What hide bad habits - top 8 main ones: psychology, consequences, health hazard

Do you know about your habits and are they bad? Let's figure it out.

Health is one of the most basic human needs. It depends on the duration and quality of life, performance, mood and ability to cope with difficulties. No man wants to be sick and weak. How to achieve this, what needs to be done to truly become a healthy and fully able-bodied person? Analyze our habits.

What hide bad habits?

In life, we perform certain actions that over time become a habit.

So, it becomes a habit to wash and brush your teeth, use certain words, watch TV shows and play computer games, eat at a certain time, read, clean up after yourself or vice versa, leave a mess, etc.

As we can see, among the above habits there are both good and negative ones that sometimes do not like and interfere with ourselves. We understand that we need to get rid of them, but we cannot always do this, since such actions have already become familiar to us.

First, let's determine which habit is considered harmful. This is what we do without hesitation, automatically, thereby creating inconvenience, and sometimes causing harm to both the people around us and ourselves. And if we, realizing the harm that our actions cause, do not have sufficient willpower so that these actions are not performed, then we become dependent on a bad habit and we can say that it makes us our slave.

  1. Alcoholism.

This is a very common addiction, which over time destroys a person, his health, mental state. If, despite the fact that a person knows about the harmful effects of drinking strong drinks, he continues to do this and cannot control himself, then the bad habit has already passed to the stage of the disease.


A person who drinks alcohol destroys his body. He is unable to walk smoothly, speak clearly, is weak, his hands are shaking, his working capacity is declining, his brain and memory are deteriorating. But the terrible thing is that a person ruins not only himself, but also creates a threat to others, sitting, for example, behind the wheel. The most common cause of domestic crime, work-related injuries is also alcohol.

  1. Addiction.

The desire to "try" often becomes the impetus for the fact that entertainment out of curiosity turns into an incurable disease. Addiction occurs very quickly and a person can no longer give up drugs. They are different: some cause psychological dependence, others physical, there are some that are addictive of both types.

Drug dependence can be positive - when they are used to create a good mood, a feeling of euphoria. If, on the contrary, a person takes a drug to relieve stress, anxiety, and forget about feeling unwell, this is a negative attachment.


If a person feels the need to regularly take the next dose of the drug, feeling physical pain without it, then we are talking about physical dependence, which is also called withdrawal syndrome or simply brittle. The most irreparable is that the toxic substances that enter the body with a drug cause irreversible harm to health, so drug addiction is so often fatal.

  1. Smoking.

Another irreversible outcome may end one more bad habit - smoking. Inhaling nicotine and various resins leads to a huge number of diseases. First of all, the lungs are suffering, which are forced to absorb smoke with harmful substances, the cardiovascular system. Smoke inhalation constricts our blood vessels, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen in our blood, slowing down the metabolic process. The consequences of this may be the formation of blood clots and blockage of blood vessels, various heart diseases - ischemia, heart attack, tachycardia, etc.

Leads to disease
  • In addition, smokers pose a threat to others, because they are forced to inhale air filled with all kinds of harmful substances formed during smoldering cigarettes. This is called passive smoking, and it is just as harmful as active.
  • All smokers should remember that cigarettes and everything that is contained in them does not bring any benefit to the body, so you should leave this addiction without regret.

This should be remembered when you start smoking in order to seem like an adult or to be “your own” in the company of friends who have already been captured by nicotine addiction.

  1. Game addiction.

It can be addiction to any kind of games - gambling, computer, video games. It is unnecessary to say that a person who plays a game for hours gets a sleep disorder, the correct diet is disturbed, a nervous system disorder occurs, especially when it is not possible to pass a certain level. In addition, quite often computer games, especially the so-called "shooters", contain elements of cruelty, because the enemy has to be killed. And the worst thing is when a person begins to apply the rules of behavior in a game in real life.

gambling addiction

Those who play gambling risk losing money, thereby impoverishing not only themselves, but also their families. Isn’t it better to spend this time on more useful activities, take a walk in the fresh air, learn something new?

