How to decorate a house, room, hall, holiday table, dishes for Valentine's Day: ideas, tips, photos

Romantic holiday of love Valentine's Day must be met in a pleasant atmosphere. How to create an atmosphere of love in the house, you will learn from this article.

Valentine's Day is a joyous holiday for all couples in love. Every year, February 14, all lovers give each other original gifts in the form of hearts as a sign of respect and love, gently calling them "valentines".

Prepare for the holiday in advance, choosing for this not only the appropriate wardrobe and delicious dishes, but also create a special atmosphere in the house, which has a heart and soul for the holiday.

Symbols of February 14 Valentine's Day: photos

First of all, let's look at the symbols of the holiday of lovers.

  • Heart is the main symbol of the holiday. In ancient times they believed that such feelings as love, luck, resentment and anger are located in the heart. After several centuries, the opinion has changed, and now it is sacredly believed that only good feelings can be in the heart, namely love and respect. This belief remains to this day, therefore, the image of the heart is considered a symbol of love and various crafts in the shape of a heart give each other not only lovers, but also schoolchildren, students, office workers, etc.
  • Lace - several centuries ago, a beautiful lace scarf was considered an obligatory attribute of the wardrobe of the fair half. If the girl liked the guy and she wanted to get to know him better, then she specially dropped him a handkerchief on the floor, approaching the chosen one. The guy had to pick up a scarf from the floor and return the girl. Very soon, this attribute was used by great writers in their love affairs. That is why in our time they try to give a gift for Valentine's Day decorated with lace or wrapped in paper in the form of lace. It is also used to decorate cutlery for a romantic dinner.
  • Red Rose - the flower of the goddess of love Venus of Milos. Rose is a symbol of love and beauty of Greece. And red color symbolizes strong feelings.
  • Cupid - the son of the goddess of love Venus of Milos. A shot of his magic arrow in a magical way is a sign that in the near future a feeling of strong love will awaken in his heart.
  • Glove - this is a symbol of love and marriage. It is not for nothing that when making an offer to his beloved, a man asks her hand and heart.
  • Pigeons - birds of love These birds are always paired and remain faithful to their love for life. Pigeons symbolize fidelity and love, so they can often be seen as decorations not only at the wedding, but also on Valentine's Day.

How to decorate the house, room February 14 for Valentine's Day: photo

There are a huge number of options for home decoration and basically it all depends on the flight of imagination and the feelings that lovers have for each other. But the most important rule is that all the decor elements are made in the shape of a heart.

No romantic dinner is complete without candles. On Valentine's Day, you can buy scented candles of red color and lay them in the shape of a heart on the floor.

A pleasant dim light will give the couple in love a table lamp in the shape of a heart.

And of course, balloons in the shape of a heart, which will certainly emphasize the atmosphere of the holiday, will make it romantic and unique.

These are just the basic elements of the decor in the room. But in order for Valentine’s day to really enter your home, you need to decorate it from the door itself. You can hang a beautiful wreath made of hearts or in the shape of a heart with your hands on the front door.

And as soon as your girlfriend or boyfriend opens the front door, she will be greeted by a festive path covered with red rose petals, along the edges of which candles will burn.

Such a romantic path will lead you two to a festive table, which also needs to be beautifully decorated.

Decoration of the table and dishes for Valentine's Day: ideas, photos

  • Funny little things and flowers are considered traditional attributes for decorating a festive table. But you can make original table decorations for yourself.
  • To begin with, even the simplest dishes that you will serve at the table can be arranged in the form of a heart that can tell your lover about your feelings for him better than any words.
  • For example, in the form of a heart, you can serve pizza and even sushi to the table, not to mention that making desserts and any cake in the form of a heart will not be difficult. To do this, you only need a cookie cutter with which you will arrange holiday dishes.

  • Romantic holiday menu is a great choice for the holiday of lovers. But against the background of an interesting table decor, they will look more appetizing and original. That is why it is worth paying attention directly to the table setting.

  • And how do you like the idea - a tree of love? You can buy it in the store. As a rule, they are made from all kinds of pebbles, beads, small ceramic hearts and other materials. But you can do it yourself. The tree symbolizes eternity and power on the planet, so it will be very appropriate on your holiday.

