28 lunar days: full description, haircut, beauty, wedding, birthday, dream interpretation, health - what can and cannot be done?

To know how to behave on a 28 lunar day, read this material.

Among all the days that the Moon counts, the twenty-eighth is one of the most successful. It carries with it positive and good luck.

Symbolism of the 28 lunar day

Element of 28 lunar days - water. A very unstable element, which largely depends on the mood of the person. Corresponding to it, it can pour a thin gentle stream, and can turn into a raging ocean.

The symbol is a mystical lotus flower, personifying snow-white purity, which can arise even from muddy water. He is able to breathe the energy of creativity

  • 28th day color - purple, giving the gift of clairvoyance and intuition. In addition, lilac, giving peace of mind, lilac, associated with passions and love, is also strong on this day. And, of course, white is pure and immaculate.
  • The number of the day is one. It is influenced by the Sun, therefore, the energy contained in its warm rays is provided. On the 28th lunar day it will be very correct to look for omens connected with the number one: the numbers of houses, apartments, cars, a casually cast glance at the clock - wherever this figure catches your eye - all to good luck.
  • Stone of the 28th day - Aragonite, reminiscent of eternal family values, dear people. Andalusite will lead you into the world of the unknown and mysterious, while chrysoprase will protect you from negative consequences: damage, evil eye, nightmares are not terrible with it.

The direction today is north. If you need to go south - take for luck the amulet of the color of northern snows. Choose any white object with your talisman - and go!

Guardian angel of the day - Saros. Order, peace, harmony, a reliable family hearth - all this is in the power of the ruler of the ninth heaven. He preserves in human souls peace, humanity, mercy - all that is filled with the 28 lunar day.

What do 28 lunar days carry?

Joy and happiness - Firstly. And since you have to pay for everything, our tribute should be just such a state of mind. Having received additional wisdom from the Universe, we will accept everything, no matter what happens to us, as a gift from heaven, and even perceive a problematic situation as an incentive for a new outlook on the world - good, positive and calm.

  • This is the day that our thoughts become reality, so you should not think about something bad and gloomy, otherwise you risk getting all your black thoughts in reality in full. It is better to dream about a long-awaited meeting, about new positive impressions, travels. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to fall into greed.
  • On this day you need to be a creator, not a destroyer. We do not pick flowers, do not break branches, do not kick stray dogs, but, on the contrary, treat them better and caress them. With this positive, we will also drive away all energy vampires, which are extremely numerous on the 28th lunar day. In the same way we communicate with them directly - with a smile, affectionately and politely.
  • It is very good to take a walk on such a day, best of all - closer to the elements of this day: by the river, stream, along the sea coast. But you should not go fishing, because on the 28th day of the moon we only create, and do not dream of sending poor crucians to a frying pan.
Bring joy

This day is very full of amorous adventures. The main thing is to listen carefully to yourself, test your feelings and trust your heart.

Today we do not allow sad thoughts, we fight them with all available methods: we relax, we feel unity with nature, we do our favorite things. And remember: we create everything good and bad ourselves, so the mood is only positive!

Can I get a haircut on 28 lunar days?

But the haircut is just not recommended by the stars. Better deal with a change in hair color, the main thing here is without undue radicalism. It is best to make highlighting that will update your appearance, but at the same time it will not change it dramatically beyond recognition. It is best to use natural dyes - the same good old basma and henna.

  • Good and time-tested peel from onions, giving a ryzhenka, brightening a decoction of chamomile or nutshell, which is often used by brunettes.
  • Do not make strong curls, actively use hair straighteners or curling irons. Today does not accept radical changes, including in your usual hairstyle.
  • Anyway, the motto of the 28th lunar day is simplicity and naturalness, therefore usual (but always elegant) bundles, braids with a minimum of jewelry are appropriate.
Not recommended to get a haircut

And in the evening, give your hair a vitamin comb: squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the water and moisten the comb with this solution - your strands will be grateful to you for this.

How to become beautiful in the 28 lunar day?

Beauty, like everything on this day, is achieved primarily by a good mood and positive thoughts. And when you are inwardly tuned in the right way - you can take on the appearance.

  • After a shower giving a charge of vivacity, we start with an eyebrow - we make them sable, we nourish with oils. We turn to the eyes - they are already charming, so they hardly need any additional procedures.
  • We take care of the nose - let it breathe with healing broths and oils, treat it with nutritious mixtures. We make the same makeup for the lips.
  • When applying makeup, we remember that today our colors are in lilac-violet tones, so we select the appropriate shadows and give preference to a soft lipstick with mother of pearl.
  • Unlike discreet make-up, nails can be made bright with patterns, strasses, and amusing designs. The same applies to pedicures.
  • For jewelry, we will choose figures of the most diverse bug spiders, let them live today where there are piercing piercings (just don’t make a new one - on the 28th day the moon does not recommend such procedures).
Beauty on the 28 lunar day

In the evening, treat yourself to a fragrant bath with nutritious vegetable oils, flower petals - a worthy end to the day and a wonderful transition to the next, 29 lunar day.

