Mysteries about the rainbow, the colors of the rainbow with answers for children and preschoolers: the best collection

The best puzzles about the rainbow and all its colors.

It is not known for how long riddles arose. But similar versions of folklore were mentioned in ancient times. Basically, they were thought up along with proverbs and sayings in order to characterize metaphorically, to describe some natural phenomena. Later, riddles became a kind of exercise for the mind, as well as a test of erudition. Re-gained in the 17th century. It was then that it was quite fashionable to conjecture and guess riddles, to invent them.

Mysteries about the colors of the rainbow

Riddles for kids will expand their vocabulary, as well as improve imaginative thinking. In addition, with the help of the description of specific objects, the child learns to guess what was conceived. Accordingly, logical thinking develops, as well as visual memory.

One of the most striking are puzzles about the rainbow. They allow you to learn all the colors. Often used by moms of preschoolers precisely for the kids to learn all seven colors of the rainbow. Later, on the basis of the learned, it is possible to prepare children to distinguish more complex shades.

Puzzles about the colors of the rainbow:

Nature summer
Acacia leaf
Juniper, linden
Call quickly (green)

Sky color
And the waves of the sea
Speak what (blue)

Cornflowers bloom in the meadows
Decorate the field
Mischievous petals
These (blue) flowers

The clouds in the sky went broke
(purple) poured

Give me an answer soon
How many animals in the forest,
How many flowers are in the rainbow,
Who is ready to give me an answer? (7)

This color is beautiful, famous
And on the field it’s appropriate
Also there is it in the yolk
And in the sun, in the sand (yellow)

This color is known in the margins.
Early spring
Surprising, grass can grow from the ground (green)

This is the color of the bulls teasing
Doesn’t go any further,
Also in our veins flows in us
And also cheeks liars bakes (red color)

This color is known to all.
He is on a squirrel in a wheel
Can be found on the fox
Also mandarin im full (orange color)

This color is known to all preschoolers and kids,
All his boys know
It is snowing on the window
It is found in milk (white color)

Seven-color Scythe
Prop up Heaven (rainbow)

Rainbow Mysteries

Children's puzzles will allow kids to learn all the colors, as well as to navigate them well. Not only a variety of puzzles, but also educational toys can help with this. One of the most beloved games for girls is the Rainbow Dash horse. Which has a colored mane painted in all colors of the rainbow.


What a miracle beauty
Painted gate
Seemed on the way
Do not enter, do not enter (rainbow)

Painted rocker
Hanging over the river (rainbow)

Rocker above the river
Multi-colored hung (rainbow)

What a miracle beauty
Painted gate? (rainbow)

After the rain often
In the clouds, the bridge is multi-colored,
With handrails bright
It pops up with arches (rainbow)

Here is the rain over the river
Higher bright arc
Who's ready to call her? (rainbow)

Seven-color beauty
Protects the heavens (rainbow)

Then the sun said, wait!
The seven-color bridge is steep.
The clouds hid from the sun
The bridge collapsed and there are no traces (rainbow)

Rain with the sun made
The bridge is high without a railing.
From the wonderful bridge
Beauty (rainbow) to the whole world

Children poorly remember the material that we give in the form of dry facts, or cramming. It is much more fun to memorize numbers, letters, and also colors, with the help of riddles, proverbs, and other works of folklore.

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