Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary in verses and prose - to the wife from the husband, to the colleague to the woman, daughter, sister, girlfriend

In this article you will find original congratulations for relatives and friends.

Birthday is a special holiday. From early childhood, he is remembered for special gifts, dresses and, of course, congratulations. Every year, age increases and new anniversaries appear on the horizon. In our article we will consider beautiful poetic and prosaic congratulations on the best wishes that you can send to a friend, colleague or relative or just take a note.

Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary in verses and prose

Not only the heroes themselves are preparing for the anniversary in advance, but also the guests of the holiday. Poems, prose, beautiful postcards, musical greetings, on this special day will delight the birthday boy. Give him beautiful lines, and together you will be provided with a good mood.


  • Anniversary is the best holiday!
    Time for all dreams to come true!
    May there be many different ones!
    Let colorful dreams dream!
    May all days be like butterflies:
    Will also be light, tender
    Kindness will be, light, joy
    And the fun is always full!
Happy Anniversary
  • It’s good that there are dates
    Health to you, more new forces!
    So that life is rich in events
    And every day only brought joy!
    Let your soul shine with the sun
    Care for loved ones and relatives
    Everyone wishes you all the best from the heart
    In such a worthy, glorious anniversary!
  • On the anniversary - inspiration, good luck,
    A lot of happiness, success in everything!
    To make life more interesting and brighter
    You have become day after day!
    Ahead - only bright events,
    There are only good people next to you
    So that everything is as you want,
    We wish you the best and most days!
Happy Anniversary


  • Let your anniversary be the most fun and sunny! It will present many new opportunities, new meetings and many true friends. Let spring always be in the color of the soul, and for happiness the doors and the heart will always be open.
  • Dear (name), let me congratulate you on this solemn and important day for all of us - your birthday. Let the sun always shine for you, there will be a clear sky, without clouds and precipitation. And, even if a moment of sadness happens in your life, then let it melt like the first snowflake. We love and respect you very much, be happy, healthy, loved. Let only good and reliable people surround you, and your family only grows full and does not decrease! Thank you for having an anniversary!
  • An anniversary is a good occasion to congratulate you! We wish you a lot of happy years in your future life and just occasions for meetings with family and friends. The main thing is to always remain positive, cheerful. Let only loving and friendly people surround you.
Happy Anniversary

Beautiful congratulations to the wife from the husband for the anniversary in poetry and prose

My wife! I hasten to congratulate you!
On the day of the jubilee I say lovingly
What better not to have a wife, why dissemble,
A hundred thousand times I'll repeat it!

I want to wish you, dear,
Good health for many centuries,
So that you are always beautiful
So that your life is always easy!

Happy Anniversary

My dear wife, dear sun,
I am grateful that you became my wife
And, today at the table, we celebrate the anniversary,
I know, not the last time, we celebrate the holiday!

I wish you more bright days
In order not to be the last day, the sun was shining for us.
I admit you, wife, the most beautiful,
May you be very happy today!

My wife is my ray of light
Thank you I say for that.
I want to say on your anniversary -
Live a hundred years, and do not hurt.
My support, my hero
All my life I want to be with you.
I love you with all my heart
You know that it will always be so!

Happy Anniversary
  • Dear, dear, my wife, wife. On this beautiful sunny day, the day of your anniversary, I want to wish you great feminine happiness! So that new horizons open before you, any obstacles surrender. You for me are the ideal of beauty and decency, kind, gentle, caring, sensitive, real and most important - MY! Honey, be happy, and I, in turn, will do everything for this.
  • I want to confess to you, my dear wife, I thank fate for being my wife. I am happy to wake up with you, be near and be your support. I wish you that your beauty never fades away and that your eyes always shine only with joy, and if there are tears, then only with happiness. I love you!
Happy Anniversary

Beautiful congratulations to the sister on anniversary in verses and prose

Congratulations on your anniversary
My dear little sister!
I wish both on holiday and on weekdays
Laugh, as in childhood, loudly.

Often swim in joy
From a sunny, lucky day.
And let the only difficulty
Will choose from a lot of the best.

Happy birthday to my beloved sister.
Today we will be able to enjoy the day.
We can drink champagne, walk and dance!
I wish you no sorrow and sorrow.
Laugh more in life and never cry!
I wish you happiness and genuine success!

My sister, I wish you happiness!
Toasts and flowers are only for you today.
And neither trouble nor adversity is terrible
Dear, if you will be near!
May the guiding light shine on you
And happiness goes hand in hand.
And on the anniversary, I, heartily congratulating
Hope love finds you!

Congratulations on your anniversary
We will celebrate the coolest!
You are the queen today
Have fun without interference!
I wish you money
And great love.
Let it come true soon
Unrealistic dreams.
Let it not leave you
The charm of beauty.
Let all the world succeed
And you will be richer.