  • Naturally, there is nothing sweeter than the kiss of lovers. But if original desserts are present at your holiday table, this will only sweeten your feelings.
  • By the way, you can prepare your loved one original sweets for a gift. In Europe, it is customary to give special sweets for Valentine's Day for Valentine's Day. Supermarket shelves literally littered with gift wraps
  • In each country, such sweets have a different name. For example, in Italy they are called "Baci" which means "Kiss" in translation. They are made in the form of a dome of black and milk chocolate with whole nuts or cherries inside. Lovers give such sweets to each other and immediately deploy them. Under the candy wrapper is a note with wishes in which the feelings of lovers are expressed

And do not forget about beautiful napkins. Here you will not be bothered by creativity. Although napkins of red or pink color are perfect for such a holiday, you can do your own thing and deviate from the generally accepted canons.

Aromatic burning candles will help you to saturate the air in the room with love, which also underlines the especially festive atmosphere in the house.

It is worth turning on the flight of your imagination and decorating the candles in the style appropriate to the holiday. There are many ideas for decorating candles, but your personal idea will be best.

What a romantic dinner without a bottle of champagne. By the feast of Valentine's Day, you should think about beautiful glasses. They can be decorated in a special way, decorated with beads, acrylic, lace, etc. All in your hands.

You just need to free yourself a little time and realize what you plan. Believe me, such a decor of glasses will allow your loved one to look at you with different eyes. You can decorate candles and glasses in the same style, which will complement each other in an original and solemn manner.

Well and naturally - flowers. They will be more appropriate on the table than ever. Despite the fact that it is only February outside, the flowers on the table will symbolize the spring blossoming feeling of love.

It is not necessary to put them in a vase. You can come up with original ideas for their arrangement, which will turn your table into a fairy tale.

And look, what romantic table setting you got as a result. Beautiful plates, burning candles, garlands, original napkins, unusual decor of champagne glasses, small boxes with gifts.

When designing a table, be sure to think about the upcoming romantic dinner. And then you will succeed in an unusually beautiful, original and individual way.

Valentine's Day Hall Decoration

Restaurateurs and owners of small and cozy cafes are carefully preparing for Valentine's Day. The main question that faces them is the creation of a romantic menu and, of course, a creative solution for decorating the hall.

Designers cope with their duty in earnest, implement their slightly unusual ideas, creating a festive and intimate atmosphere in the hall - garlands of hearts, various compositions of flowers, balls and candles, etc.

Maybe you can take a few ideas for yourself?

Wall newspaper to February 14 Valentine's Day, Valentine

On Valentine's Day, it is customary to give gifts and hearts to loved ones and loved ones. And what about those of us who want to congratulate everyone at once. For example, you want to make a pleasant surprise for all the residents of your entrance, or you decided to please and make a festive atmosphere in the office or beauty salon.

Your congratulations on the holiday of Valentine will undoubtedly please the neighbors, colleagues, classmates and visitors of this or that institution. And the best way out of this situation is a wall newspaper, which will look appropriate on the walls of any room.

You can prepare ready-made templates that you only need to colorize with taste. This will take a little time, but it will bring people a lot of positive emotions.

DIY decorations for February 14 Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day

People say: "Everything that is done with your own hands has a magical property." So why not make decorations for Valentine's Day with your own hands and decorate your house with original garlands and other crafts in red-white, pink-white, red-black color. Or maybe you like the combination of pink and turquoise?

For example, you can start by decorating the walls. Cut out heart-shaped figures from paper and glue them to the wall with double-sided tape. You can also make paper hearts using the origami technique.

Evaluate how beautiful such a heart looks.

And how does the heart made using quilling technique look original?

It will not be difficult to make soft hearts that can be hung on the walls and on the window.

Or, these are the ideas.

Valentine's Day is a day of love. To reveal your feelings for your loved one, you can make a romantic gift with your own hands.

For those who are closer to the soul of non-traditional celebrations, there are also many interesting options - a snow walk with a hot bath and mulled wine at home, a romantic dinner on the water or on the beach. The main thing is to love and take care of each other! Happy holiday to you !!!