carnations will be a great decoration in the 2019-2020 season. It is recommended to look for earrings that will have unusual shape. Designers are advised to choose such earrings large catchy ring.

Silver carnations in the shape of a cat for autumn-winter 2019-2020 Silver stud earrings for fall-winter 2019-2020 in the shape of a dreamcatcher These silver stud earrings for fall-winter 2019-2020 are a bit like a snowflake

Perhaps on silver diamond earrings also worth paying attention to. Fans of these stones will be delighted - diamonds on earrings in the season 2019-2020 can be any number! Moreover, in combination with silver, they look really amazing.

These silver and diamond earrings will be relevant in the fall and winter of 2019-2020 Stunning fall winter earrings 2019-2020 in silver with diamonds

Those people who want to get along with the owner of the year, perhaps, should correspond to him. And the corresponding jewelry will play an important role in this.

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