Fortune telling on tea - how to do it: basic concepts, interpretation of symbols in not drunk and drunk drink

Fortune-telling at tea began many centuries ago, and today a whole art has come to us. Let's get to know him in more detail.

Initially, in China, tea was used as a traditional medicine. But during the reign of the Tang Dynasty in the V-I century BC, a culture of drinking tea formed as a tonic drink.

At this time, the first attempts fortune telling on tea, since the gulls formed time and time in bizarre patterns and people, with their characteristic interest in the future, began to associate them with it. They saw certain images in figurines from tea leaves, and on this a whole system was built, which has survived to this day in various variations.

How to guess on tea?

Fortune-telling on tea not only in solitude, but also in the circle of mischievous girlfriends, so many believe that this witchcraft is simply amusement. Nevertheless, its results are quite accurate, especially if you follow simple rules, of which there are only two.

Came from china

To fortune telling on tea was accurate, and you received from a wonderful drink not only a charge of vivacity, but also the answers to your questions you need to do the following:

  1. Brew tea in a cup, not in a teapot.
  2. The cup should not be with vertical walls, but gradually opening from the bottom to the edge.
  3. Tea must be good, large-leafed.
  4. While the tea is brewing, think about the problem or question that interests you.

To do this, you need to put in a cup a teaspoon of tea leaves and pour boiling water. For tea to brew and acquire its excellent taste, it takes about 15 minutes. Cover the cup with a lid or saucer and wait. When the tea is brewed - remove the cap and watch.

Fortune-telling on tea Asians in two ways - on tea not yet drunk and on drunk.

  • In the first fortune-telling, it is important how many tea leaves are on the surface, how many are on the bottom and in which figures they line up.
  • In the second - the place of "landing" of the tea leaves, and, of course, figures from them. You can combine them by first reading fortune on a freshly brewed drink, and then, after you empty the cup, already on the pattern of tea leaves.
By the gull

An excellent position for the cup is the one in which you placed it initially. If you don’t remember how she stood before, make sure that the handle is pointing at you. Some people prefer to chop the tea leaves with a spoon before interpreting the meaning of the popped tea leaves. In this case, you need to make three circles with a spoon with your left hand. And some just spin the cup clockwise. But you don’t have to do all this - do as you feel at the moment.

Fortune telling on tea: basic concepts

To begin, consider the basic concepts fortune telling on tea.

  • The cup space has both temporary and, in fact, spatial significance. So, the cup wall from bottom to edge is time.
  • If the symbol that you saw near the bottom is a distant future, if in the middle of the cup is closer and at the very edge - today or tomorrow, on the nose.
  • The cup handle symbolizes you and is the key to determining the spatial significance of the cup. If the symbol that you see is located close to the handle, then the event will happen near you.
  • Directions of figures at fortune telling on tea in relation to the pen are also very important - those that are directed to the pen mean arrival, increase, profit. And those that are directed from the handle are the other way around.

The number of characters talking about good or bad is also important - it will help you imagine the big picture, from which you can build on. For example, one bad news against the backdrop of a huge number of positive omens, of course, will not spoil the overall happy period.

Fortune telling on tea: the interpretation of the characters in not drunk drink

If you guessing at tea not yet drunk, then place the cup so that the handle is facing you - it is important that the characters are located to the right and left of the handle. On the right is the future, on the left is the past.

Chinese books on fortune telling on tea talk about more than sixty positions of tea leaves and their interpretation. In our article we will talk about a few.