  1. Dependence on TV and Internet.

It’s hard for us to imagine our life without a TV. But, if some people watch it in order to find out the latest news or watch a movie, then there are those who spend hours sitting in front of the screen, watching everything in a row. Statistics show that about half of our leisure time we spend watching television. We are talking about those who are not "infected" with telemania. You can only imagine how many years of his life he spends thoughtlessly watching all the telemans in a row!


The same applies to watch "gatherings" on the Internet. Doctors call this Internet addiction a form of mental disorder, i.e. a disease. After all, a person cannot make an effort on himself to break away from the monitor, and this suggests that he is a slave to his bad habit. Therefore, if you wander around the network for hours, have a huge number of friends in it and constantly communicate with your virtual friends, you should think about whether you have developed an addiction.

  1. Biting nails and handles.

This is a very unpleasant habit, which many manage to unlearn, it is only worth making a little effort. And it is necessary to do this, because under the nails can contain a large number of harmful bacteria, not to mention dirt. In addition, nibbled nails are simply ugly, both in girls and boys. And doctors say that such a habit may be the result of mental disorders.

Nibbling nails

There are also such "rodents" that use pens or pencils. It is just as ugly as biting your nails, and besides with a paste or stylus you can stain your face and hands, not to mention the fact that it is very easy to swallow the harmful substances that they contain.

  1. Dependence on new technology.

It lies in the fact that a person all the time wants to have the latest model of a phone, computer, laptop, tablet and other equipment. Moreover, I want it not because the old model broke, but just like that because a new one appeared.

From new gadget

Even if the financial condition allows you to do this, you need to think about whether there are more things needed in the data that you need to buy. And even if there is no opportunity to buy what you want, it is possible that there may be a nervous breakdown or depression.

  1. Binge eating.

Our body needs a certain amount of calories daily, and if you constantly exceed the norm, it is easy to gain excess weight. And this is due to the emergence of complexes, which affects the state of the nervous system. Problems can arise with almost all organs: liver, stomach, heart, teeth, joints, etc. Therefore, overeating is not just a bad habit, but also a kind of disease that must be treated.

Binge eating

There is still a large number of bad habits by which you can determine how well-educated a person is. If you constantly spit on the floor, use foul language, use the so-called parasitic words in your speech, you are late, lazy and sloppy, talkative, envious - no one will call you a cultured person, and you usually try to avoid communication with such people.

And vice versa, with someone who helps and supports, is friendly and smiling, has useful interesting hobbies and reads a lot, it is always interesting and pleasant to communicate.

How to get rid of bad habits?

You need to start by looking for a reason: why did you get this habit. Then you can understand what needs to be changed in order to get rid of it. Then you need to create a reason for yourself to abandon a bad habit (I want to become healthy, strong, beautiful, athletic, etc.). Find friends who think the same way you do - together it will be easier for you to achieve your goal, because you will support each other.

Take a notebook and write on its pages all your habits, both good and bad. Now collect the “bad” leaves and tear them decisively. So you have taken the first step!

Get rid of habits

If there is a person next to you who has bad habits, you can wean him too. Start by asking him not to spit on the floor, not to smoke, not to say bad words, etc. Be decisive and categorical, explain to him how unpleasant it is for others.

And most importantly - deciding to get rid of a bad habit, you need to be persistent, not give up, even if not everything works out at first.

We found that most bad habits are not only ugly and uncivilized, but pose a threat to health. And health is the most important thing for any person. Therefore, instead of sitting for hours in front of the TV or on the Internet, we will compose a daily routine and we will observe it.

If you start the morning with a charge, we will be alert and energetic throughout the day. Hand washing, especially after going to the toilet and before eating, daily brushing, and proper nutrition are not just good habits, but also a guarantee of good health.

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