Mirror protection of a person and a house from evil eye and damage: how to conduct a ritual on your own?

To protect yourself and your home from negativity, use mirrors. Detailed instructions are provided in the article.

The mirror is an item that we use every day, but do not even think about its meaning. Mirrors belong to magic tools.

Professional healers say that when removing damage, everything is transferred to the performer. Ailments begin to torment him and all the bad things that he wished to another person come back. Having learned about the destructive effects, it is better to immediately contact specialists in this matter for a greater effect. Protection will help protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of black forces.

Mirror protection of a person: how to protect yourself?

Very often a person does not know that he has been affected by spoilage, but his energy and strength are weakening every day. It is important that when you begin to get rid of extraneous influences, do not share this with outsiders and relatives. Since the information can reach the one who brought all the negativity to you, and often it turns out to be persons from the close circle.

  • Evil eyes are not always sent consciously by a person, it can be envy or anger in a certain situation, but it still carries negative energy and affects the human biofield.
  • The effects of black magic are far worse. In such cases, special attributes and rituals are used, and all this is called corruption. A deliberate desire to harm and spoil someone's life is an exceptional danger, because it is very difficult to remove some types of damage.

Conductmirror protection You can do it yourself. For this, various conspiracies, amulets and talismans are used.

Mirror protection pretty strong. It will help to protect everyone from the evil eye and other witchcraft effects, and will also contribute to the elimination of adverse natural phenomena.

A mirror is a special tool. It is not suitable for all people, since the impact on everyone is different.

The ritual helps to surround the body with a certain cocoon, and a person feels protected and surrounded in a certain film. Such protection should not be allowed to be a bad person, or it will in every possible way limit communication with him, which will eventually be broken.

Ritual action

  • Streams of energy exist in every person, communicating, people exchange them, objects and other things. Just as the flows of a positive charge pass, the bad ones are accepted, and gradually everything is twisted into energy damage.
  • Streams of clean energy allow you to cleanse from spoilage.
  • Mirror protection helps protect the aura from negative influences and evil people. But such a guard is not suitable for everyone. If your work is directly related to people: your profit, making important decisions, negotiating, making transactions depend on the number of people, then mirror protection will not allow you to get most people and you will lose the opportunity to develop in this area.

Mirror Protection Process

The use of reflective tools will help open the door to the other world, direct damage, help predict the future, bewitch the soulmate, protect from evil eye and much more.

  • Those who want to protect themselves from damage in this way should purchase a double-sided round mirror with a diameter of 3.5 to 4 cm.
  • After that, cut off a piece of black leather and completely sheat the item.
  • Be sure to carry the amulet with you, laying it at the heart or hanging on the neck.

Mirror protection on two mirrors

  • First of all, choose the right day for the ritual. The most successful are the days of your birth, baptism and name days.
  • Take 2 mirrors in which you will see yourself in full growth.
  • Put them against each other, the approximate distance between them should be two meters. Stand in the middle of two mirrors and face one.
  • The conspirator must see several reflections of himself.
  • Next, you need to look into each of your eyes and say the words of the conspiracy.
  • After performing all these steps, you need to stand a little in the middle of the mirrors and listen to your feelings. You should feel calm and serenity.
  • Only then get out of the mirror and thank the Lord. When exactly to complete the ceremony you need to feel, but this is a very fine line.
  • Mages determine the end of a conspiracy by the light that rises in the mirrors. However, a person who does not have the gift will not be able to immediately make out.

Mirror protection using seven mirrors

  • This ritual is very powerful. 7 mirrors in height are needed. Closer to twelve o'clock in the morning put all the reflective elements in a circle. Circle the area around the mirrors with white chalk.
  • Before each item, light a candle. Then stand in the center, close your eyes and concentrate on the brightest and brightest moments in your life.
  • In this position, you need to spend at least twenty minutes. After that, turn the mirrors away from you against the movement of the hands on the clock.
  • When you turn the reflection, immediately extinguish the candle and pronounce the words of the conspiracy.
On 7 mirrors
  • When the ritual is complete, put all the magic items in a secluded place so that no one sees them.

Such a rite is considered complex and requires a lot of energy. If it is carried out incorrectly, then the contractor will feel unwell for two days already.

Mirror protection using a pocket mirror

Such protection is carried with you. This is one of the easiest ways you can do it yourself.

  • To do this, buy in your name day a small round mirror. Pour salt into a bowl and dissolve it in water.
  • Dip the mirror for a quarter of an hour in saline, then rinse a little in running water and dry well with a towel.
  • Light a candle and bring it close to the mirror, look in your reflection and speak the plot 10 times.
  • Always take such an amulet with you, but do not show it to anyone or mention a ritual. This is your powerful mirror defense.

Such energy protection can be done on any person whom you wish to help.

Mirror protection at home: how to conduct the ritual yourself?

The method is suitable not only for personal protection, but also for the protection of the habitat and family. Protects from envious and unfriendly neighbors and acquaintances.

Method number 1

  • At the store, purchase new, packaged mirrors of the same size. It is important that there are a pair of them. Count how many door and window openings are in the house and how many reflective tools are needed. If you have an unpaired quantity, add one more.
  • The ceremony is carried out in the full moon. Glue the mirrors to the windows and doors with the reflecting side out. When you install them, read over each prayer: "Our Father." This is necessary to start the mechanism.
  • Do not forget to follow them, because if the mirror disappears or breaks, it means that your enemies conceived the evil.
  • And the plot will have to be repeated anew. Pay attention to which mirrors you brought from the store. If broken glass is present, then there is damage to the house. In this case, you first need to clean the house, and only then put the reflectors of evil.

Method number 2

Repeat all the same steps as in the first method. The ceremony is carried out at the new moon. Place mirrors near the entrances and windows. After installing each reflection, read the above, while looking into your eyes in the mirror. When you perform such rituals, it is very important to believe in their ability to help, then the magical action will come into force, be established mirror protection for your home.

The mirror that was used for the magical effect can dissipate the negative effects on you and your home. It does not reach the goal and is scattered in space. Nothing good is awaiting the spoiler of corruption, because the removed negative is returned to its owner in the amount that he was sent. But also, you can repel damage in a triple size by performing a certain ritual on the mirror. This technique is used by those who want not only to return the problems and troubles sent, but also to punish their ill-wisher.

If you are not sure that you can independently make such conspiracies to defend yourself, then it is better to turn to professional magicians. Wrong ritual can cause the opposite effect, and you will feel weakness and malaise, weakening of vital energy.

We protect the house

The services of professionals are sometimes not very cheap, so try to figure it out and put on your own mirror protection from the evil eye and damage. Remember that you must clearly follow all the steps and speak conspiracies.

There are many other diverse ways to reliably protect your energy and home. The safest and most reliable defense is prayer. The main thing is to believe and pray sincerely.

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