Interpret correctly
  1. One gull on the left, two on the right. In general, a very happy period awaits you - money, love and luck will literally keep up with you. But luck in finances will have to wait a whole year. Don’t give anyone a loan in the near future.
  2. If on the surface on one side of the handle one leaf of tea floats - This is not a good sign. You are waiting for a quarrel with your loved one, due to lack of attention on your part. A successful business streak will also be replaced by problems at work and in finances - up to the point that you have to borrow money. Try not to express your dissatisfaction with the situations in the family and at work for at least the next two days to avoid trouble.
  3. If a two leaves surfaced on the right side of the cup and connected by the tips, and on the left two wide leaves freely float - your affairs are relatively bad. Everything is fine only in the love sphere - a long-awaited meeting awaits you. At work or in business, a series of failures and failures awaits you, as a result of which you lose faith in your own strength and complete stagnation sets in. You will have to make a lot of efforts not to become a regular in gambling clubs.
  4. If a most of the tea leaves are at the bottom and only two are trying to break away from it - it’s time to prepare for both good and bad changes. In love affairs, luck and prosperity await you, but at work, everything is not at all smooth. You will not be given the opportunity to realize yourself and this will lead you into complete confusion. Material income does not shine for you, unless you unexpectedly win the lottery. If all these ups and downs prompt you to change your place of residence, be careful, ruin may await you.
  5. All leaflets on the surface (or most) is a very bad sign when fortune telling on tea. Of course, this also means that you are impatient. But on the other hand, it is a sign that you should not wait for luck. And especially in love. At work, your haste will let you down too. The opportunities that fate will provide you will literally disappear through your fingers because of her. With money, too, one should not wait for good luck. And do not dare to take up gambling - you lose the last.
  6. If all the gulls that have surfaced are gathered on the left - both bad and good are waiting for you. It all depends on the question you asked.
  7. In case lsprings did not rise to the surface, but did not lie at the bottom, but floated somewhere in the middle of the cup - you will find stunning luck. In love you will know passion, tenderness and fidelity. A career will skyrocket and everything you dream about will come true.

Fortune telling at tea: what can you see by drinking a drink?