Wedding ceremony on the 28 lunar day

Not a good day for young bride and groom. It is more suitable for those who have already tried family life in a civil marriage - now it is time for them to legalize their relations officially. It’s better for young and zealous on this day to make preparations for this joyous event, to discuss everything, introduce each other to relatives, and go for a wedding dress.

A wedding ceremony is best for established couples

It’s good to mark this day as a honeymoon - it will be calm, thorough and will pass according to the plan, without failures and surprises. It would be nice to take care of your own family nest - you should not start a joint life in parental apartments. Wedding on the 28th day of the moon - the matter is exclusively voluntary, no prohibitions or recommendations on this matter exist.

Birthdays 28 lunar day

Charming, smart, charming - these are they, children of the twenty-eighth day. At the same time they are inveterate idlers. This is especially pronounced during school, but do not scold them, because such children are very developed and smart beyond their years, maybe they are just bored at school?

Charming birthday people are born 28 days.
  • Enthusiasts, activists, visionaries and inventors - they fix such glory on their own within the walls of the school. And life comes out of it with talented personalities, not without reason among the birthday people of the 28th lunar day a lot of people of creative professions: writers, artists, musicians, singers.
  • They are interested in constant growth and development, movement, improvement, search.
  • In their personal lives they remain monogamous. They don’t really care about generally accepted ideas about the prestige of home, work, clothing - the main thing is that there is order in their thoughts.
  • They have quite good health and steel nerves, which are not recommended for anyone to test. Troubles can affect the skin, they are prone to rashes, acne, sores, warts, etc.

Until advanced years keep vivacity and fortitude.

Interpretation of dreams on the 28 lunar day

Dreams on such a day cannot be called prophetic, but nevertheless they are filled with all sorts of mystical characters - both dark and light. Their meaning is determined to a greater extent by the subconscious, which at night tells us what is disturbing and where is the way out of the situation.

  • So, the road in a dream can be taken literally, as an upcoming trip or a working trip. Or are we just looking for a way out of the impasse?
  • Jewelry can mean both friends and ill-wishers - it depends on whether you liked it, was cheap or expensive, stylish or artisanal. But to crown oneself with a crown is certainly a victory!
  • Animals on this day (or rather, night) are our friends who communicate good news. Not everything is so simple with nature: its withering, bad weather report problems, beauty and magnificent landscapes - you are on the right track.
Dreams of the 28th day

Well, we simply do not take into account all the vampires, ghouls, demons, and demons that we have dreamed of - because we remember that today they just have fun in human dreams.

What awaits in business on the 28 lunar day?

The day is favorable for good deeds, in particular, for charity. Just do not shout about it at all angles. As, by the way, about successes at work - salary increase, a new step in the career ladder, etc.

  • If you have a deal planned for this day - most likely, it will be successful, but provided that you carefully study all the documents, up to the items written in the smallest font.
  • Students should go to school, because you should not count on luck.
  • For financial success on this day, it’s good to "appease" the money - to prepare a new depository for them: a piggy bank, after wiping it with a special golden water.
  • Throw a little thing made of gold and a couple of pieces of ice into the water, let it brew for an hour and soak a cloth in it, with which to wipe the piggy bank.

A very favorable day for people of creative professions, and this is understandable: after all, the 28th is their element.

Health status at 28 lunar days

It's time to think about a diet and buy all kinds of vegetables, fruits and other healthy products.

  • If you wish, on this day you can try to quit smoking and "tie" with a drink. The main thing is to want this and believe in yourself.
  • A dangerous day for the eyes - fewer televisions, computers, tablets and phones, more contemplation of nature.
  • In general, there are no problems with health on the 28th lunar day, the only doctors who work today are cosmetologists who are called to bring beauty to the world.
  • As for sports, they should be moderate. There is no need to bring yourself to fatigue, because the main result is to fill the body with vigor, and not to weaken it.

Remember calm and drink tea with all sorts of fragrant additives, from linden and mint to orange peels.

So, the twenty-eighth lunar day tells us about the need to find harmony, which can be found in communication with nature, in good thoughts and intentions, but for someone it may just be solitude and calm contemplation of the world around us. End this day with gratitude in your soul for all the good that he brought, and then the next will be even better.

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