Is it possible and how to get pregnant after 50 years and give birth naturally? Pregnancy at age 50 and after: signs, reviews

The probability of becoming pregnant at 50.

After a woman has menopause, in most cases she does not worry, and refuses hormonal contraceptives. In this article we will tell you whether it is possible to become pregnant after 50 years.

Is it possible to become pregnant after menopause after 50 years?

Now medicine has stepped far forward, so the probability of having a healthy child after 50 years is much higher than 100 years ago. This is due to the improvement of living standards, as well as the development of medicine.

Is it possible to become pregnant after menopause after 50 years:

  • As for independent pregnancy after 50 years, it is unlikely, but still possible. Doctors recommend that after the last menstrual period, it is protected for another 1 year. It is believed that menopause occurs 1 year after the last menstruation.
  • Accordingly, during this period, egg maturation and pregnancy are still possible. Of course, it is worth considering that with in vitro fertilization of women after the age of 50 using their own eggs, the chance of success is only 5-10%. This is due to the quality of the eggs, since after 50 years there is a high probability of having a baby with genetic abnormalities.
  • The ovum in women of mature age is of worse quality than that of a young woman. Despite the fact that a woman managed to get pregnant at such a venerable age, this does not mean that the pregnancy will proceed normally, it will be possible to give birth to a healthy baby.
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Can a woman get pregnant after 50?

To postpone the birth of a child until such a venerable age is not worth it. During menopause, changes are observed in the work of all body systems. In particular, this applies to kidney function, as well as the skeletal system. During menopause, osteoporosis is often recorded, during which bone fragility can increase.

If there is still pregnancy in addition to osteoporosis, then calcium consumption during this period will increase significantly. This is fraught with fractures for the mother, divergence of the pelvic bones, as well as tooth loss. This happens at a younger age, so we have to talk about women 50 years old.

Can a woman become pregnant after 50 years:

  • As for independent pregnancy, then it is quite possible. The probability is not high, but still it should not be ruled out. Many doctors note that this usually happens by accident, since there is a premenopausal period before menopause, and it can last for 5-7 years.
  • During this period, menstruation can become more rare, the intervals between them increase. Accordingly, the egg can ripen every 2 or 3 months. But this does not mean that it does not mature at all and it is impossible to get pregnant.
  • This is the main mistake of women of mature age, after the breaks between menstruation become long, they cease to be protected, considering that it is impossible to get pregnant with such a frequency of menstruation. Practice proves different, there are indeed cases of pregnancy at such a mature age.
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What to do if I became pregnant after 50 years?

Is it possible to give birth to a healthy child at 50? The fact is that it is not recommended to start conception, both men and women after 50 years. This is due to the fact that the body functions, the number of diseases accumulates, the negative impact of the external environment is reflected. Health deteriorates with age, which can cause genetic abnormalities.

What to do if you become pregnant after 50 years:

  • In the course of research by some doctors, it was found that 10% of children with Down syndrome gave birth to women of mature age after 40 years. Indeed, it is recommended that women after 35 years of age take additional screenings and tests to avoid the possibility of having a sick child.
  • This is due to genetic abnormalities and a deterioration in the quality of the eggs that occur with age. As for the pregnancy itself and gestation, this is the real stress for the body. Usually problems are observed with the kidneys, type 2 diabetes often occurs.
  • Women in adulthood have problems with bones, calcium, and kidney function. Often diagnosed with pyelonephritis. Therefore, in most cases, a woman in her 50s carries out almost the entire pregnancy, if she wants to save the baby, in the hospital.
  • This is not due at all to poor health, but to age-related changes in the body. At the same time, a woman can feel quite well before pregnancy, she has never been diagnosed with serious ailments. But during pregnancy, everything changes, the body is depleted, the child draws nutrients and components from the body of a woman.
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First pregnancy at 50: consequences

The consequences of the first pregnancy at 50:

  • Bleeding during childbirth
  • Ruptures of the perineum as well as the uterus during childbirth
  • Uterus after birth
  • Breakthrough bleeding after childbirth
  • Acute osteoporosis

Usually in women aged children are born with genetic abnormalities, or birth injuries. This is due to weak labor, due to a decrease in muscle elasticity. Often a woman cannot give birth, so they do a cesarean section, or in the worst case they pull it with forceps, vacuum or squeeze it. This cannot but affect the health status of women and children.

Often such children are given neurological diagnoses, so the child may become disabled or parents will have to spend a lot of effort to put such a baby on its feet. Do not forget that the task is not to give birth, but to raise a child. This requires a huge amount of effort, money and time.

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Pregnancy complications after 50 years

In order to carry a child at 50, you may need the help of a doctor and hormonal drugs. This is due to the fact that in order to maintain pregnancy and provide the child with everything necessary, a decent amount of progesterone is needed. Up to 3 months, it is secreted by the corpus luteum, as well as by the ovaries. Since the hormonal function of a woman dies away at 50, progesterone may not be enough for the fetal egg to firmly attach to the uterus and receive all the nutrients necessary.

That is why women after 50 years of age in case of pregnancy and a desire to save the baby are prescribed progestins. This can subsequently adversely affect a woman’s health. Often, childbirth in adulthood causes the development of cancer, and malfunctions in the body. Women who give birth at a young age are at risk for breast cancer, as well as the uterus and appendages.

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Pregnancy after 50 years: reviews

Reviews about pregnancy at 50 are not so many. This is due to physical aging, as well as the unwillingness of the fair sex to raise children in old age. However, there are examples when women gave birth at 50 years old.

Below is a list of women who gave birth to children after 50 years:

  • Irina Vitorgan. The woman gave birth to her first child at 56. Prior to this, the couple turned to the services of a surrogate mother, but this time the woman decided to independently bear the child. Childbirth passed without complications, and the baby was born completely healthy.
  • Inhiborga Dapkunaity. This actress gave birth to her first child at 54. The state of health of the woman after childbirth, as well as the baby's well-being, were wonderful. In general, all the manipulations went without complications.
  • Janet Jackson gave birth to a child at age 50. The actress and singer felt all the charms of pregnancy at 50 years old. She took a large amount of hormones, and all the time lay on conservation with complications. The baby was born completely healthy.
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You should not take such a crucial step in 50 years. The child needs to be raised, which requires strength, vitality, health.

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