  • Drum - does not bode well. Quarrels, gossip, a very loud and unpleasant showdown are waiting for you.
  • Butterfly - if she swims in a circle of dots - this promises material losses. One butterfly is pleasure without guilt.
  • Wineglass - This symbol indicates the integrity of the person who is guessing.
  • Beads or necklace. The whole - a huge number of fans will revolve around you. If the decoration is torn - the planned wedding or the expected love may not take place.
  • Bottle - You should be more careful and attentive to your health.
  • Libra - A symbol of the goddess of justice Themis. This means that a court case or trial in a lighter form is possible. If the scales are uniform, the decision will be fair. If you swayed in one direction - no.
  • Goal - this is to the house full of guests or to the fact that what you are waiting for will return to you - it does not matter, it is a person or property.
  • Nail with fortune telling on tea- someone embittered attacks and injustice towards you and your loved ones.
  • Garland - says that you are waiting for luck and respect from others in any business.
Various characters
  • Eye - if in your drink you see the image of the eye - you need to be very careful in all your affairs.
  • The mountains at fortune telling on tea- This image is ambiguous. In general, it is a symbol of your huge ambitions. If the peaks are clearly drawn - you will get everything you have planned and you will be successful.
  • Mushroom - a symbol of growth and expansion. If it is located close to the handle - you will get a house in a village or suburb.
  • Pear - symbolizes wealth, a comfortable life and a lot of joy.
  • Tree - execution of the planned, justified ambitions.
  • House - security. If you plan to start a new business, it's time, the situation is safe and favorable. If the house symbol is next to the pen and looks unclear, the meaning changes. So at home you are waiting for illness or grief.
  • Arc - An image of ill health, difficulties in work processes or changes in plans. There is a chance to get upset or in an accident. Refuse for a while from the conceived.
  • Christmas tree - This is a symbol of recognition for creative people. The higher the tree, the greater the chance of recognition.
  • Acorn - just a beautiful image. However, its significance depends on its position in the cup. Close to the edge - to financial well-being and profit. Somewhere in the middle of the wall - you and your family will be in good health. Near the bottom is a change in health and financial situation for the better.
  • Woman with fortune telling on tea is a dual way. One woman symbolizes various kinds of pleasure and joy. Two or more women do not bode well - only quarrels and gossip.
  • Fence or fence - All your plans, desires and actions are under restriction.
  • Castle - This is not only an obstacle on the doors in front of the entrance to the house. This is an image of an obstacle in the fulfillment of your desires.
It is important to brew correctly
  • Hare at fortune telling on tea - An image of unnecessary, excessive modesty.
  • Six-sided star - You will find prosperity in the future.
  • Star with eight faces - on the contrary, a bad omen - failures, misfortunes and accidents await you.
  • Snake means that someone harbors hatred against you, weaves hostile conspiracies and slander you.
  • Head of cabbage - you are too jealous, you should get rid of this unpleasant feeling.
  • Dagger “You are too hasty in your decisions.” Another option is that enemies are preparing a very dangerous trap against you.
  • Little key - analyze the information that fell into your hands, new opportunities will open up for you. If in the cup you saw a double key or it is located at the bottom - you can be robbed.
  • Book - not a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, as we usually consider it. Fortune-telling, if you see the book open, it’s a matter of litigation, and if it’s closed, your search will be difficult.
  • Bell - a symbol whose meaning depends on many factors. If it is close to the edge - you will be promoted, if close to the bottom - sad events, two bells - you will find great joy.
  • Column - depending on the circumstances and place of formation - luck, also indicates pitfalls due to pride.
  • Ring at fortune telling on tea - an image of independence, satisfaction of desires, calm and long life. A ring next to the edge of the cup - you will get married soon, in the center of the wall - you will be called to get married, at the bottom - you will be engaged for a long time. If there are two rings nearby - your plans will start to make a profit, and the projects will become a reality.
  • Ship - The image of good news and all sorts of good luck.
  • Basket - a very happy image. Located at the pen - you will soon have a baby, close to the top - your financial income will grow significantly, a basket with flowers - sparkling prosperity, stunning luck in society and many interesting meetings await you. A basket surrounded by dots - financial profit awaits you, probably you will get unexpected profit.
Fancy Shaped Shapes
  • Crown - truly royal luck. If the picture is clear - an unexpected profit.
  • Bonfire flame “You make decisions too often in anger.” Avoid this.
  • Purse - if the image appeared in any part of the cup, except for the bottom - it promises benefits. At the bottom of the cup is a loss that you do not expect.
  • Kitty is an image of a plot being plotted against you or a negligent friend.
  • Cross - An image of suffering, self-sacrifice and trouble. If the tea leaves are folded in two crosses - expect a serious illness or trouble.
  • A circle - everything that you do not make a guess will end in joy.
  • Spread wingsat fortune telling on tea mean you should wait for the news.
  • Swan - a symbol of fidelity, means a quiet life in perfect harmony with your beloved.
  • King of beasts - influential environment will bring you luck.
