The most beautiful queens and princesses in the world: top 16

The most beautiful women in the world, and queens or princesses should know the world. Let us and we learn more about them.

Our world is so diverse that in some states monarchs rule, which do it much better than the current presidents of numerous countries. The titled persons are not only respected. They are worshiped and loved, because they respect and honor traditions, create charitable, social organizations, and not only conduct political activities.

The most beautiful queens and princesses in the world

However, not everyone is born into royal families and immediately receives the title, many of their families received it by entering into marriage with one of the monarchist family. The most beautiful queens and princesses in the world can be called representatives of 13 countries of our planet.

  • 16th place. Jetsun Pema (date of birth 4.06.1990) - the beautiful queen of Bhutan, part-time wife of the king of Bhutan.
  • 15th place. Mette Marit (date of birth 08.19.1973) - Crown Princess of the state of Norway. She received the title by marrying the crown prince Haakon, who was destined from early childhood to sit on the Norwegian throne.
With a family
  • 14th place. Himani Shah (date of birth 1.10.1976) - a native of India, the former Crown Princess of Nepal. Her husband is a contender for the throne of the country in South Africa - Nepal. She gave birth to three children.
From India
  • 13th place. Lalla Salma (real name Salma Bennani, date of birth 05/10/1978) - Princess of Morocco, wife of King Mohammed 6, of this country. For all that, Lalla did not receive the title of queen, she has the right to be the First Lady of the Kingdom of Morocco. This is the king’s only wife, despite eastern traditions.
  • 12th place. Alexandra of Luxembourg (02.16.1991, born in Luxembourg) - the only girl of 4 children in the family of the Duke of Luxembourg. She is not only the princess of Luxembourg, but also Nassau and Bourbon-Parm. She will take the throne only when her turn comes up, because she is the fifth on the list to the throne.
From Luxembourg
  • 11th place. Princess Madeleine (Date of birth 10.06.1982, the city of Stockholm) - her father Karl 16 is the king of Sweden, and his mother is Queen Sylvia. The family has two daughters. After the baptismal rite, she was awarded the title of Duchess of the two Crown Kings of Sweden. In addition, she is the princess of the Scandinavian state - Sweden.
  • 10th place. Katherine Middleton (born January 9, 1982, born in Reading) - Duchess of Cambridge, married to a prince who inherited the title from his father and became duke of Cambridge. Her other rank is Countess Straternskaya.
  • 9th place. Leticia of Asturias (date of birth 01/15/1972, a native of Spain) - Princess, her husband Filipe is Prince of Asturias. He will sit on the Spanish throne after the death of his father.
  • 8th place. Princess Diana (real name Diana Spencer, 06/01/1961 - died in a car accident on 08/31/1997 in Paris) - was for 15 years the wife of the Prince of Wales, who will soon be able to take the throne of the king. The whole world loved her and dearly called Lady Dee. She was a simple girl from a family of aristocrats and worked as a teacher. After her death, the BBC conducted a survey, and Princess Diana became 3rd on the list of majestic personalities in the history of Great Britain.
  • 7th place. Maharani Gayatri Devi (date of birth 05/23/1919, London - died in Jaipur 07/29/2009) - the queen who became the last to sit on the throne of the destroyed kingdom of Jaipur. She married a maharaja named Sawai Man Singh II.
  • 6th place. Haya Bint Al Hussein (Date of birth 05/03/1974, native of Amman) - received the title of princess by inheritance. Her brother Abdullah II now sits on the royal throne of Jordan.
  • 5th place. Charlotte Casiraghi (Date of birth 3.08.1986, a native of the state of Monaco) - she is engaged in journalism and is also a businesswoman. She will take the throne of Monaco after 4 applicants.
  • 4th place. Fawzia Fuad (Date of birth 5.11.1921 - died 3.07.2013) - Princess of Egypt, Empress of Iran, as well as the wife of Mohammed Pahlavi.
Royal blood
  • 3rd place. Amira Tawil (date of birth 6.11.1983) - Princess of Saudi Arabia, is engaged in charity work, she is considered the most beautiful and fashionable girl in her country. One of the spouse of the prince of Saudi Arabia Al-Waleed.
  • 2nd place. Rania Abdullah (date of birth 08.31.1970, city of Kuwait) - having married the king of Jordan, Abdullah II herself became the queen.
In second place

Honorable First Place the most beautiful queen and princess of the world rightfully belongs Grace Kelly (Date of birth 11/12/1929 - died 09/14/1982) - starred in American cinema, until she entered into marriage with Prince of Monaco, named Rainier III. She became the tenth princess of Monaco. Currently, her son is growing - Prince Albert II.

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