Happy Anniversary
  • Dear, my dear sister! There is no man and girlfriend closer and dearer to me. On this beautiful day, on the anniversary, I wish you and your family great joy. May life be light and bright. I am grateful to my parents and God that you are in my life.
  • Sister is my best friend. From childhood we were at the same time. I am very glad to share this wonderful and important holiday with you. There will be many more anniversaries in your life, and every time I will be there. May your infectious and cheerful laughter be always heard. Let only faithful friends be there who love you and accept you as you are. You are an example to me! Be happy!
Happy Anniversary

Beautiful congratulations to a colleague on her anniversary for poetry and prose

You are bright, you are life inspiration!
I’m proud, colleague, that I know you!
And in this bright, happy moment,
Congratulations on your anniversary now!
I wish you only joy, success!
Let trouble pass by!
To work in love - not a hindrance!
Good luck to be in love with you!

Happy Anniversary

I wish for this anniversary
Many new perspectives opened up!
I wish you a sea of ​​colorful ideas
And the days that will bring only positive!

Let that dream come true
That soul has been beckoning for many years!
Your beauty may blossom forever
And let harmony reign in the heart!

What did not come true, let it come true soon
Work only bears joy
Colleague, congratulations on your anniversary,
And let only hope live in the heart!
We wish you happiness, we are very much
And we will never forget you
You, dear, are sent to us by God,
For an honest life of all work!

Happy Anniversary
  • Dear Anniversary - the beauty of our team! We all want to sincerely congratulate you on your anniversary birthday! We appreciate that you are always ready to help, give valuable advice on working days and in your personal time! Let success in all matters go with you on one foot. We wish you only prosperity and happiness.
  • Our dear (name), today the world has learned that he has got such a beautiful flower like you. From the moment you are born, you delight others with your smile, beauty and pure heart. What does a woman need in response? Of course love, happiness and respect! You already have it! And we, in turn, the whole team we wish you a good morning, excellent daily mood and success in all matters!
Happy Anniversary

Beautiful congratulations to the daughter on the anniversary from parents in verses and prose

So the new date is marked
On the calendar pages.
Perfectly beautiful woman ...
Is it really my daughter?

I’ll call you my mother’s hitch
Though you become more beautiful, grow up
You will always be a little girl
Even on the biggest anniversary.

Happy Anniversary

We congratulate you on your anniversary!
We wish you happiness in life.
So that my native never gets sick.
To meet with luck on the way.

You always respected mom and dad.
She was attentive and obedient.
You are a jubilee today. It means,
That our daughter has grown up!

Daughter, dear, your anniversary -
The most beautiful holiday in my life.
I congratulate you gently on this day,
I wish you a bright fate.
Let them give you only diamonds -
For beauty, for good, for talents.
Be sunny, simple, vibrant,
Your successes will be fantastic.
Let the "smartie" all talk about you.
Let life be sweeter than chocolate.

Happy Anniversary
  • Our dear daughter, Happy Anniversary to you! We will never forget our first, exciting meeting with you. We wish you only kindness, warmth and happiness, the same sincere in which we raised you from childhood. I wish you great success and incredible victories!
  • Daughter, our dear blood-sucker! Congratulations on your anniversary! We, as parents, wish you only happiness, only good and kind. Only victories to you, our dear! We love you very much!
Happy Anniversary

Beautiful congratulations to the girlfriend on anniversary in verses and prose

Girlfriend, wish you an anniversary
Forgetting the sorrows live brighter, bolder!
May happiness and joy only wait on the way
And to make you happier to go,
Beloved always be with you,
And trouble never touches you!
I wish you good luck, I wish you love
You are glorious, dear, live in the world!

Happy Anniversary

Today, all men will be in a row
And all at your feet instantly collapse together
Drown in chocolate and flowers
After all, the anniversary is yours today!
Birds sing for you today
And for you, only roses bloom
Today, all smiles are for you!
And I congratulate you, girlfriend!
I wish there was always love
In your family and in your heart warm
And so that another hundred years, maybe a hundred
You were full of happiness and health.

Today is a round date
The house of invited guests is full,
We met once,
And here is your anniversary!
A weighty date. Quite a few
And in your life, and in fate
Various moments happened -
Congratulation flies to you!
Friend! Good luck,
Happy boundless love!
You know, it cannot be otherwise!
And live with pleasure!

Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Birthday to You! Happy Anniversary friend! I can’t describe in words how happy I feel that you are in my life. I wish our children to be friends as firmly and truly! Let the husband carry you in his arms, and the stars fulfill all your desires!
  • My girlfriend! I'm in a hurry to raise this glass for you! Know you are my best and I adore you and appreciate you! Thank you for everything, for the fact that you will not leave in difficult times, you will always give valuable advice and, when necessary, substitute your vest for me. Always remain as sincere, real, beautiful. I love you, you are my second sister!
Happy Anniversary

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