  • Forest - An image of betrayal of others or a lover. You expect a blow that you do not expect. If the trees are separated by a river or it is next to the handle, someone’s cunning plans for you will not be successful.
  • Ladder - career advancement thanks to your hard work.
  • The bat - People seeking your friendship are plotting against you.
  • Leaflet - to the news. A bouquet of leaves - for happiness and a brighter future.
  • Boat at fortune telling on tea - You will have to flee in very difficult circumstances.
  • Galloping horse - Great news from a loved one. Horse head - you will have a lover.
  • Full moon disk - you will have a love affair. The moon in the first quarter promises new ideas and successful projects, in the last - the decline in your activity in the future. If the picture is not clearly expressed, you run the risk of becoming depressed, and surrounded by dots, you will marry by calculation.
  • Meadow with a herd on it - prosperity, abundance, fulfillment of the desired and all sorts of joys. The trees in the meadow are obstacles that will later benefit you, subject to your prudence.
  • Frog says that you clearly overestimate yourself and this can attract chagrin.
  • bear - the image of unreasonable decisions that will attract danger and entail great chagrin. Turning away from the handle, the bear speaks of the long journey that you have to.
What do you see in the cup
  • Mill at fortune telling on teapromises great luck if you work tirelessly. Your abilities alone will not help.
  • Panicle - You will notice great disappointments from yourself.
  • Hammer - hints at your possible predisposition to cruelty and perseverance in overcoming troubles.
  • Bridge - There are great chances to quickly achieve incredible success.
  • Ant - Persistent people like you are always rewarded.
  • Fly at fortune telling on tea- grief and anxiety. The image of the troubles that the fly embodies concerns most of the household chores. The more flies, the more tense the situation.
  • Knife - separation, a contract that will not be fulfilled and the termination of friendly relations. If you see a drawing of a knife by the handle - to divorce. If the knives are crossed, a strong quarrel awaits you.
  • If you saw in a cup scissors, you are facing separation. If they are drawn at the pen - a big scandal at home.
  • A monkey - Someone close or trying to get close to you wants to trick you. Take a look at those who flatter you and be careful.
  • The clouds - doubts gnaw you and problems gather around you. The degree of trouble depends on the severity of the clouds.
  • Deer symbolizes the road that you will soon have, as well as a wide straight line.
By tea
  • Loose tail peacock - you are waiting for the acquisition of real estate, a bird surrounded by points - a life full of luxury and joy. If the bird has formed at the edge of the vessel, a rich marriage awaits you.
  • Fern leaves when divining on tea - chances are good that your loved one is not faithful to you.
  • Spider symbolizes the determination and perseverance of the fortuneteller, multiplied by treachery and cunning.
  • Pen - the image of instability and the lack of the necessary level of concentration on the goal of the fortuneteller.
  • Saw - you need to be vigilant - a stranger threatens your family hearth.
  • Pistol - a mortal threat looms over you from an unknown side.
  • Bed. It has two meanings. Explicitly marked drawing - cloudless life. Intermittent fuzzy lines - confusion that will lead to trouble.
  • Fortune telling birds. It is especially good when the picture shows two birds or more. Feathered in flight - good news sitting on a branch - your journey will be successful.
  • Bee. This hardworking insect embodies luck in society, money, news that will please you and (if near the pen) - a meeting with close friends. Roy is a successful performance.
  • Pentagon - your mind and soul are in a state of calm.
  • Linethat bifurcates - you need to finally make up your mind and make a decision. Your luck depends on the images around the line.
  • Child - the number of small problems that await you is difficult to count. Another option is the appearance of a child.
  • Gun. Drawing at the pen - your welfare will be trying to destroy. Near the bottom - health problems.
  • Mermaid when divining on tea means the temptation to watch out for.
  • Fortune telling fish - Probably the most positive of the images - luck and prosperity await you in all areas of your life.
  • Elephant -you have the strength and wisdom that are necessary to achieve a strong position in life. Luck won't come fast - be patient.
  • Dog - Friends are always ready to become your support. The position of the drawing and the pose of the animal can say a lot - for example, a dog that runs promises you wonderful news and good meetings. It is calm - you should not slander your friends. At the bottom - a close friend is in trouble.
To guess
  • Owl - this bird symbolizes a lot of unpleasant events - new beginnings will fail, anxiety, illness and financial losses will come to your home.
  • Falcon - a sudden threat to your life.
  • Table - festivities, pleasant meetings and joy. If there are many points around - a meeting on monetary issues.
  • Arrow will bring bad news.
  • Chair - Your position in all areas will improve. If there are dots around it, only the financial sector will improve.
  • A bag warns you of a possible trap. If it is closed, you will be lucky and you will avoid trouble.
  • Chest your hopes will come true and you will have a pleasant impression.
  • Dots - if one, amplification of the closest image. If a lot - get a large amount of money.
  • Fruits - Symbols of fortuneteller fortuneteller. If you saw the image of a seasonal fruit that matches the season - your luck will not leave you.
  • Hill - if you have a goal, then obstacles await you on the way to achieving it.
  • Flower - all the wishes come true.
  • Fortune telling clock you should not hesitate and procrastinate. At the bottom - your time on this earth is running out.

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